Spectator Mode Function Pack

Spectator mode is a game mode which allows the player to fly around and observe the world without interacting with it in anyway but this feature has always been a minecraft java edition exclusive. This function pack tries to replicate these features and bring them into minecraft bedrock edition.

Pack Features:

  • The function pack’s spectator mode grants you the following abilities:

  • 1.Night Vision: So you can see everything clearly while spectating.
    2.Regeneration: So you won’t get hurt while spectating.
    3.Invisibility: Nobody will see you and they will do their own work.
    4.Weakness: Prevents you from hurting others and mobs.
    5.Water Breathing: Allows you to see everything happening in water.
    6.Mining Fatigue: Prevents you from breaking blocks.
    7. Fire Resistance: Prevents you from burning while spectating.

  • The function pack also allows the player to fly in survival or adventure mode thanks to the education edition toggle.

  • The function pack also has on and off toggles to you can jump in and out of spectator mode!

How to use the pack?

  • Commands

  • To switch to spectator mode in your world:
  • 1. Switch to Survival Mode
    2. Open the chat and use the following command without the quotes:
        “/function spc_on
  • To switch back to the default gamemode in your world:
    1. Go and land on the ground in spectator mode.
    2. Open the chat and use the following command without the quotes:
        “/function spc_off

  • Usage

  • You can use this pack in your maps or worlds as long you give me credit for the function pack.
  • You can review this pack in your videos and you must provide the link of this page


Make sure to use this function pack on devices that have 4GB+ RAM or this pack could lag your game!

Changelog View more

Fixed some errors in pack description on the mcpedl page.

Edited Mcpedl page and added 1.14 support to the function pack!

Update the function pack's mcpedl page once again as per reading the comments


To install the function pack correctly do the following:

  1.  When creating a world, make sure to enable education edition within your world settings.
  2. Apply the pack within the behaviour packs section.
  3. Then Enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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Installation Guides

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30 Responses

4.23 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Kendall Leonard says:

    Ok i like this but i cant walk through blocks

  2. d6b says:

    This was a really Great Idea! I was thinking about something similar for some time too, but now you did it. One Tip: change the Hitbox of the Player while in Spectator Mode to 0, 0 so you can fly through blocks

  3. Nicholas says:

    But does this allow you to go through blocks? Because otherwise it wouldn’t be spectator mode! That’s the whole point of spectator mode!

  4. Firdawss08 says:


  5. Firdawss08 says:

    Wow hohoho this addon is fun dowload it guys

  6. SushiCraftMC says:

    I love this addon and will make a video about it. Cant wait to check out more addons from you

  7. Demon says:

    So helpful thanks

  8. fizzie says:

    Does this works on Realm?

  9. Gabe says bork says:

    Education edition? do u mean experiential gameplay.

  10. MojangMCPE says:

    Thank you so much! Because of this I can make a Minigames on my server 😀

  11. Unknown says:

    This mod sucks

  12. Otto says:

    Does this not allow you to fly in Survival?

  13. ThisJobYT says:

    Now, I have one problem with the Addon, because this Addon gives you the effects repeatedly, causing a lot of lag on Android 5 to 6 and possibly iOS 8 or whatnot. Is there a way to prevent this from happening??

    • DigiCraft66 says:

      This addon uses the education edition toggle which is recommended for only high memory devices so i would suggest to use a device that runs android 8+ and iOS 10+

      • Random Person in MCPEDL says:

        And why did u didn’t put the “true” thing after /effect @s on the function pack?
        /effect @s night_vision 10 10 true

  14. Anonymous says:

    can i use it on servers?

  15. DigiCraft66 says:


  16. Ash503 says:

    How do we create addons and mods on pc?

  17. Necronz says:

    But can you go through blocks?

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