Stained Glass Unlocker Add-on

Stained glass is one of the features which hasn’t made it yet to Minecraft Pocket Edition. Actually, it does exist in some sense but it’s the textures which haven’t yet been added. This addon adds the missing textures to the game. It’s only possible to spawn the stained glass by using commands but it’s still pretty cool!

Creator: 8Fernancraft (Twitter) OR HemaMetwaaly (Twitter)

How does it work?

Type the following text command in the chat to spawn a stained glass block: /setblock ~ ~ ~ stained_glass <0-15>

For example, to spawn a yellow stained glass block I would need to type the following text command: /setblock ~ ~ ~ stained_glass 4


Stained Glass Color IDs

  • White: 0
  • Orange: 1
  • Magenta: 2
  • Light blue: 3
  • Yellow: 4
  • Lime: 5
  • Pink: 6
  • Gray: 7
  • Light gray: 8
  • Cyan: 9
  • Purple: 10
  • Blue: 11
  • Brown: 12
  • Green: 13
  • Red: 14
  • Black: 15

The block will spawn where you stand.


There are 15 different colored stained glass blocks.


You can use a similar text command to spawn stained glass panes: /setblock ~ ~ ~ stained_glass_pane <0-15>


If you are tired of using just one type of glass in your worlds then use this resource pack to add some more colors to your windows.



  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Activate pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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89 Responses

3.3 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Someone says:

    They can’t even color the inner of the glass; they can only color the reflections. Thus, its already in mcpe

  2. Derpy boi says:

    bad addon bro not trying to be mean tho

  3. John Michael says:

    In the 1.2 update of minecraft pe,they added stained glass. it colors the beam of beacons, But the addon can’t color the beam of beacons

    • Xynnful says:

      You don’t even need to use the add-on since there is already stained glass in Minecraft PE/Bedrock. This add-on was made BEFORE that update and due to Minecraft not being capable of that functionality or the maker not being able to know how to add that functionality, the colouring of beacon beams were not available in the past.

  4. Shahrukh Ahmed Hater says:

    Stained glass is out in mcpe

  5. Aspirant says:

    Something is wrong with hooks when I play with this addon.

  6. abaan says:

    Orange – 1
    Lime – 5
    Black – 15
    It Worked Really In Android !

  7. Lachthegamer says:

    At least this add on is going to be useful till the 1.2 update comes out.

    P.S do you know if you could make an easier way to get the glass?

  8. Nemorio Hernandez says:

    Why wont it stay in my inventory if i need a black glass pane i need to spell it out every time and plus it wont let me put it wherever i want it puts it in a random place help me plz

  9. cs127 says:

    I don’t need this.. this looks weird. I would make my own. Why didn’t you put the original pc textures..

  10. Rohit says:

    You seriously need to add new link in it because that mediafire link doesn’t download the original file

  11. Rohit says:

    It doesn’t work please can you send me the mod on my email

  12. ItsYeBoiJoker says:

    When I type in the command it says ‘Invalid Command Syntax’ and I’m like ‘say whaaaa????’

  13. Joanna Sarah says:

    Like On PC

  14. Simone says:

    It’s works for me on my Pocket PE all you have to do is type /setblock ~ ~ ~ stained_glass put in ID there then hit the ENTER button or return button then bam the stained_glass is there behind in front to your left or to your right of you

  15. 🦄 says:

    Plzzz make it so you can use the /give command

  16. 5tr4 says:

    This addon is pretty good , but there’s one problem I have. It’s not actually an addon. It’s more of a resource pack than an addon. Please call this a resource pack instead of an addon.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I hope MOJANG can add the original one it will be awesome

  18. captainfour4 says:

    Here is how to get infinite of these in creative. 1.Get a silk touch pick axe and go into survival. 2. Use the command to get 1 stained glass. 3. Mine the stained glass with the silktouch pick axe. 3.Go back in creative. Now you have your stained glass.

  19. Hi says:

    How do you spawn a lot at one instead of typing it always

    • TC says:

      Use the autocempletion resource pack, then you only have to open the chat screen and from there you can tap on the arrow up. Just type in your searchbar: mcpedl autocompletion

  20. Phoebe says:

    Where is the block how can i get it i have the mod BUT HOW!?!?!? 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  21. GamingProHac says:

    Could anyone make a hacked items unlocker addon? Like these stuff: Fire,water,lava,Nether Reactor Core,farmland,portal. By just like this? Like: /give @p portal 64
    Then you get the item

    • AlanDudy says:

      Use the unobtainable items mod, you can get portal, glowing obsdian, end gateway, etc. But they are drops from mobs. (Oh and they are the official blocks, the ones in the code)

    • Lord_Drakostar says:

      That would be a mod, though there are other ways.

  22. Mooshroom says:

    When I put in the code thing it PLACES the block help me

  23. Brian Dickson says:

    Guess what, if u go to a end city it has purple stained glass on it so all we need is to add the texture of stained glass and add banners so the end city is complete!

  24. ItsLighTxFurY says:

    Its just a texture. Don’t like it. Its just like a different texture of a glass. Stained glass is translucent. The stained glass in your add on is transparent. Nice try! But it doesn’t look good especially when put together in lines. Yuck yuck yuck.

  25. Sydney says:

    If you guess the creator of Minecraft was Herobrine your wrong I officially prove that the creator is Notch

  26. Sydney says:

    Editor, Please add that you can get it in the creative inventory 😉

  27. Sydney says:

    I tried to get it in my creative inventory but I could not find it ;'(

  28. TTB says:

    Why is not working for beacon?

  29. TheDankPlayzPE says:

    is it ok if I edit this pack to make my own custom textures for stained glass? For example, can I take stained glass textures I made to make the actual glass part “faded” (ex: clear purple) instead of clear without any color?

  30. Maddiepenguin says:

    It works for me😘😎

  31. Jia says:

    reply fast please

  32. Christian says:

    The Best Addon Ever. I Always Use This Addon But They Don’t Work With Beacons.

  33. JoeTheTaco says:

    The pack will work with texture packs right?

  34. PetertheMinion says:

    This Addon is really cool ! Even though it can’t be used to change beacon color beam, it replaces all End City’s normal glass with purple stained glass.

  35. Kirito says:

    Will its change the colour of beacon?

  36. Gaz says:

    It is realy cool but can you pick it op?

  37. 小雪❄️ says:

    Good addon!

  38. Timeron Gaming says:

    Should we put this on the behavior pack thing and does it work on 1.0?

  39. Jia says:

    Do the stained glass work on Minecraft Pocket Edition?

    • Jia says:

      Because I can’t build stained glass in the crafting table and I use Minecraft Pocket Edition.So I need to know if that glass work on minecraft pocket edition

  40. SBG333 says:

    Well I found the stained glass & stained glass pane items from Toolbox Mod, then I found the item id from Pocketinveditor Free/Pro :

    Item IDs:
    241 (Item Data 0-15) – Stained Glass
    160 (Item Data 0-15) – Stained Glass Pane

    It works perfectly when you place the these items, so, no need commands 😉

  41. rahaim says:

    It is not working

  42. Cyutie says:

    Hello,i was wondering can you make a Cash or money addon using gold by retexturing it to cash,who agress?

  43. Tom says:

    Does the beacon change color if you place the glass on it?

  44. DanSMCraft says:


  45. EystreemYTServer says:

    Add-Ons realesed stained glass v1.0.0 I think

  46. EystreemYTServer says:

    Add-Ons how to get stained glass now I have it genesis! ):<

  47. ProGamer says:

    Make it so it can replace blocks

  48. Emily says:

    It says it can not do that on my server what do I do. I want colored glass so bad!!!!

  49. Minecraftdog767 says:

    Does it replace any blocks?

  50. MCHurt12 says:

    Does it change the color of the beacon?

  51. Stablestskate36 says:

    This mod is so cool

  52. BlockyTheEnderman says:

    Do they work with beacons?

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