Stark’s Vanilla Texture Tweaks

This texture pack tweaks some of the vanilla Minecraft texture to make them looks better. This pack was originally made only for me, but I decide to share it with you guys! I hope you like my very first texture pack and please leave a feedback! 

List of Items changed :


Bucket of milk

Bucket of water

Diamond Tools

Wooden Tools 

Stone Tools 

◆ Iron Tools

◆ Gold Tools



Wood Stick

Totem of Undying 

List of Blocks changed :

◆ Furnace 

◆ TNT 

◆ Carved pumpkin & Jack o lantern

◆ Beacon

◆ Sweet Berry 

◆ All types of wood logs 

◆ Ores

◆ Snowed Grass

◆ Grass Path

NOTE : This pack is not completely done which means there will be more updates soon! 

Changelog View more

- New Snowed grass and Grass path texture

- Improved the tools texture 

- Fixed the firework star bug

- New stone tools texture! 

- Changed the color on Sweetberries (Item) 

- Improved other items (Stick, totem, snow) 

- Changed the berries color to purple

- Added ZIP download link 


1. Download the texture pack

2. Open the file (mcpack)

3. After you open the file Minecraft should automatically open and import the texture pack into the game

4. Go to the settings and activate the pack! 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14



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44 Responses

4.52 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. Guest-2136662588 says:

    Can you plz change the netherite tools and armors I have Minecraft please?

  2. Zach Marc says:

    Good, but it can use a little work, I’ll do it myself, don’t worry I won’t redistribute it.

  3. Guest-9998623272 says:

    Doesn’t work thx

  4. Butterfly Seraphim says:

    Please make a tweak for Armors

  5. Guest-4234223442 says:

    When I try to download it, it says failed to import see output log

  6. Lemonylimes says:

    I suggest you make the tools connected by vines.
    Btw it is an awesome pack!

  7. JencebJanx says:


  8. Frostaer says:

    As Soon As I Saw Those Tool Texture i couldn’t hold on for much longer XD Pls Make More!! Also slimeballs are cool like everything else thx for sharing this pack!

  9. Starkz yesterday I was think of what would make sense and seem nice is the bookshelves! 2 things:
    1. Some Should be kinda empty, empty, full, and empty with cobwebs.
    2. Books should be brown, because you have brown books in Minecraft when you craft them then you make a book shelf and it makes the books colorful? Which doesn’t make to sence, so that’s my suggestion.

  10. Dragolosse says:

    Bug report: the firework star have less details on the grey ball.
    i make a (very) little video to compare:

  11. JencebJanx says:

    umm Starkz the stone pickaxe looks like a hoe plz change it 🙂

  12. Will says:

    Very good. If you could do more improvements to tools i would like it even more

  13. Random_User says:

    Slime – (The slime is slimier than before)

    Hmm yes the floor is made out of floor

    Good texture pack btw =)

  14. Dragolosse says:

    Bug report: The berries (bush) are purple BUT the berries (item) are red in inventory, were is the logic? :/

  15. Galaxxie says:

    Amazing pack! but heres a suggestion, can you please put the diamond hoe texture on every tool? that would be great!

  16. I love this texture pack! I downloaded it yesterday and commented but I do if I showed up because I was logged out of my account! But this is amazing you should continue updating it! I’ve been looking for a texture pack like this forever and finally someone did it! I suggest you add connectable glass?

  17. Ananta Affan says:

    snowier snow? – nah i prefer milkier milk

  18. Daniel Hepplestone says:

    The armor is armorier

  19. Charles says:


  20. DevergsMC says:

    You should’ve made a snowier snow lol

  21. Bk39 says:

    I like how you add -er after everything you changed
    So where is the snow?

  22. Anonymous says:

    I love this pack! I’ve been trying to find something like this forever! You should keep on working on this resource pack because there are a lot of tweets to be done to MCPE like connectable glass, but that s is amazing I rate it 5 stars!

  23. Arya says:

    ThE sLimE Is sLImiEr tHaN bEV0rE

  24. Darklit says:

    The changed item list reminds me of snowier snow.

  25. Anonymous says:

    The list of items changed reminded me of snowier snow.

  26. JeremiahWD says:

    This is really good, I love it! Great work!

  27. Guilherme says:

    can i use this with optifine

  28. Agnes says:

    Next: the snow is snowier

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