Starky’s 3D Texture Pack [128×128]

This texture pack adds a 3D illusion for some of the blocks in-game. Basically it will make some of the textures look as if they have depth and is not just a flat surface. If you are looking for textures to bring some more realism to Minecraft then it’s a good option. However, it’s still in an early stage of development and as a result there aren’t that many 3D textures currently.

Creator: Starky_sharo, Twitter Account


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate pack

You can get a .ZIP file for this pack here.

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151 Responses

4.43 / 5 (47 votes)
  1. JayJayPlayzJJP says:

    The caves kinda scare me a little, but this is a well done addon! This is also cooler with a shader pack! [I suggest using reflex PE shader]

  2. Guest-7221294798 says:

    If your wondering the oldest comment on here is from 2018 [I think]

  3. JasLu3451 says:

    Google doesn’t let me download the texture pack

  4. Faruk says:

    Please update the textures to mcpe

  5. SharableCombYT says:


  6. Ali Nammontry says:

    Nooo 😩

  7. Harlan says:

    Can it be on version 1.9+

  8. NeptooN says:

    В мене не працюэ як скачати?

  9. HallexBrun says:

    Search “download starky’s 3d texture pack” thank you

  10. PrayerPiay says:

    the link is not work

  11. Gapple says:

    The link isn’t working

  12. Tazmoe says:

    I have a working link!!!

  13. Panical382 says:

    It says that it’s blocked PLEASE fix this!!!!I really want to check this texture pack! RE-UPLOAD IT ON MCPEDL SO IT ISN’T BLOCKED!!!!

  14. Jacob Church says:

    Please fix download link it says blocked by google for copyright

  15. ScubaDiving Squirrel says:

    Plz help! The link was taken down…..plz repost it

  16. MCRedstoneYT64 says:

    Mediafire link broken

  17. Anonymous says:

    I Can’t Download

  18. Jacob says:

    Download link is broken and it says blocked by google

  19. Alex says:

    Is this good with other textures?

  20. tomasz says:

    Sorry, but link not working. WHY???!!!??

  21. Deadshot23610 says:

    The download links are broken it says Google has blocked it because of something

  22. FmeHard says:

    Maybe uploading it into dropbox or Mega will do. Please fix the download link

  23. Cool Creeper says:

    Yeah google I and everyone thinks you made a MISTAKE. Unblock It!!!😭

  24. YDPlayer1236 says:

    I can’t download it since Google blocked my download please starkey help me Im begging you

  25. Aliosa says:

    Daca nu poți să instalezi ceva pe telefon mă refer un shader pentru mcpe îți recomand sa conectezi telefonul la computer și să pui shaiderul instalat depe computer in telefon.
    P.s trebuie sa fie shaiderul pentru mcpe (versiunea ta)

  26. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, it says it violated the terms of services of Google and it is blocked.

  27. Mysterious says:

    Why my the texture pack doesn’t work in minecraft pe

  28. Chro says:

    The Link is not working

  29. Zyrom121 says:

    I love the idea of the pack, but apparently Google claimed it to be against their ToS.

  30. SamLee2865 says:

    imcredible,but please fix the download link. QAQ

  31. Lucas says:

    It says it’s blocked plz fix

  32. MinceCraftCon1999 says:

    Hey um the link says it vialated something with Google?idk

  33. ItalianMiner92 says:

    The download it’s broken, so i’ve made one by myself:

  34. Poopy pants says:

    For some reason I can’t download this texture pack, it just says on MediaFire sorry this is blocked so can you help?!

  35. Juan says:

    The download has blocked

  36. GAYBEN says:

    need to fix the download problem

  37. tsarolic says:

    The download is broken

  38. electricnoob says:

    It’s good but when I try to download it it says “Google has claimed this file for violating the terms or service” which basically means I can’t download it.

  39. BehReh says:

    Google blocked the download

  40. 【ℳℜ】Tz.Zχuαŋ YT says:

    The file have deleted/blocked i can’t download it plz i want this texture

  41. boy says:

    yep fix the download link

  42. Some Random Guy says:

    I think the link must be broken because whenever I open it, MediaFire says it’s been removed due to violation of the terms of service… Please fix the download link.

  43. Oaweee says:

    “File Download Blocked
    The file you attempted to download has been claimed by Google to be in violation of their terms of service and cannot be downloaded.

    Still have questions, or think we’ve made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.”

    Reupload please?

  44. Anthony says:

    Uhm? There seems to be an issue

  45. Gamby380 says:

    new link please!! 🙁

  46. GOD says:

    It’s good RP but we want 256 verison OR Real 3D verison (:

  47. Zhenya and Daniel says:

    Starky can not do this but be sure to make the update to more blocks was and COOL TEXTURE PACK FOR MY VERSION MINECRAFT

  48. Zhenya and Daniel says:

    very cool but can be even cooler if you use or or or or is shaders. Starky and even make an update or 2 in 1 update and shaders and textures for minecraft and realism

  49. Lol says:

    Gravel and prismarine blocks pls.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Why does it feel like a cartoon in 3D?

  51. Gianne says:

    Thanksgiving texture pack starky its making my Minecraft pe cool

  52. Husion says:

    Nice this texture can combine with sahder and make it realistic ╭∩╮︶︿︶╭∩╮

  53. Dewago says:


  54. Dewago says:

    Hey starky, would the textures change [this one] into the new default texture pack [coming to mcpe] or is this going to be the same as always. Just wondering

  55. Starky says:


  56. bruh says:

    will u update in the 1.3 ?

  57. The Endermite Guardian says:

    Doesn’t even lag me on the Win10 edition. 😀 (On the java edition even 32×32 texture packs lag me.)

  58. SuperGamer says:

    Cool,but can you make the ores more visual to see because I was mining and it was hard to see the ores

  59. Mr Celfix says:

    Good work 🙂

  60. Davien Gaming 07 says:

    This Texture Work For MCPE 1.2 ?

  61. Arun Chebrolu says:

    Does this work with 1.2?

  62. Wallacy Philemond says:

    Omg amazing

  63. Blizz™ says:

    Noice pack. Hope the path blocks can be textured too tho

  64. YY Minecon says:

    I was talkin about my own comments

  65. Brandon says:

    Would be better if it affected all blocks and items.

  66. Jed Lane says:

    I love this texture pack so much. The only problems are: 1. When the changed blocks are in inventory they don’t really have much texture. 2. Spruce wood variants and oak wood variants are the same. 3. From far away the blocks lose the texture and just look like a blur.

  67. PHO says:

    This is really a cool texture pack. While there are some incomplete work and some errors (like spruce wood/slab/stairs looking like oak) this is definitely a good start.

  68. YY Minecon says:

    K, checks and examinations done. Both Starkys here are fake. How? Because:
    -The real starky should know about resolutions and never say “800×800”

    -The real Starky should have a “_sharo” behind if I ain’t wrong

    -The real starky made posts, so he SHOULD have a profile (at least even a picture) while these people who claim to be starky doesn’t have.

    -Just look at the way they type! Grammar is not 100% correct and it’s just not legit
    Yes, I know these ain’t important, but I’m just pointing it out cuz it irks me, and also they only do it for pranking purposes, so maybe I’m triggered now, but IDC also. Peace

    • YY Minecon says:

      EDIT:Starkys English can be not that good due to Chinese culture but still somehow it doesn’t seem right, also you can remove these comments I put in case it seems “not right”

      • YY Minecon says:

        Uhh editor, sorry for the hassle, but would you mind removing my comments from “K, examinations done” onwards as I don’t think they are very nice and is not relevant to the pack. Thanks

  69. YY Minecon says:

    Just to say though, some parts in this pack are weird, like oak and spruce planks look almost exactly the same shade of Color, and the furnace is weirdly dark (too dark I guess)

  70. YY Minecon says:

    Is it possible for a 64×64 variant of this pack! I’d imagine it’d be cool 😎

  71. Diamond_Gamer says:

    It’s cool texture pack now my minecraft pe is awesome like real

  72. Moka says:

    You are not first

  73. ZombieExtermina says:

    Hey, just so you know, the unlit (default) furnace has a messed up texture. Can you fit it, please?

  74. Elijah says:

    This texture packs is pretty awesome. I love the detail put into the blocks’ textures. The issue with furnace face has already been mentioned, and there are only a few other issues I’ve noticed about the texture pack.
    Spruce planks and the variants look exactly like their oak counterparts, so it’s virtually impossible to tell which one is which. Also, spruce logs aren’t changed.

    These issues won’t stop me from using this texture pack makes the gameplay so enjoyable. So great job on making such an awesome pack.

  75. Gavin says:

    Dude this is literally the best texture pack I have ever seen. I seriously can’t wait to see it when ithe is completely done. Keep it up in have high hopen for this pack.

  76. Fawfuls TNT says:

    When I installed this texture pack, when I hit the play button in my game, it crashes! Please fix!

  77. Whaat? says:

    This Resource Pack has great potential to become a great one but the next or upcoming update (1.1) the colors will be changed for wool, clay, etc. Plus they are adding concrete, concrete powder, and terra-cotta.

    Also, if you know what the realistico resource pack is, this is very similar

  78. Sean says:

    Can someone make a voltz mod for iOS pleas

  79. The one the only sean says:

    And this is a Vary cool texture pack

  80. The one the only sean says:

    Can someone make a voltz mod for non jail broken iOS plzz

  81. Lucas Alves De Oliveira says:

    Muito legal muito mesmo vi no canal cahcilds

  82. berkant says:

    But its not a copy of s3d pack?

  83. Thoriq2 says:

    Your not first.

  84. The_Plasma says:

    How is this texture pack a 128×128 also please tell starkly that the furnace (off) is glitching as well as the swords and other items do not have a 3D width

  85. Fawfuls TNT says:

    What blocks does this texture pack affect? I wonder what the 3d beacon and the 3d sandstone looks like.

  86. David Garrett says:

    What version of Mcpe is this for?

  87. Sans The Skeleton says:

    Cool I’ve been looking all over for a 3D texture pack

  88. X33N says:

    Looks weird but cool the shadows are a bit too much though

  89. TheCannibull says:

    On a scale from one to ten, how well would it run on a iPad Mini 2?
    Don’t wanna break my game.

  90. Kristizzzgaming says:


  91. MortalKoba says:

    Pretty cool 3D took forever to download tho

  92. Kakarot says:

    Why are there Chinese characters in the name of one file?

  93. TTD94 says:

    Great but exits me out of the game automatically. Also furnace is a blur of weird.

  94. Addicted internet explorer says:

    Nice job, I bet you took some years making this! Keep up the good work. Maybe that’s why your mc.pack is on the featured page.

  95. heavlieddor says:

    It work for MCPE beta build 2?

  96. DinoDNA says:

    Woah…. Just woah this is really cool also starky is the name of my friends dog! Lol

  97. Superchicken2 says:

    Um for some reason I can’t download some addons like god boss addon can you help me

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