Hybrid Leagues Add-on

A long time ago, a scientist tried to create other bosses to the game, ended up failing the experiment and created a three headed aquatic boss! And it’s your job, to stop it!

  • Name: Squid Boss
  • Has 900 HP
  • Attacks: Iron Golems, Snow Golems, Ender Dragons and Players.
  • Shoots Wither Skulls.
  • Now a custom entity.
  • Loot:
  • Version allowed: 1.16 (Turn on Experimental Gameplay for better experience.)
  • Weakness: Diamond Sword-Sharpness level 5 and Unbreaking level 1 / Netherite sword with Sharpness 2.
  • Toughness: Relies on brute force.
  • This is how the Squid Boss looked like in-game. It may be hard to tell how it looks like, just because I used Assistive Touch to take a screenshot of it. It’s hard, I tell you!

But, you get the point, guys…

Here’s an example of the Squid Boss attacks not even close to scratching a dent on the Iron Golem! Like I said, it’s attacks are kinda sloppy…

Prior to 1.0.1 Update (Last Update), we’ve added in other mobs to make this Add-on a tad bit more fun to experience.

Mobs in the screenshot above:

– Hybrid Skeleton

– Squid Hybrid Boss

– Creeper Slime

– Mini Giant (Requires verifications)

– Blaze Necromancer

• Crafting recipe for a strong weapon against the mobs in this Add-on (Requires verifications)

Here are the specialties for the mobs!

• Squid Hybrid Boss is scared of its own kind (Bugged)

• When Hybrid Skeleton is struck by lightning, has a slight chance it’ll change into an Enderman on a 5-hour energy drink, unless it gets struck directly..

You are allowed to:

  • Use this addon to challenge other people’s addons.
  • Review this for a video. Give me credit in the description to any of my social media.
  • Use this addon for your survival series.

You are not allowed to:

  • Modify the behaviors/ textures of the mob! I’m always watching…
  • Don’t try this addon on Beta versions of the game. It’s advised to always use this addon on full versions of the game.

Disclaimer: This Add-on was made prior to update 1.14 (not beta), so.. somethings might break..

Changelog View more

- Added four more new mobs and one new item.

- Added ability that Squid Hybrid Boss would be scared of its own kind (bugged feature, will be fixed in the future)

- Added a feature where Hybrid Skeleton would turn into an Enderman that's on a 5-hour energy drink.

- Tweaked a couple of size changes, especially for the Mini Giant (Requires verifications).

• Both resource pack and behavior pack are now into one addon.

• The Squid Boss Addon with the update that adds the Squid Army will be delayed a bit. Be patient, though..

• Upcoming mobs soon (For version 1.1.0):

- Creeper Slimes

- Blaze Necromancers

- Giants

• Now supports 1.13 and 1.14 beta.

• Shields or Totems of Undying are now recommended to be used when fighting it.

• Spawn rate in the Nether is no longer allowed.

• Screenshots that are not Minecraft related are now pictures that are Minecraft related. Sheesh.. Assistive Touch really is hard to use!

• Experimental Gameplay can either be disabled or enabled (It's recommended to turn on Experimental Gameplay, or the behavior of it will malfunction..).

• Hitboxes have been resized from being 20% large to 25% large.

• The Squid Boss now has it's own attack delay. (From 1-1.7 second delay to 1-0.3 second delay)

• The Squid Boss now only shoots the blue Wither Skulls. Will be changed soon.

• More pictures are added!

• Addon is now allowed for 1.12 and above versions!

• It's Wither Skull attack is kinda sloppy.. but you gotta try out this addon first, guys.

•It loves to stay mostly on the ground, unless when provokers try to anger it.

• Doesn't attack other mobs.

•This was purely made as a concept addon. It wasn't actually going to be an official mob added to the game. Trust me, guys.

-Hitboxes resized to 25% for more visible hits.

-Original creator of the addon is by AlphaTest. Updated version is ported by me.

-Hitboxes resized to 10%

-Wither Skeletons textures remained unchanged.

No custom sounds. No source to add those.

-Name has been renamed.

-Textures can be better looking in the dark with night vision.

-Number of HP still remains unknown.

-Hitboxes resized.

-Squid Wither Boss now changed to Squid Boss.

Link of the addon has changed.

-Update arrived to where the addon can't be submitted.

-Texture for mob has been revealed when in game.


Use either Ad.Fly or Mediafire links. Do not use other links from unknown sources, as that can rewrite my work and suspend it.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100

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  1. MerciFul says:

    You just changed some things about the mobs and changed the textures, I wouldn’t be surprised if you used an addon maker or something like that

  2. SpringyMC says:

    lol stop making addons with an addon maker app lol

  3. Anonymous says:

    You inspired me to do something…. I’ll credit you later.

  4. 102582947 says:

    You make the Squid Boss a custom entity

  5. USSRplayzUwU says:

    UwU Squidward

  6. BonnieEXE says:

    Thanks for the addon, ThisJob. Now my world will be infested with nothing but squid madness now.

  7. Anonymous says:

    this addon is more like a texture change to the wither instead of a normal addon.

  8. ThisJobYT says:

    This addon will be updated to 1.0.8 version. Watch out for it’s Squid Army, though! That’s coming soon!

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