Spawn Ravine and Village + Very Flat Land

This seed has a ravine and village right next to spawn, sadly, the village has no blacksmith but nonetheless pretty good. The land at spawn itself is incredibly flat so it is very good for building a base.

You can use the land for big bases or creative mode stuff as well as having easy access to villagers for trading. In the ravine, I could not find any exposed diamonds, but it would still be good to make a strip mine and collect the other exposed ores.

Seed ID


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3 Responses

  1. Guest-5566610330 says:

    Where? I just find the village, one ravine, and a portal to the nether.

  2. Guest-2903134563 says:

    me das la id dela semilla?

  3. Did I forget to mention?There’s two ravines and two villages.

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