Spawn near a Mesa Bryce/Ice Spike combo with 3 Villages and a Pillager Outpost nearby! (For v.1.11+ only)

This sick 1.11 seed will spawn you on a small Plain Biome island but if you turn around and go straight behind spawn, you’ll find a Mesa Bryce touching an Ice Spike biome! In the Ice Spike biome, there is an mountain with a opening at the top that is perfect for building a base! Keep going straight behind spawn past the Mesa Bryce/Ice Spike biomes to find a Pillager Outpost near a Village! There is so much to explore and find in this amazing seed and the coordinates are listed below! 

Coordinates for v.1.11

Spawn: 464, 66, 4

Mesa Bryce/Ice Spike combo: 560 65 -360

Cool hideout in mountain in Ice Spike biome: 700 93 -390

Spider Dungeon inside bottom of above mountain: 704 57 -392

Pillager Outpost and Village near Ice Spike: 462 81 -706

Second Village near Ice Spike: 970, 66, -740

Third Village near Ice Spike: 1025, 71, -380

Basement Igloo near third Village: 1135, 70, -307

Second basement Igloo near Ice Spike: 845, 70, -320


Bonus coordinate for travelers:

Aboveground Shipwreck surrounded by Mushroom biome: 980, 64, 848

Seed ID


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13 Responses

4.66 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. InkstrikeTTV says:

    Also found another pillager outpost and 7 more villages

  2. Kyle says:

    How do you get melons

  3. Technical toon trop says:

    This seed is very useful star wars addon

    Sama seed guys super

    I am try you try this seed friend

  4. Technical toon trop says:

    This seed is very use star wars mod

    Sama seed guys super

  5. Mpro11 says:

    This seed have mineshaft too !

  6. Anonymous says:

    Very good seed

  7. Bib says:

    So coollllll

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Jason says:

    4th village north outpost village: 573, 70, -1223

  10. lubuky says:

    super seed for head start

  11. EndLord says:

    Wow! This is an awesome seed!

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