Spear Resources Pack

Are you bored with the default pack of trident? Then this add-ons will change the model of trident. A Spear! Lots of people wanted spear in minecraft! So I made this add-ons. Playable for survival and Its Easy to Craft!

(League of Legends: Pantheon Weapons Upcoming!)

Do you want to make me more? Let me know in the comment.

Made by  Killer666Void.

My Youtube Channel: Killer666Void.

Here’s what it looks like



Front Throw:

Back Throw:



Note: i just Remodel The trident to spear Im sorry If i made you angry 🙁 

The title should be a Spear Resources pack im really sorry.

And also please read sometime so you wont get angry

Changelog View more

• Fixed wrong grammar

• Fixed a little bug

• Fixed Title

• Changed Link

• Fixed the title

• Fixed bug and the description

• I cant replace a trident so im sorry


• if this submission denied I give up and never submit my addon etc to this website

• Added Craftable Spear!

• Fixed Bug

• Added a little Details



• if you use this addon please give me credit

•Do not reupload it without my permission

eventhough you will probably do that, if you do that without credits then i will not gonna make addons anymore


Supported Minecraft versions


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10 Responses

3.67 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. y431 says:

    hi, i wanted to know if i could use your texture in my plugin
    I’ll leave you credits

  2. BatHombre8807 says:

    Nice design Killer666Void!
    I made a similar change to my personal texture back. I edited my trident model to look similar to a primaries shard and made it craftable similar to yours but with prismarine shard at the tip.

  3. Sorry guys😅😅 The Title should be Spear Resources pack Im really sorry if i make you angry😅😅

  4. SKA says:

    Kidding me, why can’t you do it experimental?

  5. Primazal gaming says:

    It’s cool bro don’t mind the haters

  6. yeetle beetle says:

    dude is it not just a retextured trident

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