Speedrun Box

This is a speedrun survival box for Minecraft. It’s simple. Just get to the end and don’t even need to kill the ender dragon, and maybe you can be in the world record.

Creator’s best time – 282

In the lobby, there is a Timer Challange with a leaderboard

The Overworld already has provided enough material to win. Including 12 pearls in a chest.

Nether already has a blaze spawner with a secret chest filled with 3 blaze rods. 

How to submit

1. Join my discord

2. Send a video of the Speedrun

3. Wait for the board to update


1. Send a YT Link on the Discord


If you reach the end that’s when the timer stop and the timer is based on seconds

to replay the game you must copy the original world. this speedrun counts as a set world not seed

Changelog View more


-over world




-timer challenge

future feature:

-End battle


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Jian Jimena says:

    Just 607sec

  2. Lol I cheesed it 13 sec win

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