Starosia Life City Working RP

Starosia Life is a city in which we can really play RP ( Like In Real Life ) thanks to its map and its different ways of making money .

This map is inspired by the celebrity game Garry’s mod.

This map takes us 2 months to do all the mechanics, we hope you enjoy the map !

Your money replaces the XP bar

You can choose a job from  these list: 

-Police officer


-Fast Food



Each profession has its own rights and must respect them and also its own items.

Example : 

The policeman has the handcuffs ( To put near someone to lock him in prison for 1 minute) and his gun

When we work at the fast-food or as a seller

we need to drop the items that we earn in the order to craft the items that you want and sell it

There is also a working bank :

For example, The XP is like a bank account, you can withdraw your money and deposit it.

Click on any withdraw button to take the money from your account.

And after you can deposit the money into your account here :

And the money will come back into your XP Account

There is also an agency where you can buy houses ( Claims )

You can also buy a Money Printer to place it in your house.

Once you bought a money printer place it in your house and put yourself on it to start gaining XP.

To offer a better gameplay there are also shortcuts that you can find all over the city :

We hope that you will enjoy the map ! Have a good RolePlay !

Soon the Starosia Life will be released be prepared !

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Hi the staff of mcpedl and the community, we toke 2 months to create this map, we will really enjoy if the map is accepted, in the mentionned video we told that the map will be downloadable at


Once you clicked on the link, check the box and wait 10 seconds to be redirected to the download page.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. User-6477184710 says:

    Wait a minute I kmow this map lol. Is this based off Rockford? Lol Nice.

  2. Alex says:

    What the hell when 8 wnet tl download when i clicked captcha box it rediected me to a hentai website.
    I HATE LINK SHORTENERS. And im 11 years old too. They shoud ban eppole who use this

  3. Nothing says:

    Cant download.

  4. Leoncio says:

    Eu não consigo baixar:(

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  7. Song says:

    Why I Can’t Download

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