Published on March 13, 2017

Spleef (Auto Reset) [Minigame] (1.0.5 Only!)

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I have put so many hours into this map enjoying it with my friends. If you can, please make a feature for an enchanted shovel or something so that the snow can be mined faster, something that could make the game much faster and intense. Also, people can stand on the non-snow blocks on the borders of the spleef arena due to the way that fences work and cheat that way. If you could make the borders out of slabs or some other block instead of fences, it would be much harder to cheat. Other than these minor criticisms, you map is the best map that I have found for spleef on Minecraft: bedrock edition and one of the only maps that I have seen with such an easy reset feature.
Noice,m9! I think this is gona be to spoopy 5 me ! Wait..GOTSA GO FAST...3 Fast 5 u
Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll be updating this again soon
Update on the way guy!
awesome + badass love it =)
I love these types of command block maps!
Horor map with command block pls
There is no 1.0.5
Yes there is for android