Star Trek Runabout

From its first appearance in Star Trek Deep Space 9 as the primary ship of the station, the Danube Class has left viewers excited though all of Star Trek.

Now I bring you the Runabout in Minecraft!

Is this map has all a Runabout can offer, from the cockpit to the meeting room! It is filled with Star Trekness! 

Take a look at the interior:

Now the hull:

Changelog View more

My previous post was of the wrong map. Sorry. 🖖 

I am currently working on extending the map, so its a Star Fleet base.  


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  1. eefritts says:

    You should give credit to the original texture pack Creator. Namely me, eefritts as you are not allowed to use it as stated in my original post here on this very site.

  2. Guest-7817568369 says:

    I like but please make another like a one that moves thank yo

  3. Guest-1856070563 says:

    Live long and prosper 🖖

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