Star Wars Theme Park [Creation]

The Star Wars Theme Park is an amazing map to experience, especially if you are a big fan of Star Wars. There are loads of things to explore and experience. Everything from roller coasters to minigames. The design and layout of the theme park is just surprisingly impressive. To really get an idea of what this map offers check out the images further down, you’ll love it!

Creator: AdventureGamingHQ, Twitter Account


Here’s the Darth Vader roller coaster which is one of many attractions to try out.


Some attractions are just for the looks, like this ferris wheel.


Go for a ride around the Star Destroyer or enter the spaceship and have a look at the interior.


Endor Search is a little minigame where you need to find some different places.

starwarsthemepark3 starwarsthemepark1

iOS Warning: A couple of iOS users have reported that this doesn’t work for their devices! It might crash on your device!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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66 Responses

5 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. AGHQ FAN says:

    Who came here from the video

  2. cheese says:


  3. wow aaron you tub says:

    i can’t wait to try it out especially the freddy fazbear pizza as itis a rip off of that games pizzareia

  4. Katharine Shade says:

    Won’t install on Windows 10 – just doesn’t show up. Tried both the mcworld and zip files.

  5. Ananmyous says:

    I love this world but why is there a FNAF restaurant?

  6. The Random Guy says:

    It wont work,I follow the instalation guides but It wont work.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Best map ever!

  8. OMG! says:

    Well my friend loves Star Wars Maps, can you create more please?
    And remember can you make it ‘Download .McWorld not zip or adf.ly or dropbox

  9. Ethan33442 says:

    The map is cool

  10. BabyKelly2.0 says:

    Thanks for the map🤗!

  11. Danica May says:

    My brother will love this map! Thanks for making this Star Wars map!

  12. GamerGodPlaysYT says:

    I played this in a really old version one person said he made it it’s on multiplayer for mcpe

  13. DJ YT says:

    So.. How many IOS users reported it on crashing? I want to get it but I’m afraid I’m gonna crash!

  14. Thea Shortnose says:

    Can you please update this, Editor? It would be perfect with the BB-8 addon, so you could “buy” souvineers. Jedi robes, lightsabers and even your own BB-8! Also an addon suggestion, an R2-D2 add on, where it replaces the skeleton with R2-D2, zombies are replaced with Wookies, and so on. Also, maybe a starwars map?

  15. Lavaboy says:

    Fnaf? Wow this map, even if you hate star wars, there is a fnaf section.
    Let me guess, fnaf 2?

  16. FTWunpop says:

    Probably the best theme park i tried , and my new favourite map , brings back memories from star wars

  17. Happytaco says:


  18. Maximus says:

    I love it it’s awesome but I got so angry because mobs just kept killing me I got killed like 10 times so can you remove the mobs?

  19. GreenLavaGaming says:


  20. Hi says:


  21. Carlos says:

    I’m love this map is very cool like tomorrow land in Disneyland but I’m want to view lava in this map the is merry cool.

  22. Gamelord56 says:

    YA it’s working with the 0.17.0 update!!!

  23. Matthew says:

    My teacher love’s
    Star Wars

  24. #building_queen says:

    Everyone that’s complaining about crashing the editor didn’t put a warning sign that says might not work for no reason.

    P.s nice map

  25. MinecraftJarrodYT says:

    Please Help Editor it keeps crashing get a friends device of something it doesn’t work here is a list of devices i tried: iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 1, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 5, And A iPad Air 2

    Please help! 😛

  26. CrEepySAUCE says:

    Crashes when i download, can you fix? Or how do i get into it? It crashes immideately

  27. Childerboyz says:

    It imports the world, but then goes back to the home screen. I’ve had the same problem with other maps I attempted to convert into .mcworld. It might be formatted wrong? I don’t know.

  28. MinecraftREU2005 says:

    This map keeps crashing for me

  29. Anonymous says:

    This map glitches my game, please fix

  30. Gamelord56 says:

    Keeps crashing! ANGRY please help editor

  31. MinecraftJarrodYT YouTube says:

    Can You Please Help Me When i download the map it keeps crashing minecraft i have tried on these devices: iPad Mini 1, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, And iPad Air 2
    you download the map and see what i mean

    i really wanna play this map and i even tried a .ZiP but still fails 🙁

    Please Update This And i will be happy again 🙂

    P.S No Preasure

  32. Clorox says:

    Every time it finishes loading the whole game crashes please tell me how to fix it

  33. Størm says:

    Crashes for me. Is it maybe because of storage issues? I have about 206 mb left but I’m not sure if that’s enough or not

  34. HamsterGirl says:

    Can u make it a .mcworld download pls

  35. StarWarsCentral says:

    Hi! I’m a HUGEfan of Star Wars! I would love to play this map but I cant install it without a .McWorld file, I’m on 0.16.0.

  36. DragonSlayerz says:

    I luv dis map so much things to do!

  37. Skyy says:

    Guys how this map doesnt work how do i work it

  38. DudeAwesome says:

    This map did not work on my Samsung Galaxy S7 (only a few DAYS old!). Whenever I clicked on the world, the game would crash. I was on full bars of WiFi when I did it. Please tell me how to fix this. I haven’t tried it on my Kindle Fire yet, maybe it’ll work there.

  39. LowRiderZ says:

    Thx for this map AGHQ

  40. LowRideeZ says:

    Thanks AGHQ[Adventure Gaming HQ] for this map

  41. bubsack101 says:

    this map is awesome

  42. cloejr mcpe lover says:

    This map is insane!!!love it very much!!

  43. Billy says:

    i love minecraft and star wars ,thanks for the maps

  44. Zidan says:

    nice map

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