SpaghettiJet’s World War II Addon

Have you ever wanted a ww2 addon? Well, now it’s here. This is my second addon that I have been working on besides ApocalypseZ. It adds two factions, Allies and Axis. Many weapons and new enemies as well as allies!

This is the basic addon that I’m going with. Updates will come soon, but I wanted to share it now. It was rushed a little bit, so there are some glitches.

It adds-

BAR- Browning Automatic Rifle, a full Auto rifle round gun with a 20 round box magazine. There are some glitches with this gun.

Db- Double Barrel shotgun, can be reloaded with shotgun ammo. Insta kills enemies up close.

M1912- This is a trench shotgun that holds about 7 rounds.

Bazooka- Anti-Tank rocket effective against tanks and soldiers.

M1903- This gun is glitched but it has a scope. Don’t worry I’ll fix it in coming updates.

 M1 Garand- This iconic American war time rifle that delivered semi auto fire with long range and a “ping” sound when out of ammo. 

Kar98k- This German rifle invented in 1898, has been improved for battle in ww2 by German troops.

M1911- Iconic Firearm first used in ww1 but was good to use in ww2 by American troops.

MP40- This early war smg was developed by German inventors in 1940.

STG44- This was the early assault rifle used by Germans in ww2.

Thompson M1928A1- This war time Tommy Gun serves well with American Troops.

MG42- This German machine gun was devastating to allied troops during the war.


German Soldier- Standard German Troop that is armed with a slow, bolt action Kar98k.

German Bazooka soldier- Holds a bazooka and will blow up tanks and infantry. Hard to kill.

German Machinegun- Standard German gunner armed with a fast MG42, watch out!

German Medic- Armed with an MP40 smg and helps hurt soldiers on battlefield.

German Assault rifle- This German troop is armed with the new STG44 Assault Rifle.

German Sniper- German armed with a long range kar98k.

American Soldier- Standard American Troop armed with the semi auto M1 Garand.

American Machinegun- Standard American Troop armed with a BAR rifle.

American Medic- Armed with a Tommy gun or M1 carbine, Will help injured soldiers on battlefield.

American Thompson- American Troop that is most likely an officer because he has a tommy gun.

American Sniper- Snipes German troops with an M1 garand.

American Bazooka- Blows up German tanks and infantry.

American Tank- This tank can be found with an American machine gunner on top. Shoots Fireballs.

Panzer- This somewhat iconic German tank is harder to kill and is bigger than the American tank. Has a German machine gunner on top to defend.

American Plane- Let me just say, I can’t make it fly like a real plane. But it will fly around and shoot at german troops.

American bomber- I couldn’t get this one to fly correctly either. But it drops tnt on enemy troops, also has an American soldier on board.

German Truck- Custom model I made that has cargo in the back and 2 Soldiers can ride at once. Camera angle broken though.

German plane- Still can’t fly right but can deliver a blow to the American side.

German bomber- Does what the American bomber does, just it bombs American targets.

More coming soon

Changelog View more

Changed a tank model

Put more pictures 

Now I have a function pack to apply below my addon to download (function pack)

-Added better gun damage

-Medics have a use now

-new guns

-2 new soldiers


Put the function pack on below the addon behavior! 


C. O. M. I. N. G.   S. O. O. N

Scoped rifles, more shotguns, pistols, machine guns...


Supported Minecraft versions


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92 Responses

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  1. NoWord says:

    Hey.. what if you put it on MC addon app

  2. Gord11moba says:

    Dear SpaghettiJet Can you add Japanese And Chinese Soldiers in the addon?

  3. Cheridan90 says:

    Do you have a mediafire link?

    • Anonymous says:

      For anyone wondering how to get this on xbox, direct download the file, hit save as, then go to show file, copy the file, then go to where your file downloader folder is in file explore, then local storage, then paste. Now when yoi go into file downloader, local storage it will be there! From here on out procced as you normaly would installing the mod.

  4. AAAAA Battery says:

    Hello Spaghettijet are you able to put a media fire link for xbox users like myself

  5. Billy says:

    how do i get guns?

  6. Justin Singleton says:

    Wonderful. Two things: 1) None of the soldiers can shoot me [am I doing something wrong?] and 2) it would be awesome if you changed spider web to look like barbed wire and iron gates to look like fencing.

  7. Mahmoud says:

    I cant download it from DropBox time for MediaFire huh??

  8. Xbox_Modder says:

    Can you add a Mediafire so I can use on Xbox plz?

  9. Alister says:

    Why do they die when i touch them? Please help

    And also… how do you get the guns?

  10. ryan says:

    i cant download the behavior pack , it said that it has duplicated pack but i dont see it.

  11. Kira says:

    Is there a way to make unlimited ammo? Or fast reload, where you dont have to open crafting table or inventory to reload

  12. Jerry says:

    Why is the Sherman wreckage so huge compared to the Sherman please fix that.

  13. Jmsums says:

    Hey, so I’ve turned on experimental gameplay, I’ve given myself the guns, but I can’t seem to fire any of the guns, I don’t know if I’m just being stupid or if there’s a problem there, but I just can’t fire any of them

  14. Alex says:

    Download doesn’t work just shows blank screen but love apocalypseZ addon

  15. DiamondWrecker says:

    Can you please make a link for media fire.

  16. allard says:

    i cant shoot and i cant reload in a crafting table and i crouch but it doesnt work i can spawn everythung in but nothing works accept the boe

  17. ItsVertexx says:

    How do you reload the machine guns, like the Thompson

  18. sam says:

    how do you reload

  19. Anonymous says:

    Do you think you could have a link on Mediafire. Much appreciated.

  20. iiTwilight_xx says:

    Thanks for Tommy Gun

  21. Frozty16 says:

    And also, how to get the guns?

  22. Frozty16 says:

    Both of the tank texture had a glitch. But overall the add-on is still very cool.

  23. XXXLOTUSWAIHO720XXx says:


  24. Fikar says:

    Nice add-on bro

  25. Gord11moba says:

    Please Add Japanese Army 🎌🎌🎌🎌🎌🎌🎌🎌

  26. Ladylion says:

    I love this but I can’t find any guns

  27. Anonymous says:

    Stolen gun textures.

  28. press says:

    can you put this as mcaddon next time

  29. PapaMoose says:

    Best mod ever!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Please put media fire link this is perfect for me

  31. Anonymouse says:

    The Dropbox doesn’t work if you don’t have an account. Can you add a mediafire link?

  32. Anonymous says:

    why 3 packs?

  33. Anonymous says:

    You should use mediafire

  34. fourgalaxy says:

    i dont know how to do the function pack do i NEED it?

  35. fourgalaxy says:

    do you need to use the function pack for it to work? looks cool, but i dont know how to do the function pack?!?!?

  36. Liam says:

    What’s the function command

  37. castalex says:

    donde esta la urss camarrada?

  38. Justin says:

    I like packs and I like skin packs and mobs and dogs and golems

  39. Jerry says:

    The tanks are lookin weird

  40. Pierre says:

    Can’t get the guns to fire :{

  41. :( says:

    Hi I figured out how to get the guns and how to get the bullets but how do I add bullets to the guns?

  42. :( says:

    I downloaded the resource pack,the behavior pack and the function pack but the only gun I can find is the bow reskined

  43. OwO says:

    Change it to mediafire

  44. Laurits says:

    Really nice i cant wait to see the futur of this pack but there are some down sides like the gun sounds are SO BAD they dont sound anything like the real think you used the pubg akm sound on the bar like cmon pls fix this in the futur other wise good mod also there are alot of problems whit the mobs

  45. BayDartYT says:

    А будут советские войска? Советские танки, самолёты и оружие будут?

  46. SwallowFF says:

    How do you get the guns

  47. Anonymous says:

    Are the panzer rideable?

  48. Weasel The Great says:

    You can’t see the soldiers holding their guns. Can you fix this since it’s a huge part of this addon? They still fight each other, but nothing is in their hand.

  49. Amon321 says:

    Hey man I am from Broken promise studios (We make WW2 maps and the TRLG series) I have come to ask whether you want to collaborate on our upcoming TRLG mod called TRLG Eastern front WW2 .

  50. Antonlodbrock says:

    Do you add Soviet soldiers?

  51. Mr.Raimie says:

    Can you make it craftable that would be amazing! By the way cool addon

  52. Crafterman says:


  53. Fahgan says:

    I getting Addicted On this addon,Keep going man

  54. MozzieR6 says:

    If u got a prob with getting in the addon when u in DropBox Press the X in the top corner. Then when it says download press it then press direct download Yw

  55. Anonymous says:

    How replace

  56. Tsuya says:

    How to use the function????

  57. Jerry says:

    Very nice I can finally be able to do world war 2

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