Star’s Shader Mod

Star’s Shader Mod makes Minecraft look a little bit better. Mainly it focuses on giving it a more realistic feeling. The water is improved as well as the sky and sun. Some of the shadowing is also done to look better. It’s definitely worth a shot if you want to boost your Minecraft experience with realism. Though, at this point it’s only available for Android.



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14 Responses

  1. Marcel says:

    The link wasn’t found , my gosh you shouldn’t requested this to us

  2. PoppyPopCorn says:

    This will be the perfect shaders for me!!! I really like the screenshot there!! Thanks Editor!!! Really appreciate it!! I like the shaders!!

  3. Teomanefe says:

    Link is broken!!!

  4. TheCrazyCheese says:

    Could you show me a link on making mcpe mods
    I’m trying to make one but I am stuck

  5. MinecraftPC Player665 says:

    Currently this mod is specially worked for me…This,Editor!

  6. Nate says:

    Link is dead

  7. Brayden says:

    When will there be an iOS version?

  8. Tristan Holmes says:

    How do you install mate?

  9. chucky1510 says:

    I think you should put some more screenshots on here

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