Stained Glass Mod

Stained glass is a feature for Minecraft PC exclusively. This mod adds 16 differently colored stained glass blocks to Pocket Edition. They can all be accessed through the creative inventory or by crafting. The only downsides we could find was that there are no glass panes and sometimes the blocks are flickering.

Creator: Anonymous52, Twitter Account

Decorate your worlds with colorful glass blocks. All of the blocks can be crafted using one of the recipes found further down on this page.

Here is an overview of all the stained glass blocks.


To see how it looks like with buildings I downloaded Mariner Castle and used a bunch of differently stained glass blocks to decorate the walls of the castle.


Block IDs & Recipes

  • Black Stained Glass (201) – 8 Glass Blocks + 1 Ink Sac
  • Blue Stained Glass (202) – 8 Glass Blocks + 1 Lapis Lazuli
  • Brown Stained Glass (203) – 8 Glass Blocks + 1 Cocoa Beans
  • Cyan Stained Glass (204) – 8 Glass Blocks + 1 Cyan Dye
  • Gray Stained Glass (205) – 8 Glass Blocks + 1 Gray Dye
  • Green Stained Glass (206) – 8 Glass Blocks + 1 Cactus Green
  • Light Blue Stained Glass (207) – 8 Glass Blocks + 1 Light Blue Dye
  • Lime Stained Glass (208) – 8 Glass Blocks + 1 Lime Dye
  • Magenta Stained Glass (209) – 8 Glass Blocks + 1 Magenta Dye
  • Orange Stained Glass (210) – 8 Glass Blocks + 1 Orange Dye
  • Pink Stained Glass (211) – 8 Glass Blocks + 1 Pink Dye
  • Purple Stained Glass (212) – 8 Glass Blocks + Purple Dye
  • Red Stained Glass (213) – 8 Glass Blocks + 1 Rose Red
  • Light Grey Stained Glass (214) – 8 Glass Blocks + 1 Lime Dye
  • White Stained Glass (215) – 8 Glass Blocks + 1 Bone Meal
  • Yellow Stained Glass (216) – 8 Glass Blocks + 1 Dandelion Yellow


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50 Responses

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  1. Shirocraft says:

    I remember When Stained Glass Isn’t Implemented Yet Back At the day 1.1 Minecraft PE Update

  2. Aaliyah says:

    does this mod work for people who play minecraft on a windows 10 computer whos minecraft vershion is 1.1.5?!

  3. RainBowGamer9 says:

    This is only for android

  4. RainBowGamer9 says:

    I have android and iOs yes i got stained glass mod on Android thanks thanks is works if i try make rainbow beacon

  5. Lily says:

    It looks fun and all but it’s the same problem with everyone with iOS please make it for iOS.😫😩

  6. Dat Boi says:

    I wish this was for IOS, I can’t get an android.

  7. Jonathan Donalds says:

    Doesn’t work

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. KitKatKid says:

    Just to let everyone know, you don’t need a mod for this! According to Minecraft Wiki, stained glass has been in minecraft since version 1.7.2 in 2013 ( However, I tried stained glass in Beta and it doesn’t seem to have been updated that far.

    I don’t know this site very well yet, but at least on this “mod,” just know that you don’t need it at all.

  10. kPsmalls13 says:

    Why are there barley any mods for ios

  11. The_great_luisa says:

    Can you make it into iOS TOO?!?!😑☹️🙄😡

  12. Cyruz says:

    is this free

  13. CH_Gaming349 says:

    Why is there no stained glass pane??? Plz update this mod with some stain glass pane Plz because it looks cooler in some builds than the glass block

    • Ymca says:

      It says in the desc how to make it (for ex 6 glass and 1 inksack. You are surposed the drop the ingredients on the floor)

  14. Cool_Slade says:

    Can you plz make it work for iOS because I want my brother to know iOS can also have mods like this one and that android can’t have it all. So plz make it work with iOS 🙁

  15. The_great_luisa says:

    Does this work for iOS? 🙁

  16. WinsomeLad says:

    Editor you seriously need to give a guide
    on how to download this mod please because i don’t know how.

  17. rahaim says:

    How to download from its link help me editor pls

  18. Cosmin 36 says:

    Add stained glass pane

  19. Yen says:

    Is there a .mcpack download for this? Please do put one up, thanks!

  20. dan says:

    I really need help

  21. Hbbbb says:

    I like stained glass

  22. Tyeking says:

    Amazing mod for decoraions

  23. Tejas38 says:


  24. Tejas38 says:

    Thanks Editor it worked, the link worked

  25. Radcliff says:

    Editor, it seriously needs another download link.

  26. My Name Is Jeff says:

    Since rageelixir reviewed this mod the download stopped working atm.

  27. Timme says:

    I need another Download link. Google drive doesn’t support the download of .modpkg files -.-

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