Spawn On An Abandoned Portal! (Seed)

In this seed, you will spawn *on* an abandoned nether portal partially buried in the ground. However, this portal is in the middle of a small island devoid of trees. If you want to survive, you'll need to use the few items found in the chest as carefully as possible. Make your way to the nearby islands for more resources, but beware the drowned at night!

Upon loading the world, you will spawn in a small cave next to an abandoned nether portal.

*Chest WILL generate, but I accidentally broke it when I took this screenshot*

The nether portal is on an island with no trees in the middle of the ocean. 

In the distance, there are a few islands of varying sizes. Although they have few trees, they have large icebergs that would be a perfect spot for a base!

EDIT: I did not realize before, but there are two ocean ruins near the spawn island, one of which is quite large.

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  • Found two ocean ruins on the ocean floor near the spawn island. 

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