Star Wars Armor Addon

I love star wars so I made a star wars armor addon. The addon adds new armor like my other addon. You Equip it if you eat it. The addon take me 1Week to make it. If you wanted more addons share it with you friends. 

You can Equip the armor if you eat it. It gave 8 costume armor. But now you can’t craft all the armor. 

You get all armor with /function more_star_wars_armor

Her is the 212th clone armor. You get resistance 3 and 30 Health. 

Here is the 501st clone tropper armor. The armor is as strong as the 212th clone armor. 

Now you see the normal clone armor. Here you get resistance 3 and 25 Health. 

Here is the kashyyyk Tropper. It is as strong as the 212th clone armor. It take me a lot of time to design the armor. 

Here is a normal battle Droid [B1] The armor is not very good because you get with the armor 10 Health, but the armor looks very cool. 

Here is the Super Battle Droid [B2]. The armor is as strong as the 212th clone armor but with the B2 Armor you get slowness 1.

Here you see a Storm Trooper. The  design is really cool. You get resistance 4 and 30 Health. 

Now the cutest Armor the “Baby Yoda”. I must not say many things about this armor it is really OP! Can can fall over 100 blocks and you don’t die. You get also Jump Boost. 

For ideas or bug report it in the comments. 

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Thanks you i dosn´t know it. Now i will make it in all maps and addons. 

Why other peoples also make this? What is a verification? I am don't know what a verification is. 

Now I create a more detailed submission. Now I write all about the addon 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. DylanJacquesYT says:

    Is this a resource pack?

  2. Guest-2132219848 says:

    Could you make captain rex and other clone captains and commanders and add Star Wars guns to also how do you download

  3. Guest-1555719949 says:

    The /function wont work for me, when i put it in, it says that it is not found, even though i have the mod installed and all

  4. Guest-5934641053 says:

    Is anyone else having ir freez at 39% extraction?

  5. Guest-4230687046 says:

    Maybe jedi armour?
    But EPIC mod m8

  6. sloth___ says:

    can you make it so that baby yoda is a mob plz

  7. Guest-3057442123 says:

    For the Owner:
    Thanks dude. I love star wars as well. Maybe add lightsaber next time?

  8. Guest-9643476683 says:

    Can you make general grevios armor?

  9. Guest-2943489114 says:

    This man worked hard on this addon. Give him 5 stars

  10. Scio says:

    Ah yes, google translate

  11. Guest-4921692350 says:

    Can u make a direct link?

  12. Cookiesnug says:

    Please add imperials as well

  13. Guest-7651781730 says:

    Amazing mod

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