Star Wars Add-on

The Star Wars Add-on adds three droids (with custom sounds), a Jedi robe, lightsabers and a couple of other items to Minecraft Pocket Edition. R2-D2 and BB-8 are two of the droids which you will be able to tame and keep as loyal companions on your next adventures. But be careful. There are evil droids out there which have been programmed to kill you and your droid friends. This add-on is a must-play for anyone who like the Star Wars movies!

Creator: Gona, Twitter Account
Updated: 22 April, 2017 (read changelog)


R2-D2 (replaces spider) is a small astromech droid with a few different utilities. Its main and most effective ability is to protect its owner from aggressors by shooting lasers at them. It also has a storage container (5 slots) which the player can use for storing blocks and items.

The droid is neutral by default and you can tame it with some redstone.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the droid and press Tame
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the droid to tame it

As soon as it is tamed it will follow you around.

A tamed droid is on a constant lookout for possible threats. That includes everything from monsters to hostile droids.

R2-D2 General Information:

  • Replaces spiders
  • Immune to fire
  • Vulnerable to water
  • Wild
    • Health: 15 hearts
    • Neutral
    • Shoots laser
    • Tameable (and healable) with redstone (tame chance: 25%)
  • Tamed
    • Health: 35 hearts
    • Follows player
    • Protects player by shooting laser
  • Drops redstone and mechanism (spider eye)

C2-B5 (cave spider) is an astromech droid which serves the Galactic Empire. It is hostile towards players and will attack them on sight by shooting laser.

They are also hostile toward other droids (e.g. R2-D2 and BB-8). Spawn a bunch of them and watch them fight it out.

General Information C2-B5

  • Replaces cave spiders
  • Immune to fire
  • Vulnerable to water
  • Hostile
  • Shoots laser
  • Health: 15 hearts

BB-8 (replaces creeper) is an absolutely adorable droid which by default avoids players. But it’s easy to lure it with some redstone which you can then use to tame it.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the droid and press Tame
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the droid to tame it

Once tamed it will follow you and protect you against possible threats.

Throw some items at the droid and it will store them for you.

BB-8 General Information:

  • Replaces creepers
  • Immune to fire
  • Vulnerable to water
  • You can heal it with redstone
  • Wild
    • Health: 12.5 hearts
    • Neutral
    • Shoots laser
    • Avoids players
    • Tameable with redstone (tame chance: 33%)
  • Tamed
    • Health: 25 hearts
    • Follows the player
    • 5 storage slots
    • Protects player by shooting laser
  • Drops redstone and mechanism (spider eye)


An AT-AT (short for All Terrain Armored Transport) (replaces pigs) is a huge vehicle used by the ground forces of the Galactic Empire. It requires a great amount of strategy to take this beast down.

There’s a pilot seated inside the neck of the vehicle which you should shoot down first. It’s only then that it will stop shooting blasters. However, it will continue to shoot fireballs and once in a while some Stormtroopers will storm out from underneath it and assist it in the attack.

AT-AT General Information:

  • Replaces pigs
  • 20% spawn chance (remaining 80% spawns a Stormtrooper)
  • Health: 100 hearts
  • Immune to fire
  • 22 meters high (just like in the movie)
  • Drops
    • 0 – 10 redstone
    • 5 – 30 blaster ammunition (arrows)
    • 5 – 30 iron ingots
    • 0 – 5 mechanisms (spider eyes)

The Stormtroopers are the assault troops of the Galactic Empire. They’re equipped with an E-11 blaster rifle which they will use to fight off the enemy (players included).

Stormtrooper General Information:

  • 80% spawn rate (remaining 20% spawns a Death Trooper which is stronger)
  • Health: 10-15 hearts
  • Drops
    • 0 – 5 blaster ammunition (arrows)
    • 0 – 2 cold soup (porkchop)
  • Can break doors

The Rebel Soldiers are part of the Rebel Allience (which I guess you could say is the good side).  They are naturally afraid of the Galactic Empire and will run away if given the chance. However, they are neutral toward players and that means it’s up to you to help them to bring some justice to this world.

You can give a rebel soldier a blaster (bow) to hire him and make him work for you!

Rebel Soldiers General Information:

  • Replaces zombies and strays
  • Health: 15-25 hearts
  • Neutral toward players
  • Run away from the Galactic Empire mobs
  • Drops
    • 0 – 5 blaster ammunition (arrows)
    • 0 – 5 cold soup (porkchop)
  • Can break doors

The Death Troopers are an elite force of the Galactic Empire. They are quite similar to a Stormtrooper except that they have few additional abilities which include a longer attack range, more health and faster shooting abilities.

  • Health: 20-25 hearts
  • Shoots much faster and longer shoot range than a Stormtrooper
  • Drops
    • 0 – 5 blaster ammunition (arrows)
    • 0 – 2 cold soup (porkchop)
  • Can break doors

Armor & Weapons

The armor suits include a Stormtrooper armor, Rebel armor, a Jedi Robe and a Death Trooper armor. There are also a bunch of different lightsabers. All weapons (except for the bow) still cause the same amount of damage. (There is currently no way to change that for add-ons.)

The E-11 blaster rifle is a rifle usually carried by stormtroopers. It shoots laser (arrows).


  • New mobs
    • AT-AT Walker
    • Stormtrooper
    • Rebel Soldiers
    • Death Troopers


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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273 Responses

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  1. Anuibus says:

    how come you can’t download the addon? I mean the behavior pack takes you to a browser extension and the resource pack takes you to a website that doesn’t connect.

  2. Guest-2903020137 says:

    Mcpuep is the worst website ever it always refuses to connect the only website I like best is mediafire I love mediafire pls make a redirect link to pls

  3. Guest-9376844827 says:

    it look so fun but please put a link direct to media fire because adfly isnt working and send mi to error 404

    • Guest-9930288176 says:

      I agree. Please bring us to the zip file without using adfly it’s not working at all and please update this cause many people are frustrated.

  4. Rubyriendier123 says:


  5. User-1958393149 says:

    Hello i just saw this addon but the ad’fly is not working

  6. Lucas says:

    Please put the links to a mediafire link PLEASE.

  7. Wakeboyz says:

    Hello, this add-on looks very cool and I’d like to try it and add it to my realm! However, when I click on it it redirects me to This site usually works for me but this time it’s asking me to download a shady file that “may harm my device”. I am therefore reluctant to download it. Please just make the download link go directly to mediators and I’ll be satisfied?

    • LastOneLeftYt says:

      When it redirects you, you must press skip ad, and then you will be brought to your download website, then if it says “this will open in another app” press cancel, it will still download

  8. SwallowFF says:


  9. Sidmit867 says:

    Can’t download it
    It shows download link not available

  10. Star Wars fan says:

    Make it available for 1.12 but besides that great addon

  11. Minedondani says:

    Would you pleas check the download, it doesn’t work, i finally found out, how to download, but i did it on an other side, this download doesn’t work, but the Add-On is realy nice 🙂

  12. Delta says:

    Fantastic add on but the link is corrupted and won’t work. Please fix I used to love this addon…

  13. AB7997 says:

    Well, I suggest NEVER to press the ads, and if the button doesnt show up, restart the page like 5 times, if it doesnt show up anymore, go back to the mod page, and try to download it again, if it still doesnt work, then it might be a problem with the download or the modder has done a mistake.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It wont let me download!

    • Anonymous says:

      The thing won’t let me get it! It may 4 Andy for iPhone Star Wars people may the force be with u.., (once the add on let’s me downlwaod)

  15. Fawzi Gramajo says:

    For some reason, it doesn’t let me download the add on

  16. OcelotPlayz says:

    Link is broken
    PLEASE make ont that connects to media fire that’s the only thing that will let me download!???

  17. HPringle says:

    link is broken

  18. WITHER REBORN says:

    Hey Gona after my last comment which was the clone wars addon I checked out more into mcpedl because I wanted to make my own Addons but first I checked out your account and what I mean is I tapped your name and it showed me what you have posted on mcpedl and when I saw it all I was astonished, I did not know u made all of that good job keep up the good work

  19. Wither Reborn says:

    Hey editor ik you must be busy reader other comments and doing other projects not to mention real life stuff but if u can can u make a clone wars add on which makes zombies regular clones strays become 501st troopers and husk become shock troopers, skeletons become battle droids zombie villagers become super battle droids, creepers become droidicas spider becomes R2-D2,cave spider becomes a random R2 unit maby R4, horses become a republic tank which you can guide the same way you guide a horse, ghost becomes a republic gunnership, I forgot what it is called but the new mob that comes out every 3 sleepless nights becomes a ark, a bat becomes hyena bomber ship, a iron golem becomes the big spider droid and then a snow golem becomes a at te, and then a witch becomes at rt then the wither becomes a mufficent class frigate, the elder dragon becomes the venitor a pig becomes a amored tank droid and then finally for now the wither skeleton becomes a amored assault tank, anything that is driveable can be drived and can be stoped, anything that can fly has the same controls but pls don’t make it like the other add on planes and stuff because they just fly up forever then fly down it’s terrible, now ik this is a lot so if u do it you can do it in parts I guess idk but pls consider it and if u can can u tell me how you make add ons thx good luck if u try and if u decide to do it pls tell me

  20. Anonymous says:

    Download is broken!!!!

  21. SlimeQueen24 says:

    It’s not working the file. I just can’t save it. Please help because this looks so cool.

  22. Raven says:

    I love this addon it’s great. But can add more items. P.S please make a clone wars addon

  23. bob says:

    i leads me to a site that hacks me

  24. zeb says:

    add the rancor pls

  25. Anonymous says:


  26. Team_Beluga says:

    This Addon Is Amazing. But I Can’t Dowload It (On IOS). Can You Add TIE Fighter Pilots And A AT-ST! Can You Also Fix The Dowload! Maybe You Could Retexture Some Paintings. Pls Add Flame Troopers TIE Fighter Pilots And Snow Troopers!

  27. Dimas says:

    I can’t download this addon. Can you give another link

  28. DeadBaitOFL says:

    Hey I remember using it months back and I got a new device when I try to download it again the link’s servers are down, can you update it because now no one else can download it. This is a really good add on and I would like to continue playing it!

  29. Chrisfree1435 says:

    I have a really good feeling about this addon, but please change the files to Media Fire. The ones you are using right now just aren’t working for me.

  30. Jackson says:

    I’m having trouble downloading for some reason my iPad can not go to mcpeup can you make a media Fire?

  31. Anonymous says:

    I can’t sleep in my bed because I trained a bb-8 any ideas, fellow people who spend way too much time on the internet?

  32. SpiderLegion says:

    Does the Stormtroopers still horrible at aiming? That will great and hilarious.

  33. sean says:

    Will anyone upload the zipped files to a public share? has been down for a few months now.

  34. StarflightB4 says:

    Hey there! The download link seems to be broken. After pressing skip add, it takes me yo a erbsite whos ip cant be found… Any help?

  35. Plz help says:

    Plz help whenever i try to download this addon and get past adfly an error message appears and says mcpuep refused to connect .

  36. Sebastian says:

    For me it says safari cannot open page

  37. Swallow says:

    Can you make a lightsaber with a fishing rod so when you press fish the blade comes out. Is there a way to make these three d

  38. Shadow HD says:

    Hi bro good job can you make bb9e in these amazing addon please I love this new droid

  39. Oeudmeo says:

    I can’t acces the behaviour packs!!!

  40. Red says:

    Can you add tiefighters?

  41. robert says:

    this is dumb please change the downloader adfly is dumb do you have to dtae you use it????????

  42. TheMysterisSteve says:

    Really good addon!!!!!!

  43. Rowen says:

    I really love the add on. I just want one, ONE more thing. Add a spawn egg for The two rebel soldier because I really want to make a big battle between both strorm trooper and rebel soldiers. Giving the zombie (rebel) a rifle takes a long time to make more than 100.

  44. Tracks says:

    BB-8 is from Star Wars the force awakens (my favourite one) I love the kyloren lightsaber BTW. The other Star Wars addon is awesome too. Big shout out to the people that made the two addons

  45. 2006771 says:

    It is awsome to use in minecraft

  46. TheChickenLord says:

    You should try and make it so you can RIDE the AT-AT ?

  47. A.T. says:

    Hey, so you mean you can put a saddle on the AT-AT and ride it without the behavior pack? Lol, that would be insane!

  48. PnHD33 says:

    can you pls add droids? it would be cool to renact the star wars movie “attack of the clones”

  49. TheCreeperHuntr says:

    Is it OK if I use the stray model in a Steve Addon?

  50. Lunala999 says:

    the ones that wear the black armour are called Shadow troopers.????

  51. TimiTok says:

    Make the Tie Fighter ,X-Wing and Speeder Bike too

  52. excelsiorkelvin says:

    They should add x wings and tie fighters

  53. Game night99965 says:

    Add in the tie fighter and a wing using blazes and chickens. The death star with ghast and Luke and obi wan and Vader with villagers thanks that would be asum

  54. XxEmeraldKaraxX says:

    It Was Great Loved It! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  55. Not important says:

    Pls make the galactic empire neutral as well and then tamable by hot soup and pls make darth Vader imperial officers at st’s and scout troopers

  56. Not important says:

    Can u pls make the stormtroopers tamable because I love the galactic empire I tryed making my own Star Wars Addon but the app I used to make it ripped me off

  57. Marvel says:

    Replace anything you can with darth Vader or kylo ren

  58. MineOssus says:

    How about AT-STs (All Terrain Scout Transport) replacing chickens, 74-Z Speeder Bikes replacing horses, AT-TEs (All Terrain Tactical Enforcer) replacing cows, AT-DPs (All Terrain Defense Pod) replacing rabbits, X-Wings replacing mules, Y-Wings replacing donkeys, Tauntauns replacing zombie horses, TIE Fighters replacing skeleton horses, TIE Interceptors replacing mooshrooms, Podracers replacing polar bears, Ewoks replacing vindicators, Wookiees replacing evokers, B1 Battle Droids replacing silverfish, B2 Battle Droids replacing endermites, and C-3PO replacing zombie pigmen, Mr. Gona!

  59. SomberHen793333 says:

    the only thing I would complain about is the fact that they don’t have any ships which is annoying because that is one of my favourite parts of star wars. If someone is to add any ships to the add-on it should be tie-fighters, b-wings or y-wings

  60. Rumi says:

    That’s so cool

  61. KauDar123 says:

    I have an idea for the addon, it would be cool if there was a very low spawn rate of a death star spawning.
    Great Mod!

  62. Marksman420 says:

    In one of the very first add-ons there was “castle siege” and if you put on golden armor, then you were on the good side but if you put on chain armor, you were on the bad side. Could you PLEASE do that? It would be sooooooooooooo great

  63. Iraklis says:

    If you have stormtrooper or deathtrooper armor the c2b5 will kill you?

  64. DeviB55x says:

    Hey awesome mod keep up the good work!

  65. Anonymous says:

    How about replacing vindicators with B-1 Battle Droids, Johnny name with Mister Bones Battle Droid, and evokers with B-2 Super Battle Droid. After the replacement, can you make Mister Bones attack any mob with an iron sword except for Rebel Soldiers, Other Droids except C2-B5, and Player please!

  66. Game night99965 says:

    Editor do me a favor. Add in the death star, Tie fighters, X wings, and finally Luke Skywalker and Oh I own Kenobi.The chickens could become x wings the ghast could be the death star (it wold be floating in the air and wouldn’t move), the blazes could be tie fighters, and finally the evoker and vindicator could be Luke Skywalker and obi own Kenobi. Thanks
    From Game Night99965

  67. JYSG says:

    And plus, you know that vindicator can be the dude with the axe idk wat he is called again, emm wampa? Yea… idk

  68. Samuel says:

    Hey creator since the update is here. Now you can change the way the mobs move. So now you can make the AT-AT’s legs bend

  69. Abubakr says:

    It’s a cool mod, but can you make that thing which he flys in? Replacing the blaze or ghast? Other than that, it’s a great addon,

  70. JYSG says:

    Hey, the pigman can be a Jedi and then the husk can be the sith {pls,the rebels {untamed} should have the gun and then we tame them by cooked soup} ghast can be a ship {maybe the X-wing] And the blaze {can be a Jedi ship} {idk wat name again lol} but cool add on, hope you will take my advice.

  71. faiz says:

    Gona please update this add ons i love this add ons 🙂

  72. Someone says:

    It’s a really good and cool addon. I love the textures and the new mobs. It’s one of my favourite addons

  73. Abood7899 says:

    Kinda bad cuz the spider change didn’t work and the pig and the villagers,storm troopers none so I’d rate it 4 but, luckily I managed to get the gun,sabers,armor and creeper work?

  74. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    Could you make an addon of the PC mod, Divine RPG? With 2 new demensions, bosses and some new mobs? Also if you could replace all ores, armor, and weapons with divine RPG ores, armor and weapons?

  75. PauDiePie says:

    In some version the sound works, but they act normal, in some versions, the storm troopers and the rebels’ roles works but the sounds does not work. Which version of mcpe is the best to use this addon? Please I need to know I love this addon

  76. MRDiamondHQ says:

    Can I make an Star Wars adventure map using this addon???

  77. Sabine wren says:

    Stormtroopers aim too wel, can you fix that

  78. Kid Awesome 245 says:

    Absolutely amazing love it 10/10 a must have for any Star Wars fan.

  79. LukeYT21 says:

    Please make it mediafire instead

  80. Anonymous says:

    Hey, for some reason the links do not work on my device. After Ad-Fly, the correct website is pulled up ( but instead of going to the download screen, the page does not connect and it either says the operation was cancelled or that the server took too long to respond or that it stopped responding. Could anyone please help?

  81. Frank Otto Olsen says:

    Awesome! Every piece is so well made. 🙂

    But seems to crash when trying to play multiplayer. Or, won’t load on the visiting unit.

  82. DankMemes says:

    I get that it takes a while for Gona to make addons, but what does anyone think could be in the next update, if there is one. I don’t mean make a list of what you want to see, I mean think about what people can make with addons. I love this addon though. It’s my favorite addon ever.

  83. Nathan says:

    You should make the at-at drive able

  84. Sabine wren says:

    Please add chopper from Star Wars rebels

  85. Abubakr says:

    omg so cool!!

  86. jamerborat says:

    bro i wish u can tame stormtroopers 2 so you can choose what side you want to fight too just keep adding more staff i love this mod keep it up bro

  87. AnonymousWords™ says:

    Please Add a gunship that replace chickens or blazes and make other animal alien…

  88. DinoDNA says:

    Rebels need to shoot other wise good addon

  89. A person says:

    Best mod/add-on I have ever played-thank you for creating this.
    Ps-could you create a tie fighter or a x-wing

  90. Lee Chua, says:

    You should make the rebels spawn with blasters cause it’s tiring to give them all guns to fight the storm troopers (suggestion) ?

  91. faiz says:

    we need darth vader mobs and jedi mobs

  92. Zev20x says:

    Please inform Gona that he needs to make a x wing addon

  93. John cena says:

    With 80 HP

  94. John cena says:

    Can you add an attack ship for the light side

  95. Fire_Hazzed says:

    Make the Horse a Tauntaun!
    Health: 100

  96. Niels says:

    IT just goes straight to an ad

  97. Bobdebuilder says:

    Make the ghast a tie fighter!!

  98. STARWARS says:

    I Want you To Update The At At Walker for it That You Can Kill The Pilot and Drive It And Maybe Go Inside it And You Should Replace The Blaze Or Something Else with The Flying Ships And Drivable Or not But better theres a pilot you Kill Then Go Inside

  99. Myxelpyxel says:

    Can you make the stormtrooper not hostile if the player wears the deathtrooper or the stormtrooper armor?

  100. DankMemes says:

    This is a great addon, but could the arrow/laser damage be increased? It takes forever to actually kill a stormtrooper.

  101. MatakoRyuenji_YT says:

    Could you make an update for this addon that you don’t need to tame the rebels but they will not harm you except the empire. Please? And add Jedis and siths to the addon and add jets please.

  102. Engineer says:

    Really good addon pls make a god weapon /God armor addon for ios

  103. Foxy4216 says:

    Can you make a horse a Speeder Bike, and a Ghast a Tie-Fighter? Also, every time I spawn a Rebel Trooper, it doesn’t shoot at hostiles. Is it not supposed to do that, or is it a glitch?

  104. CoolProHandsomeGuy says:

    If U Add A TIE Fighter That Would Be Cooler

  105. HungerGamer says:

    Omg i love this addon !! Please make the star destroyer!

  106. Minecraft,Ben10,Pokemon says:

    Nice add on.

  107. Minecraft,Ben10,Pokemon says:

    You should make a ben 10 add on.

  108. Roland says:

    1st things 1st(1.)add a tie fighter and x wing (2.)make AT AT drivable once its Pilot got taken out(3.)Fix the AT ATs Walking maneuvers because it walks fast but its speed is slow pls fix that.
    PS.(i dont care how much MB will it be because we have so many Storage) & sorry for those low storage 😉

  109. Entity_303Gamer says:

    Why when i place item on R2-D2 the item dispapear!?????

  110. Entity_303Gamer says:

    Oh yeah the Update is here !!!,can you add starship ,Tie fighter replace chicken(becase blaze make the Tie fighter have smoke) and replace ghast(Tie that was rided) and X-Wings replcase blaze,and the AT-AT can you make the fireball ?Is textured with Blaster!Add AS-ST Walker, and the gold lightsaber it should e a normal red lightsaber^_^ (Is can be tip for you…??

  111. CRYGUY44 says:

    You should Make the snowballs be the force like the other addon and make a red lightsaber not like kylos lightsaber and make a jedi mob

  112. Dog lover 10 says:

    Love the mod best ever but i would really appreciate it if you added jedi also if you made it that you did not have to tame rebels for them to fight that would be amazing ?

  113. Max says:

    What does the stormtroopers and the death troopers replace?

  114. Matthew says:

    I want to play this mod so much but every time I try to enter the world with the add on it crashes me I even tried applied the resource to the global resources and it still didn’t work

  115. Itsmilkykai says:

    I absolutely love this add on and I have some future update ideas. I have ideas for both items and mobs. First I think you should add rebel soldiers that fight back against the empire. Second you should make the fishing rod a force hand to pull people towards you. Also you should make a couple of ships like a-wings, x-wings and tie fighters. My one last suggestion is you should change the iron golem into Wampa from empire strikes back. Thx for ready and I hope some of these some of these features

  116. DrTank98 says:

    How do you change the model of the mobs-changing the shape of the body parts.

  117. Ironbeconcraft says:

    Please make a robot girlfriend addon!

  118. KingofnoobsxD says:

    Can you please add HK-47 or HK-50 from KOTOR? I really like these droids from Star Wars

  119. GhostCesare says:

    Can you add speeder bikes that replace horses, with custom sounds, and can you add K-2SO Please to follow you around and tame him please that would be awesome! ??????????

  120. Execute066 says:

    It would be awesome if you could ride the At-At! And it would also be nice if the Tameable droids replace passive mobs so they don’t disappear when you turn it on peaceful. Can’t wait for a hopeful future update maybe with ships and other vehicles! Love this mod, it’s probably my favorite PE one I’ve seen!

  121. recs aiuges says:

    Wow cool addon especially the AT-AT

  122. Dave300 says:

    Hey gona I think this is a bug but if you try to heal the rebels you tamed with soup they just die from it please fix this.

  123. Sarah Flynn says:

    This is really good but I beg you can you please make a Star Trek voyager one please ?Thanks I really like this addon

  124. MysticApe says:

    This addon so amazing ???

  125. RageFlame_MCPEPH says:

    Is Gona made MCPE UP?

  126. RageFlame_MCPEPH says:

    I like the huge thing it freaking me out.It actually shoot fire ball and accidentally destroy my house.Btw its **king awesome.XD Gona! Gona! Gona!

  127. Brian Kim says:

    OMG BEST ADDON EVER!! Maybe add some jedi mobs in the future or some starwars fighter jets for the rebel pilot!! Thank you sooo much its the best addon ever!!

  128. Ron Argao says:

    This one is great addon by gona again. But it would be better if someone will add a map for this.

  129. William Sigfried says:

    Editor Can u make a ninja addon

  130. Dog lover 10 says:

    Can you ride at at?

  131. BudakDinosaur says:

    Gona Can You Change The Spawn Dinosaur

    Indominus Rex spawn In the Witch Spawn . Cannot tame

    T Rex Spawn In The Pig Spawn. You can make 2 skin T rex

    Raptor Spawn In 4 egg spawn. 1 spawn for Blue. 2 spawn for Charlie. 3 spawn For Echo and 4 spawn is for Delta. You must search 4 egg for raptor. Raptor cannot tame. I want 4 raptor because i love the raptor like jurassic world movie

    You must update the Jurassicraft Add-On. Because Mcpe have new updatee..


  132. The_Villain says:

    For all of you who don’t know obviously the black armor is jar jar binks duh. Jk it’s a Death Trooper

  133. EnderDemon80 says:

    Plzz add darth vader for boss of galactic empire and jedi

  134. Fawfuls TNT says:

    When the Stormtroopers are hit, they sound like they are cussing!

    • Fawfuls TNT says:

      Also, when the 1.1 update for Minecraft comes out, please make an illusionur addon that replaces the evokers with the new mob that is coming to 1.12, the illusionur. The illusionur inflicts a blindness effect and shoots arrows. It also makes fake copies of itself that the player can’t hit and gives itself invisibility!

  135. Aidan says:

    Editer can you ride the at at if not then can you please add that in the next update i would really appreciate it thank you

  136. XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

    Just one problem:
    For me the AT-AT shows up as just another Stormtrooper…

  137. shawn says:

    I have a samsung tab a and I cannot get any mods to work at all, I installed blocklauncher pro and minecraft pe 0.14.2 and block launcher tells me that it needs version 0.14.2 to work which it says i have but wont load, I have tried older versions of minecraft pe and still cannot get blocklauncher to get past the version screen.., can someone please let me know what I need to get to use mods in minecraft, what versions would work ect, I really only need portal or dr who mods for my son as its his tablet. thank you

  138. Billionair10 says:

    Well good update could you make a x-wing in it

  139. DankMemes says:

    Love the new update with the mobs, like the AT-AT and stormtroopers and rebels…one hint is like to say, it would be better if the AT-AT had a better spawn chance.

  140. CaptainJoe143 says:

    The Storm Trooper/Dark Trooper is toooooooooo overpowered. Please fix it so you can actually hit them with a sword before they knock you back. THX

  141. Aussie Eman says:

    I love that you have added AT-AT Walkies

  142. Endernbrine says:

    Yoooo this update on star wars addon is the best. Next time add the TIE Fighter and the Chewbacca.

  143. Aidan says:

    It would also be cool if the rebels could fight back

  144. GhostCesare says:

    Why is it bringing me to MCPE up?

  145. Aidan says:

    Can youplease make it that you can join the empire or you can ride the walker

  146. Matthew says:

    Also make tie fighter replace bat beacause ties are fast
    And spawns with the star destroyer

  147. Matthew says:

    Edited can u ask the creator to make the rebel trooper fight back and is nice to the player also replace blaze with star destroyer

  148. Swallow says:

    Who think fishing rods should be the force and have a knock back thing with them or just drags the enmity forward.

  149. Swallow says:

    Can you add a ship as a blaze and the force some how as a potion maybe that you drink which make s you when you punch people the float or fall back like knockback

  150. Patti says:

    How do you get the add-on to pe :-\

    • DankMemes says:

      So click on Download Resource Pack…tap on the skip ad button…close the newly opened tab, hit skip ad again, then at click on download, then open in MCPE…then do the same thing for the behavior pack

  151. Anonymous says:

    I wish it showed AT-STs replacing chickens, AT-ATs replacing cows, AT-DPs replacing rabbits, Millennium Falcon (YT-1300 Light Freighters) replacing Ender Dragons, World Devastator (Star Wars) replacing iron golems, X-Wings replacing sheep, TIE fighters replacing silverfish, Ewoks replacing endermen, TIE interceptors replacing endermites, Imperial Star Destroyers replacing withers, T-47 Air Speeders replacing pigs, A-Wings replacing wolves, Y-Wings replacing zombies, U-Wings replacing Husks, TIE bombers replacing strays, TIE defenders replacing zombie pigmen, 74-Z Speeder bikes replacing horses, B-Wings replacing ghasts, GR-75 transports replacing slimes, Imperial Lambda-class shuttles replacing magma cubes, MC (Mon Calamari)-80 Star Cruisers replacing zombie horses, Starkiller Base defense walkers replacing skeleton horses, Poe Dameron’s X-Wing replacing polar bears, Kylo Ren’s shuttle replacing blazes, Twi’leks, Jedi, Sith, Imperial Star Destroyer crew, Nien Nunb, Tusken Raiders, Hutts, Jawas, and Mon Calamari replacing villagers, and Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x1 replacing ocelots.

  152. Hvhv says:

    Add more blasters as snowballs and enderpearls

  153. Hvhv says:

    Can you please add more guns to it

  154. Yee says:

    It’s not working

  155. Billionair10 says:

    I have an IDEA for this addon well a couple . 1, Make 1 type of horse a trantran. Make Skeltons Storm Troopers and 3, Make villages Rebels and 4 make Dyeable droid so we can change the coulor

  156. Sage Smith says:

    What would be awesome is if the mod maker added clone troopers and battle droids to the mod. Imagine the battles that you could stage.

  157. Anonymous says:

    I just don’t know why it doesn’t work in my mcpe version

  158. jaden says:

    can you please add some clone wars and prequels items as well ? but over you did a fantastic beasts and where to find theme job

  159. Anonymous says:

    What is the broken mechanism

  160. AQUAMARINE says:

    Can anyone make a Star Wars spaceship addon?

  161. Killerfox21406 says:

    Hey can someone make me an addon that replaces the wolf with a fox and make me some custom armor with my skins. My gmail is [email protected] if you need my skin

  162. BBTG//BBTGVLOGSYT says:

    Gona please make a Star Trek addon that includes the uniforms, weapons (phasers) with the other settings=stun, vaporize, rapid kill (like an assault rifle). Plus flyable starships= the USS KELVIN(2009 film) THE USS ENTERPRISE(2016 film) and THE USS FRANKLIN(2016 film) with a functioning weapon if you can. Thx. It would be cool to see but if you can’t make it then that’s fine too it’s just a suggestion.

  163. Nothingjustaniosguywhocanonlyusemcpacks says:

    Hey I know wat the dark armor is assuming u read this comment THE DARK ARMOR IS THAT OF A DEATH TROOPER.

  164. Entity_303Gamer says:

    Can you add vechile star wars on this addons and a starfighter,if you a great creator

  165. GhostCesare says:

    May you please make a Battlefield 1 addon thanks!

  166. MackDaPooh says:

    I love this addon, its amazing! The one thng that needs to be added in the future is that… The droids CAN’T be able to climb up walls like spiders…

  167. PrimalKarnage says:

    Can you add stormtroopers, scout troopers, jedi and sith to this addon? And can you make a seperate star wars addon called the Clone Wars Addon? The strays will be replaced with Clone Troopers that you can tame with iron that have 20 health, the skeletons will be Battle droids that also have 20 health, Husks will be jedi that you can also tame with gold and will have 100 health, the zombies will be Super Battle Droids that have 30 health that shoot arrows/lasers. The pigmen will be the sith with 100 health and the droids, super battle droids will all attack the clones and jedi and will never attack each other and the clones will all attack the sith and droids and will never attack each other. And the swords will be lightsabers, the bows will be blasters, the eggs will be thermal detonators/grenades, the snowballs will be invisible and will knock people back a little bit so its like you’re using the force, iron armor will be clone trooper armor, leather will be jedi, chain will be sith. The creepers will be speeders, the witch will be AT-TE walkers and the chickens will be Republic Gunships and the xp bottles will be “Gas cans” that make it fly. All 3 vehicles will be controlled by keys that are carrot on a sticks. Please make this addon i would love it. It would be awesome!

  168. Lucas says:

    Editor, can you please package the .mcpack files together in a .mcaddon file instead of doing two separate files in the future? It gets very annoying having to download each file.

  169. rod says:

    Ship’s And Double Sunsets Please :3 Thats Whats In The Starwars Movie

    • superspider3500 says:

      Double sunsets: Is that a reference to Tatooine? It doesn’t really matter, you only need to change the texture for the sun and add a red star, or orange one. I don’t really know the color for it. But if you do, add that color of star and then, you get a double sunset for any world referencing Tatooine. And it also happens for the rest of the day there, too. And btw, this is a very interesting addon.

  170. Matthew says:

    I NEED A MCADDON FILE PLZZZZZZZZ I dont want to waste time

  171. Max says:

    Make a doctor simulator plz and nice addon

  172. DARKTROOPER says:

    Gona it’s not death troopers it’s shadow troopers!

  173. Stephen Roberts says:

    Its all good unless you play on Hard mode and skeletons can merc you with one shot

  174. OneToast545 says:

    You should make the skeletons stormtroopers

  175. The Gamerrific Minecraft says:

    Wht does the MECHANISM and RUSTY MECHANISM for?

  176. rod says:

    Looks Like bb8 Star Wars But I LOVE IT 😀

  177. CyborgGamer10 says:

    The name of the black trooper is either TIE pilot or the Shadow a Trooper from Rogue One. I’m almost absolutely positive that it’s the Shadow Trooper.

  178. Størm says:

    The black armor may be the Death Trooper or Shadow Trooper.
    It does look more like the Death Trooper though, the green is throwing me off

  179. PandaDustin says:

    It’s called a Death Trooper from Rogue One.

  180. DankMemes says:

    I just got a good idea for this addon. There should totally be npc rebels and stormtroopers. I made an imperial base but the only people there are two black astromech droids

  181. Anonymous says:

    thanks for this amazing mod (:

  182. DeltaLordGaming says:

    The black armor is a Death trooper in Star wars rogue one. Also, please make an addon about star wars vehicles so i can make a good vs evil video! Please make an addon.

  183. Sam says:

    The dark armour is shadow trooper armour

  184. xXHerobrine99Xx says:

    The name of the black armor is, “Deathtrooper.” It’s from the new Star Wars movie that was released a few months ago, called, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” Deathtroopers are my favorite, because their armor looks sick!

  185. Redstonemaddness says:

    The black armor is a shadow trooper

  186. Anthony says:

    Can you try to make an NFL add-on

  187. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    The black armor is death trooper armor from Rogue One

  188. Ender Gaming112 says:

    FIRST!! And great Addon!!!

  189. CutieBoy701 says:

    Why make another Star Wars addon? You already made one

  190. Voicemail says:

    Just like the other addon about Star Wars even the pictures are the same

  191. Christian says:

    This is amazing I love this

  192. PvPMasterCZ says:

    Hello it’s amazing addon!


    The black armor is that of a death trooper thank ya very much.

  194. DankMemes says:

    The black armor is an Imperial Death Trooper, some of my favorite imperial troopers 🙂

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