Spawn Next to a Blacksmith Village/Mushroom/Shatter Savanna Combo! Seed

This awesome 1.13 seed places you next to a Blacksmith Village touching a Mushroom biome! There are 2 Iron Swords in the Blacksmith chest so you can protect yourself easily. As you explore the Mushroom biome, you’ll find a Shattered Savanna attached to it with a large Desert island nearby. But what is even cooler is there are 4 Dungeons in the Mushroom biome that are really close to the surface!  

And when you travel from the Village straight across the Mushroom biome and beyond, you will come to a Frozen Ocean biome that has a Shipwreck and Ocean Ruins attached to the same iceberg! Furthermore, there is an exposed underwater Stronghold and an Ocean Monument to the right of it! DO note however, the map I have attached is upside down to what the map is in Minecraft. Sorry about that.

Seed in word form:  GaveAmSOAK

 Seed in number form:  603876411


-Overview of world-


884, 65, 4

Blacksmith Village/Mushroom Biome:
970, 70, 70

Mushroom Biome/Shattered Savanna combo:
1150, 63, 250

Shipwreck and Ocean Ruins stuck in iceberg in Frozen Ocean biome:
1175, 71, 820

Ocean Ruins on island next to above combo:
1200, 64, 790

Large Desert island:
1450, 70, -40

Spider Dungeon in Ravine that goes to lava level:
380, 56, 210 (Has Enchanted Golden Apple and Enchanted Book of Efficiency I)  

Exposed Underwater Stronghold Portal Room:
870, 30, 935

Ocean Monument:
666, 67, 777

1167, 33, 642

Zombie Dungeon under Mushroom biome:
943, 58, 291

Zombie Dungeon under Mushroom biome:
1011, 52, 327

Skeleton Dungeon under Mushroom biome:
1045, 53, 441 (Has Enchanted Golden Apple and Enchanted Book of Fortune II) 

Skeleton Dungeon under Mushroom biome:
984, 63, 378

Second Mushroom biome:
2100, 90, 500

Seed ID


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13 Responses

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  1. Guest-7921815201 says:

    Oml I just found diamonds in the blacksmith!!

  2. Lia says:

    I found the Pillager outpost. Coordinates: 1547 78 -889
    And another village, in desert biome. Coordinate: 1726 68 -1635

  3. BlueLily says:

    I like it how they show us the map for the seeds. These seeds in Minecraft are great.

  4. Jakedude1022 says:

    Epic gamer moment

    This seed reminds me of onions

  5. 1234567890 pou says:

    This is great

  6. Sooper_Kewl_Dewd says:

    You do realize that loot is randomized so that it’s never the same for each person right?

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is awesome!

  8. Вадман says:

    Крутой сид выживать на нём здорово

  9. PinkyTheCrafter says:

    Best seeds!!!!

  10. PinkyTheCrafter says:

    This is the best seed everrr!!!!!

  11. Mildoze says:

    I created a world with this seed. I called it Griswold’s Village.

  12. Ender_Playz says:

    Woah. This seed is really impressive. It’s a basically a Treasure Trove.

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