SpongeBob The Movie [Minigame]

This map was created a little over two years ago for the Xbox Edition for Minecraft. It’s a hide-and-seek map taking place inside the SpongeBob movie. You’ll start out at a movie theater and from there you can enter a boxed-in world which features some of the SpongeBob characters. This type of minigame is best suitable for multiplayer gameplay.

Creator: Emzy255, YouTube Channel
Ported by: TrueTriz, Twitter Account, YouTube Channel

How to play?

You can either just walk around and explore the world on your own or you can use it to host a hide-and-seek minigame. But for that you’ll obviously need a few other players.

Step on the pressure plate to receive a chestplate.

  • Gold = Hider
  • Diamond = Seeker

Video Review


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16 Responses

4.5 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. ꧁༒Cherry༒꧂ says:

    Its says File is missing😭

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank’s dude (:

  3. Quest191103 says:

    Woaw this is cool

  4. CheefHeesh says:

    Download link for .mcpack doesn’t work, says the file is no longer stored on media fire.

  5. Gb says:

    Does not work anymore guys

  6. MP7GamerFTW says:

    I can’t download it for MCworld because it takes me to instead of the other place. But by looking at vid and photos i’d rate this and 8/10

  7. Alejandro Lopez says:

    This map is very good i love it great map

  8. FinalWarsGodzilla2008 says:

    If you could do the seeker gets speed and the hiders get jumping and invisibility for 2 minutes and the hiders also get a knock back stick and seekers get diamond sword
    If you read this pls add it in the next version of the map

  9. Lorna0815 says:

    Can’t Get On! A spam keeps saying in 10 seconds the iPad will be gone. It’s Been A Day!

  10. SwagDude27 says:

    Played with my friend this is awesome

    But if u could could u fix Patrick
    I luv sponge parkour

  11. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download stuff on my iPad so this app is no use if your iPad won’t let you download apps or your storage is full.(or your parents won’t let you).

  12. Lil fishy says:

    Make more maps please!

  13. EpicAppKnight says:

    Oh i forget to rate for this map i would like to give 8/10 its beautiful and nice but if u are good at building please make an update of the spongebob face 🙂

  14. XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

    I see
    It’s a…
    h i d e a n d s e e k g a m e

  15. EpicAppKnight says:

    This map was just great!!! Its very good for PVP,Hide n seek and can u add more things like hider get a invisibility potion after jumping or u can give the hider a knockback stick,it will just make the game better anyway this map is cool great work

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