SpawnEgg House [Creation] (1.0.6+ Only!)

This map contains a very special item which lets you spawn structures in Minecraft. It’s something I have never seen done before (with no mods) and I am not entirely sure how the creator made this possible. Hopefully we’ll get an explanation from him soon, but if not, please investigate and share your knowledge about it in the comments section. It will blow your mind! Edit: Ok, people looks to have found out how to do it in the comments.

Creator: SpartanRage, Twitter Account

How to spawn a house?

Open the chest at spawn and take one of the spawn eggs.

Find the area where you want to spawn the house. I recommend using a flat area like this one. “Roulette” is a really good seed if you are looking for a flat world terrain.

Use the spawn egg to spawn the house. It works just the same way as spawning a mob, except that it will be spawning a structure.

You can even enter the house and inside you will find things such as an anvil and chests with items.

Important: This map requires version 1.0.6 or higher. Android users can sign up for a beta here!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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44 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s amazing! Only if you could make bigger houses with zombie-proof doors😕

  2. NickTHH says:

    Can you give me the coordinates to the command block/maintenance room?

  3. Koolkris says:

    Don’t see any command blocks gonna keep looking

  4. )(;;3/?)( says:


  5. Jubetube says:

    This is Wonderful! Also this works for 1.0.5 ios! Great mod

  6. \_(°_o)_/ says:

    /execute @e[type=silverfish] ~ ~ ~ clone 11 64 -236 18 70 242 ~ ~ ~ (X Y Z DONT WORK U ####

  7. GamerX says:

    Ahhhh yes I’ve made many more complex creations however I could build much more advanced creations.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Why 1.0.6 only?

  9. WolfChrix says:

    Does this mean datatags have been added in? That would add so many possibilities for /testfor, /give, and /execute!

  10. Kimmer says:

    Can this be done on an ipad?

  11. TactualChalk says:


  12. Therix says:

    Why for 1.0.6+ only?

  13. ARTISTIC BOY!! says:

    Who else is waiting for the next updat on IOS

  14. Anonymous says:

    Just commands thats all

  15. karan says:

    why mine is still 1.0.4 and the others is 1.0.5+

  16. Pokemon boy says:

    When 1.0.5 is coming for ios?

  17. Guy says:

    Its pretty cool

  18. Brian Dickson says:

    How do you put maps on MCPEDL?


    Why /particle commands
    was delleted?

  20. Qwertyuiop says:

    First, most maps are 1.0.5+ only. NOW ITS 1.0.6+ ONLY?!?!?!

  21. ZachInTheStone says:

    nice map man!! and I will upload my Mine 4 dead map if I finished to make it with resource packs..I’ve already make it last night

  22. DankMemes says:

    There is a 1.0.6 already? 1.0.5 hasn’t even been released yet!

  23. Billy the kid says:

    if any off you know how to port maps can you port the Mario mashup world.I will make my day! 🙂

  24. SpartanRage says:

    Yes basically it sets blocks when it’s executed at the entity

  25. littledude487 says:

    He used the execute command so anything with that name will execute the command in the command blocks, I used this before to make explosion spawn eggs on the PC version

  26. Jannik_DE says:

    Here’s the command: /execute @e[type=silverfish] ~ ~ ~ clone X Y Z X2 Y2 Z2 ~ ~ ~ (X Y Z and X2 Y2 Z2 are the coordinates of the house) and the second command is /kill @e[type=silverfish]

  27. TBNRTurtleGod says:

    omg thanks i now can use this to make a mcpe missile wars thanks!!

  28. WalkerTyme says:

    Nothing all that complicated. Just executes a clone command at the position of the silverfish. +1 for the idea anyways.

    • XbedrockCrusherX says:

      First the command block detects the silver fish and sends the signal to the other two commandblock which will kill the silver fish and clone the house at the same time.thats how o will do it.

  29. null says:

    He probably put some command blocks to detect the spawn egg being placed and it uses to setblock?

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