Spectrum Shader V1.1 (Only Android)

Spectrum Shader is a beautiful low-end 1gb-2gb shader for Mcpe 1.16x. Only for (Android) we are working so that it will soon have support in (Windows 10 / ¡os). Below are the screenshots of the shader

-Beautiful sky with REALISTIC clouds, stars, sun and moon

  Beautiful sunset and dusk (Dusk)

 Beautiful sunset and dusk (Sunset):

-Wonderful Light Effects when it rains and at sunset

Light effect at sunset. (Sunset) 

-Incredible Shadows and not excessive lighting:


Night lighting:

-Watch the video so you can see all the details, you would also help me when you see it:

Changelog View more


the next update is already near soon will be here in mcpedl

-Excuse me but the links were down but they are ready :)


-Small bug fixed

-Official date of the next update 10/25/20

-Updated the link the previous one was down


-Halloween update canceled :( due to the need for more time so the next update is for 10/25/20 for sure

-What is coming for the next update will be the improvement in performance when looking at the sky, the waters will be modified for greater optimization


A Halloween edition update is coming, as you know Halloween is about ghosts or ghosts, well, better than an update of this shader for Halloween for October 26, stay tuned for this, thanks for your support to the shader, I thank you many to all :)

-Improved movement in plants

-Upgrade for better performance

-Fixed small bugs




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Below is the direct link to the shader :)

Donate to motivate me to keep updating Spectrum Shader to my paypal :) :


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.16.100



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34 Responses

4.31 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. xperson says:

    Me encantaron, son lo que dicen ser, me parecen unos buenos shaders, ¿cres que salga pronto la compatibilidad con windows 10?

  2. SEEndstray says:

    Realistic clouds
    they look pretty freaking cool
    keep up the good work

  3. Jeckdeth17 says:

    I have a Samsung galaxy a10e when I look at the clouds it lags.

    • Ale Mcpe says:

      Excuse me bro 🙁 but I have verified it on a J2 pro on an A1 and Galaxy Note 4 and the shader runs at 60 fps. Try lowering the chuncks in the settings and that way it won’t give you cloud lag.

  4. KrisTheBunny says:

    Great shader, I love it
    Keep working on it!

    I just donated 🙂
    You deserve some support

  5. Marv208 says:

    I really love your texturepack!! Can you please tell me, which file I have to remove to deactivate Dirlight? I dont want it….

    • Ale Mcpe says:

      sencillo ve al juego ve al apartado donde dice recursos pack le das click en donde aparece el simbolo de la palomita despues de alli te aparecera actializar y abajo te aparecera eliminar le das alli y listo esta eliminado o puedes ir donde dice almacenamiento buscarlo y eliminarlo desde alli. Por cierto gracias por tu apoyo al shader 🙂

  6. THUNDERMAN says:

    Why bro? Why the clouds very smooth in 2GB ram?

  7. Ale Mcpe says:

    Donate to motivate me to keep updating Spectrum Shader to my paypal 🙂

  8. RISALZI says:

    Very Great map,i like it,btw you not retextured the blocks or mob right? I hope you just retexture the lightning,sun,sky, and moon.

    I wear trivial tweaks (resource pack) too and if your shader is retextured the blocks and mob,it Will be big glitch

  9. Arsenalboy0813 says:

    Please make this support windows 10 this shader looks super cool

  10. Ale Mcpe says:

    Spectrum Shader Halloween Update 26 of Octubre

  11. Bunmine says:

    Awesome texture pack my friend, normally other shader pack would lag on me but this doesn’t so I’m pretty happy with it. Thanks for making this mate.

  12. altKcruncy says:

    Render dragon is enabled good game GGs

  13. Nicerro says:

    Nice Shader👌 but,i’m so laggy when i see the sky

  14. STEVE PH says:


  15. Alsina says:

    I love the orange lighting and the sky, I don’t know why this is not more popular, but maybe you just posted it. Anyway, nice pack👌😄

  16. CJG15 says:

    Great shader i just hope theres no waving plants and leaves because it is the main cause of lag otherwise its noice

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