Speed Runner VS Hunter (Manhunt)

Ever wanted to play one of those videos where a player has a tracker compass and can locate the nearby player then this addon is for you you can play with 2-30 people you can have 2 hunters and 1 speed runner or 5 speed runners and 1 hunter the choice is yours!

Ever wanted to play one of those videos where a player has a tracker compass and can locate the nearby player then this addon is for you you can play with 2-30 people you can have 2 hunters and 1 speedrunner or 5-speed runners and 1 hunter the choice is yours!

If you are not so good at speedrunning just give yourself and iron toolset to begin you can apply this onto any world.

Idea By Dream on youtube:

Dreams Twitch

Dream YT

Track the nearest player with the compass

Track there last location and trap their nether portal

Now Advancements will say in chat (Only Possible with some)

Do /tag add track or /function info for help

If you need help always do /function info

Do not:

Put a MediaFire link into any website and do not use other Link shorteners to give access to this page!

Re-upload onto any online device such as other mod websites

You Can:

Use the file format to rewrite ALL the functions/add functions without uploading the starter ones unless you link this URL!

Changelog View more
  • Updated the Pack to cause less lag
  • Added an achievement system
  • Updated Player.json to no longer give 40 hearts (Bug)
  • Improved automatic Start (you still need to run /tag add track)
  • Much easier setup now u only need to do /tag add track
  • Updated gliches
  • Updated text and gave instructions on how to apply to a world


If you are trying to download onto Xbox go on a different device and enter the media-fire URL into Xbox browser.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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91 Responses

2.54 / 5 (24 votes)
  1. xXNavaNationXx says:

    The compass just points to world spawn and the pack makes the game laggy

  2. Guest-9296521321 says:

    what is the “beh” and “res” in the downloads?

  3. Guest-5928545356 says:

    Lmao sithlocks is copied this idea

    • Sithlocks says:

      well you see here technically speaking, he copied dream and didn’t credit him until weeks after release. But if we ignore that and assume roman made this as his original idea. I made a bedrock version of dream’s pack and not his. plus my pack is better 😉

  4. Guest-3754637228 says:

    Hey, RomanMender. Is it okay if I use this mod on my server? I’m going to be hosting a Speed Runner v Hunter game on my server tomorrow for some of my friends, and will be uploading the video to YouTube. I gave credit to you in the spawn room, FYI.

  5. Guest-5393398515 says:

    Some of the advancements activate before my friend actually got them because of the new update. It really defeats the purpose of having the achievements in the first place.

  6. A.I master says:

    You want to credit your self on yt vids but why you did not even credit the inventor of this challenge huh? And also the thumbnail are stolen from dream just credit and change the thumbnail thats ok

  7. Anonymous says:

    I cant import it it doesnt do anything

  8. RomanMender says:

    Advancement Update Coming soon!

    • Vibezz says:

      Like the idea but why did you put adfly on such a simple thing

      • RomanMender says:

        If it was simple some1 would have done it before rather than copy my idea (sithlocks)

        • Sithlocks says:

          what happened to “lets just end this”? I didn’t steal your addon I was working on it before you had even uploaded it. Continuing to act like this is extremely childish. I would suggest that you drop this drama like you said in the discord convo before you tarnish your name as a content creator any more. Because like you said. Its funny that I only have one addon. I’m in the beginning of my addon creating career, I have nothing to lose, you already have 3 addons under your belt. Its getting old, I have more than enough proof to show I haven’t stolen anyone’s addon, so in the words of the great RomanMender: “Ok let’s Just end this, ok, cya”

  9. Guest-7851862964 says:

    Doesn’t work on xbox tried a million times if anyone knows how to do it plz tell me

  10. Guest-7969665609 says:

    Credit Dream yeah i know you to nervous
    To Credit Him

    • Guest-2889842495 says:

      Uhhh… he did. Literally look at the top of the page. He even linked both his Twitch and YouTube channel.

  11. Guest-9472862449 says:

    Why did i start with 2 rows of hearts

  12. Aliom says:

    You didn’t mention about how to track the speedrunner until I opened your .mcfunction file, your pack icon and the thumbnail are not original (adding text doesn’t mean those are yours), putting unnecessary information such as using a command block to run a command to start the game when you only need to give others a tag. There isn’t a place for function/add function btw lol.

    gl at not forcing people to re-upload onto any online device such as other mod websites

  13. Guest-1879429611 says:

    It doesn’t get imported over to my Minecraft! I’m on mobile device 5.0.2 and I used the zip file for manual installation!! I even extracted every file from the zip file and compressed them and renamed them into a behaviour pack! It still doesn’t work!! FIX THIS!!!

  14. Guest-4301458707 says:

    What do I do after I write /function run in the command block??

  15. Guest-6642260719 says:

    Can u help me I can’t understand the information

  16. Guest-3290543873 says:

    Everyone shut up about crediting dream. Did he say it was his idea? No. Get off his back. I think all you guys in the comments let everyone know it’s dream by now

  17. Guest-2974389683 says:

    Instructions a little shaky but the addon works well. I am VERY suspicious of the “bridge” folder in the pack. It is not necessary for the addon to work, and contains plugin files (useless on Bedrock and only for Java). This seems to almost be copied from a Java rendition.

  18. Guest-7756742599 says:

    why does it crash every 5 minutes or so? Could you fix it?

  19. Guest-7150153298 says:

    I really like this mod and such, but put in credits to dream! Like cmon bruh!

  20. Guest-3646333756 says:

    To everyone who is saying to credit dream, he does when you are applying the Behavior Pack. Also who cares! all yall acting like Karens!

  21. OzyPlayz says:

    I am Guest-6980605192 when I didn’t have an account here. Maybe me having a pro pic that stands out instead of a grey pic. My question is if anyone knows a video that I can follow to complete this step on the Ad-don.

  22. Guest-6980605192 says:

    Does anyone have a video on this because I’m still confused on this Addon.

  23. Guest-5009991040 says:


    • Guest-1228305268 says:

      dude, did you spam 1 stars? just for him to credit dream? if someone is LOOKING for this pack, then they know it came from dream

  24. Guest-7928491664 says:

    Credit Dream!

  25. Guest-9821789016 says:

    did you ask dream to use his thumbnail? No? One star.

  26. Guest-8708376251 says:

    credit Dream, hes the first one to think of this.

  27. Guest-9927554305 says:

    this is dream’s thubnail copyer

  28. Guest-3708930924 says:

    It crashes like every 5 minutes

  29. Guest-4091121674 says:

    Love it, it’s a lot of fun. But can you at least credit dream

  30. Guest-7733212686 says:

    There is credit in the pack when you go into Minecraft and look at the behaviour pack there is said “Bedrock Edition Remake Of Dreams Videos”

  31. Guest-4254027511 says:

    Command Block: Set to always active redstone and block type repeat
    /function run
    /tickingarea add circle ~ ~ ~ 2
    /tag playername add track
    /gamerule commandblockoutput false

  32. Guest-2189330775 says:

    Hey fix download link I can’t download it, the zip file is available to download but when I go to files and do all the steps and import it to Minecraft it just doesn’t work, nothing pops up saying “successfully imported resource pack” no nothing I’ve tried for like 25 minutes already it doesn’t work…

    • Guest-3726150605 says:

      Go in chat and type /tag “player name” add track.
      To select a player as someone u wanna track.
      Before that go in chat and do /tickingarea add circle ~ ~ ~ 2

  33. Guest-8530588336 says:

    is nobody gonna credit dream

  34. Guest-5579591199 says:

    You know, the whole thing is useless because of LOCATOR MAPS. You don’t explain how to use the commands either. Also, get your own thumbnail.

    • Guest-8181913158 says:

      chill out dude the creator wasnt trying to do anything bad imagine if someone commented on your thing saying that they broke the law it would not feel good so seriously guys CHILL OUT

    • Guest-5760279475 says:

      yo dude calm down, the reason why the dont use a locator map is because what if you go off the map stupid, think before you write.

  35. TPBOSS909 says:

    You literally stole like 6 months of dreams content and ideas + used his thumbnail all without even mentioning him, IDK if he has copyright but if he did you would be copyright infringing his content which is HIGHLY illegal

    • Anonymous says:

      I have no idea who DreamYT is, but from your comment I can say that RomanMender is the new RedBoy.

      • Seedy Pizza says:

        Dream is a Youtuber who does “minecraft but…” challenges with his friend George. He is also a fast growing channel as he got 2 mil subs in less than a year. He makes datapacks himself for these challenges. This addon is based off of his datapack. (Datapacks are basically the java addons)

    • Guest-5718025522 says:

      chill out dude the creator wasnt trying to do anything bad imagine if someone commented on your thing saying that they broke the law it would not feel good so seriously guys CHILL OUT

    • Guest-7727869357 says:

      He’s not getting paid though…?

  36. Guest-8735827018 says:

    Credit Dream why wont you make your own thumbnail are you lazy cause you just stealing thumbnails without credits or permission, SO CREDIT DREAM SO I WONT BE MAD.

  37. Guest-6228682445 says:

    can you explain it better cant figure out what to do

  38. Guest-6965707864 says:

    credit to Dream YT

  39. OctoRuslan says:

    Thanks! I really like that idea of porting Minecraft Manhunt to MCPE, I tried porting at my own but its hard without /function and addons.

  40. Guest-1185087651 says:

    yeah its supposed to show you what its for

  41. Guest-7274932750 says:

    My guy this is great and all but the instructions are not so easy to follow

  42. kingofdrago123 says:

    i love how the picture is just stolen from dreams vid

    but anyway its good ill use for content XD

  43. Guest-2384541076 says:

    this really doesnt explain how to do the command and ive tried for like 20 mins and this doesnt work pls explain more

  44. Guest-9135384157 says:

    This is dreams thumbnail

  45. Guest-8795307991 says:

    but can you use your own thumbnail ? this is good,but please

  46. Guest-7618817377 says:

    can you reply the commands to me they are kinda confusing and im not sure what to write in the chat and command block

  47. Guest-6907918019 says:

    thx been looking for one of these

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