Spawn Near Village, Stronghold & Mineshaft Seed

Have you ever dreamed of a village, mineshaft and a stronghold at one place near spawn? Then this is the seed for you! And also, this seed actually has 4 eye of Ender in the end portal already! Perfect Seed for speed runs.

So, to get to the awesome place, walk towards the forest.

Keep walking so the forest is just right next to you.

Then walk a little more further and then you should see a village.

Walk to the village. The village should look like this:

If you walk to the ravine, you should see a stronghold waiting for you.

You can get into the stronghold by the tunnels that are open. (Note: Villagers fall through this ravine and they sometimes die)

The stronghold has great loot.

Walk through the stronghold (Very confusing, took me 10 minutes to find the portal) and then you should find yourself at an end portal. (Tip: look at my coordinates.)

But one more thing: right outside you should find a chest with and Ender pearl in it!

And also, walk a little more and you will find a mineshaft connected to it!

Well, that’s all I got for this seed! Note: If you are trying to do a speed run, this is the best seed for that.

Make sure to give me credit if you are sharing this!

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  1. Guest-6851700783 says:

    If anyone is lost (I was at first, I spawned on a mountain), you should see a river near spawn, follow that and make sure you go the oppostie way of the mountain. Also thanks for this seed! It’s really cool

  2. Guest-3186542991 says:

    Dosnt work 1.15

  3. Guest-9392964144 says:

    Seed worked but is worth noting that you have to move to find the forest and village 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Used on the newer version of minecraft on xbox one, it works

  5. Rajendra18 says:

    Use this seed in Windows 10 1.14
    And i found 3 more village in east of village

  6. Isaiah says:

    Found 18 diamonds on my 3rd day on my new survival world

  7. Everyday SpaceX (YT) says:

    Guys stop saying this and otehr seeds are fake or donw work. the seed is the same althouh, the spawn is different.

  8. Wittywizard133 says:

    Come on over AntVenom!!!

  9. johndy says:

    it doesent work

  10. Minecrafter says:

    Didn’t work for me and I’m on iPad

  11. bobby says:

    there’s a mineshaft and a stronghold, and it’s all really cool

  12. Alesscreeper says:


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