Star Wars Sequels Add-on

Star Wars is one of the best movie sagas in the history of movies. So why not bring all the Star Wars goodness into Minecraft? This Add-on as characters and vehicles from Star Wars episodes VII – IX, and even Lightsabers!

There are a total of 53 Lightsaber combinations and here is how to obtain them:

First you must find a Kyber Crystal, which can be found on another planet (the Nether) that is heavily guarded by Stormtroopers. They can also be found in the creative inventory. Then once you obtain a Kyber Crystal, you must place down the Hilt Table, and use your crystal on the table. You will also have to then use an Iron Block on the table to create the hilts. Then you can cycle through the hilt choices and hit the table when you find the one that you like. Your Lightsaber will then be complete.

(How to craft the Blaster)

The rest of the Add-on is for you to explore, so have fun!



Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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121 Responses

4.05 / 5 (80 votes)
  1. Guest-5233940208 says:

    Can You Pls Make It So You Can Rectact The Lightsaber

  2. Guest-1662613874 says:

    can you make for free plz

  3. Guest-1886725253 says:

    Wont work when i import to minecraft

  4. Guest-4030515153 says:

    DL link not working

  5. Guest-3754964420 says:

    Add E-11 blaster and the blaster shoots rapidly and cause lag.Please fix this

  6. Guest-4862251108 says:


  7. Guest-9309002515 says:

    Make sure you have experimental gameplay on!

  8. Guest-8630288165 says:

    Every time players use the force it crashes the game!!!!!!!

  9. Guest-7012925723 says:

    Every time i try to get the lightsaber it dissapears into thin air

  10. User-4940817586 says:

    I looked in the files and theere is dooku and muals saber in there can you get them

  11. User-1776458798 says:

    I can’t put helmets on and please can you make it so the x-wings fire but overall great job!

  12. leviathanlord YT says:

    please make this available for ps4

  13. Hayden lavarias12 says:

    I have a problem in this addon pls fix this because when im holding the lightsaber my skin animation wont work and i cant even move my skin pls fix it and update to Thank you

  14. Hugo Fang says:

    How do you get the kibber thing?

  15. anonimp says:

    no me funciona la fuerza ni el sonido de los sables de luz como puedo reparar esto

  16. Bryan36 says:

    LightSaber texture is too small in 3 person mod and dont wok

  17. w says:

    work great but i want an addon with darth vader and leia and darth maul and the emporer

  18. Anonymous says:

    Which folder do I put the pack in because I tried both resource and behaviour
    And both at same time

    • Ashed22 says:

      Hi, you dont put it or extract it in on folders… You see that the pack is named “mc.addon?”, Just tap the file, then select minecraft then after that it will open minecraft and shortly, the import will start automatically, easy peasy lemon squeezy

  19. irreleventtiger says:

    I don’t see anything

  20. The Bendu says:

    Add Darth vader, Ahsoka, clone troopers, Yoda, force priestesses, The Bendu. Try to make a system in which you can earn/achieve force abilities like force choke, force lightning, force storm, force leap, etc… You can choose to be a Jedi, Sith or grey jedi. Just a few ideas, but 110000/5 stars

  21. Ry says:

    Everything is Good up until the last step in lightsaber making. Hitting the table in pocket edition just deletes the saber

  22. anonimo says:

    el complemento nada mas me funsiono una ves

  23. Josiah says:

    Hey, can you get the hilt table in survival mode?

  24. Novanes says:

    Very good! Please add more

  25. Nik says:

    Guys, help. I haven’t got sounds of lightsabers. What should I do to fix this?

  26. Redstone7Gamer2 says:

    If u want to get all the stuff turn experimental gameplay on and this addon is amazing and the ability to stop all the blaster bullets freeze

  27. KayraCam Gaming says:

    Can you make a gravity gun addon because the way you make addons you could include some cool features like having a gravity gun and a portal gun etc.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Can you add other vehicles such as speeders and different force powers for each hilt
    The add on altogether though is awesome

  29. Batzz says:

    can you add more droids and make them tameable?

  30. Creighton says:

    I can’t craft a lightsaber
    Huge bug in the addon

  31. Anonymous says:

    I’m how to craft it don’t work for some reason

  32. Help says:

    Cant seven download it said i have no permition to it and it failed to share

  33. fuddys says:

    P.S also how do ya retract saber

  34. fuddy says:

    how I use blaster I wanna be boom boom man tell how to use blaster

  35. KayraCam Gaming says:

    Can u add jump boost to the sabers so that it will act like im using force jump and can u also add more force powers like force choke or that lightning one that Darth Sidious uses.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Please how do i get the lightsabbers but i still love it

  37. Anonymous says:

    d0’s head is backwards. Can you please try to fix that

  38. Anonymous says:

    can you please add more lightsabers and entities like darth vader, or general grevious
    I would love it

  39. Anonymous says:

    Wow great addon love it

  40. ivanrex1000 (YT) says:

    Como se craftea la mesa para hacer las espadas laser ?
    aun no tiene crafteo ?

  41. Zeyad981 says:

    Amazing, It is.

  42. Jim_Martin says:

    very cool and very complete,add the double saber please.

  43. ComicXP says:

    Good Addon but I cant get the blasters to work.

  44. Weasel The Great says:

    Can you make more variants of the storm troopers like captain plasma, death troopers, TIE pilots, etc. also can you make separate spawn eggs for the resistance variants? It would save a lot of time. This addon is amazing. I’d like to see any future accomplishments!

  45. Hunterxtro says:

    can someone send me the link

  46. WhaleCows says:

    How do you even get the saber

    • matt says:

      you craft it with the hilt table for red you need bleeding kyber crystal and healed for white and the normal for blue or use commands like /give @p starwars:lightsaber_red_vader

      vader=the hilt.

      Your welcome

  47. matt says:

    pls original and prequel but the addon is perfect the only thing is that the lightsabers look pretty small when holding in first person but in 3rd person the size is perfect so if you could fix the lightsaber size in first person that would be great.

  48. OrangeGuy says:

    How do you get the red or white lightsabers? I couldn’t get them in the hilt table.

    • Helllooo says:

      Hold the Kyber crystal as you would a bow and arrow and it will eventually give you wither effect and turn into blessing Kyber crystal. To get white do the same thing but with the blessing Kyber crystal.

  49. IssueFinder says:

    BOO! No access to the Behavior Pack! Only the Resource pack…

  50. Pedro José says:

    how i give the maul’s lightsaber?

  51. Emma says:

    How do you use the blaster

  52. Tobin says:

    It says that I do not have permission to open the resource pack folder????

  53. Jamie Brady says:

    How do you pick up the lightsaber after you choose your hilt?

  54. Fifty shades of minecraft says:

    Force idea, whje you are holding lightsabers can you give a jump boost effect of 7 or lower so it acts as a force jump. That would be so epic

  55. chad says:

    i love it! i look forward to more like this

  56. PLEASESEEEE says:

    Can you make the crafting table and ships accessible for survival

  57. Weasel The Great says:

    The vehicle mechanics are just amazing! If you have time, can you make a plane addon with multiple kinds of planes? If not so, can you make an addon of the original trilogy or the prequels? With a talent like yours, you can make all sorts of addons!

  58. Youri Aztakhov says:

    How do you get Kybers crystals in nether?

  59. Dan says:

    I can’t See The Lightsaber when I was Useing It…

  60. DTech says:

    The lightsabers are so small.

  61. XDXDXXDD says:

    I can’t even enter the world, It crash…

  62. Monster gaming says:


    • just a star wars fan says:

      I would really appreciate if you would add more star wars films. Like the originals prequels and more things from the sequels just an idea the addon was great.

  63. SCrafter87 says:

    Baby yoda? How about baby yoda? Nu baby yoda = not endgame

  64. Neonbiome19 says:

    The download link is copyrighted can you fix it

  65. Ook says:

    Please add darth vader for a future update ;-;

  66. Anonymous says:

    Star Wars squeakels xd

  67. Help says:

    How did you guys download it? It says it’s copyrighted ad won’t let me

  68. Arex says:

    We need prequels and sequels and make storm troopers as enemies that spawn

  69. Please says:

    Cool addon, now add baby yoda

  70. Lizard says:

    In creative now you get other colors

  71. Anonymous says:

    Every time I get the addon on Minecraft it says “Failed to import, click to see logs” or something then I click it and it says everything is like unknown, how do I fix this?

  72. Weasel The Great says:

    This is awesome! Do you think you can do the other two trilogies?

  73. SwallowFF says:

    OMG SO COOL this addon is perfect. For all those that don’t know there are tutorials on how to make lightsabers on JEBRs twitter.
    One thing, how do you get the crafting table for lightsabers in survival and how do you craft or obtain the space ships in survival.

  74. Anonymous says:

    How do I add it to my device? It’s not letting me “Open In-Minecraft” like it used to.

    • Anonymous says:

      Same, it won’t let me import it successfully to Minecraft

      • :) says:

        You need a computer, download 7zip, uncompress the file and then compress it to que .zip file, when you have done that send it to your mobile device, then download the app ADDONS: , then when you have received the file on your mobile device click on “send” and “send” it to the ADDONS app, then on the ADDONS app click on the “brush” then click on imported and there will appear the resource and behavior packs of the addon, then click on one and you will have a little tutorial to import it to Minecraft, do that on both (behavior and resource) and there you go! troubleshooting:If when “sended” to the ADDONS app there apears a .zip error message the problem could be that you’re sending it from the files app(I don’t know why but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t from the files app) try downloading the “we transfer” app, then import the .zip file to we transfer and from there send it to ADDONS. If you have done everything correctly it should work.

  75. Jetgirlletsplay says:

    I figured out how to craft a light saber but i cant get it it just keeps on going through the same ones?
    please someone figure out how to grab it. 🙁

  76. Gaming872 says:

    Y cant i use the blaster. How do i do it. I press and hold and nothing happens

  77. HanlanasLTU says:

    For me Sequels are just remakes of Original Trilogy. I prefer Mandalorian now over them.

  78. Bryan36 says:

    Good But The LightSaber Are Not Good And Dont Work

  79. Santa Clause says:

    How do you even get a lightsaber

  80. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Would you mind adding a ZIP file as well? I can’t download it till it’s a ZIP file as it won’t work.

  81. Rich says:

    No uses in blaster

  82. 102582947 says:

    You add more bosses
    Darth Maul
    General Gravious
    Boba Fet
    Darth Vader
    The Emperor

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