Spider-Man Mod

The Spider-Man Mod adds a new set of items to the game which can be crafted and used to become Spider-Man. Not only will you look as him but you will also have all his powers such as shooting cobweb and jumping high up in the sky.

Creator: GeekMC

How to become Spider-Man?

First you will need to craft a Spider-Man Disguise (all crafting recipes can be found further down). Then use that item once to get the Spider-Man skin.

As Spider-Man there are multiple gadgets you can use such as the Spider Web Shooter which you can see in action in the two images below. It’s simple to use, just tap wherever you want to shoot a cobweb.


Trap mobs in the cobweb and find a more easy and controlled way to kill them. In this example we trapped some villagers but don’t be evil, try to use your super powers for the better good!


Then there are also two other items called Mega Jump and Mini Jump. When you use either of those items you’ll be making a jump up into the air.


It’s a small mod but still very fun to play around with. If you like Spider-Man it’s very likely you’ll like this mod as well.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Spider Web Shooter (502) – 2 cobweb + 3 lapis lazuli + 1 bow + 3 redstone dust
  • Mega Jump (503) – 4 arrows, 1 leather glove, 3 bows
  • Mini Jump (504) – 8 cobwebs + 1 leather glove
  • Spider-Man Disguise (507) – 3 red wool + 3 blue wool + 1 leather helmet + 1 leather tunic + 1 leather boots
  • Leather Glove (505) – 4 leathers



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47 Responses

4.4 / 5 (5 votes)
  1. fouad says:

    ok cool but how to Installation this mod plz reply fast plzzz

  2. Liam carl says:

    How to use this mod

  3. Wahlen says:

    I love this mod thinks of making this mod.

  4. Timothy garza says:

    I got the mod it works but the textures for the everything don’t work like for example the mega jump is a hopper

  5. James says:

    This is the best.

  6. Micle says:

    This mod is awesome because I can be Spider-Man 2 so many cool things

  7. Creepergamer says:

    If anyone can make mods can it be a sonic mod and for iOS plz thanks

  8. Spiderman is Cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo says:

    I haven’t tried it out yet but it’s really cool I bet

  9. Elias.sandin says:

    You are best!

  10. MasterSlice says:

    Is this going to be on iOS

  11. Zach says:

    Does wall climbing work?

  12. Fiischer says:

    This is soooo cool. I love it

  13. Seb says:

    You don’t have all the ingredients

  14. Hassna says:

    Dear Editer I love Minecraft and Spider Man so Much plZ Fix the adfly make it so mediafire and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees make it IOs plz

  15. William says:

    Please make it for ios please 🙏🏻

  16. Anonymous says:


  17. Ronmel says:

    Please help I can’t import and find my mod downloads from this site in the Download file when I import.

  18. David J Bungubung says:

    I dont know how to put the spider disguised I hope you tell us how to use it but its a great mod

  19. Johnrich says:

    Does it work for 13.1??

  20. Jose says:

    I did great thx

  21. Evelyn says:

    I looked at the comments on how to put on the costume.when I tried it out it didn’t work.is there any other way to do it?

  22. Răzvan Oprea Andrei says:

    Minecraft cool game!!!!!!!

  23. Răzvan Oprea Andrei says:

    This is cool game !

  24. RandomDuck64 says:

    Okay, I downloaded it, I know it works, but I have mcpe version 11.1 and it won’t work, it says error, plz fix, I love spiderman and I really want this mod

  25. niek says:

    Is it normal that normal spiders get too hero.powers?
    Spider is flying

  26. Aedan Sked says:

    How do I craft on 10.5

  27. Aedan Sked says:

    OK I downloaded this mod but when I wanted to import it it wasnt in my download folder .I searched to it and wasn’t there how do I fix . Minecraft 10.5

  28. Mekki Elhindi says:

    How do you use the spiderman disguise thingy?

  29. creeper20011 says:

    How do you get mods in minecraft pe

  30. Teotrio says:

    How to download on ios???

  31. LazyNisse says:

    Dsnt work in 0.9.5

  32. Way soe says:

    This is a great mod but how do I get it? Lol hehe

  33. Danny says:

    I have an RCA Android tablet running Android KitKat and I can’t use dropbox for my mods. Any way I could use something else rather than dropbox!

  34. SkilledGamer says:

    umm i got google and i cant still download

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