Up for a speedy parkour challenge? Try beating this 5-Area Map in under 8 minutes! Venture from the Plains to the Ocean to the Nether and find odd parkour levels!

So you have decided to take on the challenge? Well! Why don’t we have a quick showcase before getting onto the map.

Before starting, you will be given a choice to play in Timer Mode. If you do so, you’ll be given an 8 minute timer!

You start off in the Plains

To the Birch Hill Gap

Then onto the ocean (with a sneaky thing to look out for)

To the Nether

And an odd End!

v1.5 amplified past jump’s and added new courses that just make the past versions seem too fast

With a complex-y block structure 🧐

Water Parkour 🌊

A more netherized nether

And the classic “Take the L”

And a lot of hidden changes that may tingle your senses!

Think you’re up for the challenge now?

Changelog View more

- New Parkour Jumps and Modified some Jumps.

- Changed download links for v1.5

  • Updated the map with 4 main changes and a lot of minor changes.
  • Removed the shortcut to the end from the lobby.
  • Updated the links for v1.4
  • Added a course on the Nether Section and the End Section.
  • Amplified a few of the courses
  • Added an extra minute to compensate with the amplified map
Added an Installation Guide and changed the world links (it's the same as the one reviewed by the administrator last time)

Added the direct download for the administration for file verification


You will be redirected to an affiliate link.

Once there, scroll down and complete the reCapcha (or wait 15 seconds) and click on "create download link".

Afterwards, scroll down once more to download the world file.

It's that easy and don't worry, there isn't a lot of intrusive ads (from my recent testing)


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Mixtongent73 says:

    The download doesn’t work.

  2. Spyguy10078 says:

    Hay I beat this in 6 minute 47 sec 🙂

  3. Anibration says:

    I would love to play it, but it says import failed. Please update!

  4. Spyguy10078 says:

    Bro very good map but I beat in 10 mins I will try to improve keep it up

  5. Wai Min Paing says:

    Import failed

  6. Instinct.s says:

    Import failed

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