Engineer’s Spleef [Mini-game]

Are you looking for a Mini-game to play with your friends? Are you Bored of Other Mini-games? Well you come to the right place! It Has 7 classes to choose from, so you will never get BORED!

Note: Please leave a comment on what to add on the next Spleef update!


You can NOT post this world on any other websites!!!

Choose From Seven Different Classes!

  • The Better Classic- He will Run Around You Like a Mad Man!
  • Teleporter-He Will Teleport Around You!
  • Thor- Can Make Lighting Out Of His Axe!
  • Ancher- Will Make You Dance With His Arrows! 

The New Classes! 

  • The Bomb Expert- He Will Blow You Up If He Wants To!
  • Levitator- Makes Everyone Float With His Potions! 
  • The Pyro- He Can And Will Make You Burn!

Play with Several People!

And Have Cool Particle Effects!

Lava, Hearts, White Smoke, Flames, and Ect!m

You even have a Working Point System and Death and Kill Counter!

And you can have all of this in Spleef 2!

Credits: TinedPakgamer’s Detector Pack

               Elingo’s Custom Heads

             r4isen1940’s Kill And Death Counter

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What's New?

  • Updated The Description.
  • Updated The Links To Download.
  • Kill And Death Counter Added.
  • Added A Zip Download Link.

What's New?

  • Actually Fix The Link.
  • Updated The Description (again).

  • Updated The Description.
  • Updated The Link.
  • Updated The Title.
  • Added More Words.


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