Spooky Town Adventure Map {BETA}

When darkness calls, and the wind howls through, there are secrets to find. and monsters anew. So hide in your covers, or fight through the night, for the creatures of Spooky Town are prepared for a FRIGHT! 

Spooky Town is a short Halloween Adventure map filled with all kinds of puzzles, unique mobs, and more! 

First Look at Spooky Town

What kind of spooks and thrills might you expect to find in this adventure map you ask? Check out a short teaser here to find out!

Neighboring Houses

Monsters are not the only things ready for the spooky season! View houses with an eerie orange and brown theme or visit spine-chilling locations like Dr. Frankenstein’s Mansion.

Talk with NPCS!

Redstone allows players to speak to NPCS. Be cautious, however! Some of them bite….

Re-textured Items!

Items are fancier than ever this Halloween season. Expect to find yourself some sugary delights including candy, cookies, cakes, and more! It ain’t Halloween without any treats, after all.

Monsters Prepare for a Fright!

RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! This isn’t vanilla Minecraft anymore. Monsters with new skins are sure to make you tremble! Careful, they’re not quite the same mobs you knew before…

The Mystical Seneca Forest

What secrets could be hiding in the mystical Seneca Forest? Not many know for sure, but rumor has it that visitors who come in never make it out alive. As the age old saying goes, “Keep your eyes peeled.” You never know what is lurking in the shadows!


This map includes the following add-ons (which I do not own):

  1. Evil Night Add-on by GentaMCPE
  2. Commando Add-on byPrivatePeashooter28
  3. Plushies! Add-on by CodanRaigen21
  4. Food! Add-on by CodanRaigen21

*If for whatever reason the map does not include these, please download and add them!

*Due to the amount of redstone and add-ons this map includes, players may experience lag

*This map requires 2 players which will act as one player in the story. You may play it solo if you wish, but it will be very difficult!

Changelog View more
  • Added weather change in Frankenstein's mansion
  • Set command block output to false
  • Added more download links
  • Added instructions to install zip file                            


If the download does not download directly to Minecraft, follow these steps:

  1. Go to file explorer 
  2. This pc
  3. Local Disk
  4. Users
  5. Select Username
  6. Search User
  7. Type in "Minecraft"
  8. Look for a folder that says "Local State"
  9. Games
  10. Com.mojang
  11. minecraftWorlds
  12. Drag downloaded map into minecraftWorlds folder


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Help. I’m on iOS 13 and can’t download it. I did used the guide but Minecraft doesn’t pop up when trying to import. Please help

  2. Thisiscarsen says:

    This ain’t a horror it’s just a holoween map!

  3. ihategravel says:

    Wasn’t that mummy skin on Nova skins? I’m pretty sure I saw it on there.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    Awesome map really got me hiped up for Halloween!!

  6. Adamghegrate says:

    Nice map

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