Spawn Near Island Village with Exposed Underwater Stronghold & More! (Seed)

As soon as you spawn on a tree filled island, turn around and go about 300 blocks straight behind spawn to find the island Stronghold Village! There is also a Shipwreck, Ruins, and a Ravine full of Magma Blocks next to the Stronghold underwater. And if you explore around, you will find lots of Ocean Monuments, a Coral Reef, and a Frozen Ocean too! See coordinates listed or the map for their exact locations.

Seed in number form: 2029555703

Seed in word form: shyBoilcow


Overview of Bedrock world:


★Bedrock v1.13.x Coordinates★


1404, 72, 4

Island Village with Stronghold exposed underwater next to Coral Reef:

1340, 64, -300

Underwater Ravine full of Magma Blocks next to Stronghold:

1287, 12, -308

Ocean Ruins fused to Stronghold Library:

1365, 40, -328

Shipwreck next to Stronghold:

1300, 41, -422

Portal Room:

1310, 42, -380

Islands surrounded by Frozen Ocean:

1730, 68, -500

Skeleton Dungeon in Mineshaft:

1285, 30, -144

Ocean Monument:

1670, 60, 20

Two Ocean Monuments near each other:

2000, 60, -310

Seed ID


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16 Responses

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  1. Guest-1671809367 says:

    Does anyone know the cords for the nether fortress

  2. Guest-7679983611 says:

    does this work for 1.15?

  3. Guest-4688660020 says:

    gotta use this seed to speed run

  4. Guest-1214253435 says:

    Amazing seed

  5. Anonymous says:

    Where can i find the nether Fortress ???

  6. itz me says:

    8 (max) diamonds is on the 1603 11 -384

  7. Joey says:

    Where are the treasure chests located?

  8. Wevboy says:

    Try this one out 1383361705 i don’t want to spoil everything so try it and let me know.

  9. Anonymous says:

    uhh, where could I find a pillager tower?

  10. Emerio says:

    Cool i could use this for an old pirate age village island

  11. Matthew Walters says:

    This seed is an amazing world,I would recommend this to people who like coooool worlds.

  12. Extrañó says:


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