Stained Glass Mod (Android)

The stained glass is an official feature part of Minecraft for PC, and it’s most likely going to be added to the official version of Minecraft PE hopefully soon. But if you can’t wait and want them right now then you can get this mod to add them to your game. However, it does require a third-party launcher called Modded PE which is only available for Android users.

Creator: ModelPart, Twitter Account

How to get the stained glass blocks?

At this point there is no other way to obtain the blocks than by getting them through the creative inventory. It’s not like in the PC version for Minecraft where you can craft them.

The stained glass blocks are mainly used for decoration but they can also be used to create some mind-boggling light shows by using some beacons.

The beacon has been an official part of the game since version 0.16.0. To activate a beacon you will need to build a pyramid. Here’s an example of the most basic one which you can build.

Begin by placing a square of 9 iron blocks (or diamond blocks or gold blocks) as seen in the image down below.

Then place a beacon block in the top center of the structure. You can change the color of the beacon by adding any type of stained glass on top of the beacon block. (iOS / Android: Sneak and then place the block to be able to place it.)


  1. Download ModdedPE (Android App on Google Play)
  2. Then download Stained Glass for Modded PE (.APK)
  3. Open the Modded PE application
  4. Manage NMods > Add the mod to the left sidebar
  5. Start Minecraft PE using the Modded PE launcher

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44 Responses

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  1. superspider3500 says:

    New stained glass coming in 1.2! And when the update comes out, you’ll find a lot more than your regular major update has in store. I will be very excited for the 1.2 update.

  2. OrphanedPixel says:

    GitHub link is dead.

  3. HarrisonWx says:


  4. SolarGamers says:

    ModdedPE is removed in the Play.Store I don’t how did they do that but it says when i click the link “Item not found”

  5. Joshua says:

    I want stained glass!!!!!!

  6. Chownixgame says:

    I think I will make a video on this …….
    My channel is called Chownix YT Be sure to check it out

  7. Akira DA FENIX! says:

    Hey, Editor. 2 Things
    2.Could There be a Windows 10 Edition?

  8. your dad says:

    Good job son

  9. Anonymous says:

    It’s craftable though. But, cool mod!

  10. Ron Argao says:

    what websites can i use to download more of this? (Pls answer), anyway nice addon

  11. AntiGravity says:

    How can I save my world on IOS without jailbreak nor computer?

  12. True Gamer says:

    Can we create glass panes using these glass blocks ?

  13. AntiGravity says:

    Why can’t this be for IOS….

  14. Aliabdulah says:


  15. AgentCPU0 says:

    You say ModdedPE. Won’t Block Launcher also work? That’s what I tend to use for mods.

  16. AdvDreemurrFr says:

    Hummm… it’s cool but it’s not like the normal glass : we see the texture of stained glass inside an other block of stained glass… i don’t know if you understand me xD but good job

  17. xJmexx says:

    Hi to creator and to editor of this, The app keeps crashing when I try to re-enter to the world for the second time but it always crashes. At first it works fine and perfectly but then crashes.

    • RageFlame_MCPEPH says:

      Sorry for what i say to u im not a creator im not a editor ibut can help without theme i know whats the problem.Sorry for what i said u know that the Modded PE launcher is higher than ur Minecraft Pe u just need to the download the final Minecraft pe because the Modded PE launcher support only on when i download the mod im surprise that the version of minecraft pe and modded pe launcher are disame.So when i try to manage the nmods and add the mod its work very well.Try what i say.

  18. Fouladgar says:


  19. xJmexx says:

    This is great for my modern houses build 🙂 I tried this to convert in Resource pack but only the outlines are colored this is the problem of Mojang I think.

  20. TheKing says:

    Amazing . I love this launcher and mod. But how did you created the mod? I don’t understand how this apks mods are working. Can you help me pls?

  21. RianGamingg says:

    Modded pe is always crashing

  22. TheExtremeGamer MCPE says:

    Um. Can u please help me. When I open the app and added the mod, and I started it, Sometimes it gives me a few seconds to see the title screen of mcpe then crashes and somtimes, when I started it, it automatically crashes the app. Pls help me avoid this happening. I really wanted to play with the mod. 🙁

  23. Therix says:

    I wish i could use this mod but im on

  24. RageFlame_MCPEPH says:

    Work perfectly.I want Another Mod.This ModdedPE support Job whatever you are.XD

  25. ClayGaming49 says:

    When i went to download it, it ssid this type of file could harm your device, is it safe?

  26. Dark says:

    So does that mean the ability to change the color of the beacon is already in the game??? That would explain why there is a purple beam st every end gateway after you kill the enderdragon

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