Statue Of Liberty for Minecraft

“The Statue Of Liberty Enlightening the World”

Welcome to the New York Harbor, fed by the Hudson Bay. Adventure the BEST Statue of Liberty creation for ONLY Minecraft Bedrock Edition ever made. 🤓




Did you ever want to adventure or travel to the great Statue of Liberty? Of course you have. It took me a month to build the at least presentable version of the map and give you a Statue ONLY tour. As you know, it’s only locked to the Statue as I’ve fenced off the outskirts due to the fact that I’ve built this baby in Patriotville Downtown.

When you download the Statue of Liberty map it will be in Adventure Mode, making it impossible for you to get out of the tour unless you tweak the settings. I’ve made a more realistic Statue to resemble the official version. This map has tours that you won’t find in the regular Patriotville Bedrock Edition [BETA] map and I’m excited for you to tour around the Statue.

Big Data Maps

I build my maps with high detail with a lot of blocks just to give you guys the utmost quality & attention to detail backed by a realistic experience with the 1 and only Texture Pack Partnership I have stated below. As a result my maps will require a big amount of memory to Download.


RDJN – Map Creator

M7MOGAMER – Aero Star Modern Texture Pack

– M7MOGAMER wrote, This texture pack is not for survival mode or medieval/rustic style building, so please do not use this pack in stuff that’s not related to modern/futuristic building style.

– RDJN wrote, Do not use the Texture Pack without giving M7MOGAMER full credit and be sure to link your project to his MCPE DL project.


Changelog View more

*Minor Update, I've changed the link via the credits section for my nickname RDJN.

*Minor updates to the description.

*Performed a download link quality check.

Placed more blocks to give you all the best details possible.

Performed a download link quality check.

Updated the description for quality. 

Performed a quality check for the download links.

Updated the main photo to something more detailed.

*I've given the easiest way for IOS visitors to download with Mediafire.

*Not a major update guys, I've decided to stay loyal and exclusive to ONLY MCPEDL so I've removed the Planet Minecraft Link.

*Changed the Category to Adventure Map as it best suited this world.

*Fixed the link problem with Planet Minecraft

*Did a final link check and updated better to suite quality and faster download

*Patriotville Transit Authority Preparation for the Statue of Liberty connection will be coming soon!

You guys can now choose to DOWNLOAD one of these files:



*Fixed a major issue with my DOWNLOAD process.

*A way to access the Patriotville Transit Authority comming soon.

*Digging continues underneath the Statue for my worlds biggest Transit Center.

You can now easily access my DOWNLOAD files 😁, Have a great one guys!

Made major changes to my DOWNLOAD link. You guys should be able to download now. Sorry for the inconvenience. 🙂


Download Instructions

To Install this map, I've given you 2 options. Choose one. You can DOWNLOAD the .mcworld file or .zip

For the .mcworld edition you should be able to import it. For the .zip edition you can download it, unzip it and move the folder inside to your MinecraftWorlds folder. Hopefully this was convenient for you.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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14 Responses

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  1. Guest-4132541795 says:

    i hate adfly

  2. Guest-2140802515 says:

    can you pls make the download link go to adfly? im not so good at google drive

    • RealDaJuan says:

      Adfly is known for highly malicious acts and I refuse to give you guys virus’s. But however, I plan to give you Mediafire pretty soon as it will safely cater to both Android and IOS.

  3. RealDaJuan says:

    IOS users, I’ve been thinking about you. As I currently use the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus+ I have not gotten the idea of how to support our family from Apple. Starting Tomorrow I’ll be uploading my files to Mediafire to bring you guys convenience. This final change will cater to the Android family as well. I’ll from here on out upload my family of maps to Mediafire 🤓.

  4. RealDaJuan says:

    You guys can now Download Above with no barriers 😎

  5. RealDaJuan says:

    Hi Fellow Patriots,

    Don’t be alarmed. I’m in the process of releasing a convenient update that will allow you to Download my maps conveniently without any Barriers. I am no longer on Planet Minecraft as I choose to upload exclusively to MCPEDL. Expect to be able to download by Tomorrow April 6th, 2020.

  6. RealDaJuan says:

    Dear Tourists,

    I’ve discovered a major flaw with my files 2 days ago and will have them fixed by the end of today. MCPEDL team has done a great job assisting me with the problem and everything is all good. Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you!

  7. Anonymous says:

    The DOWNLOAD button is currently being updated guys, Statue of Liberty will return tomorrow! 😎

  8. RealDaJuan says:

    Hey Guys, This is RealDaJuan. I’ve been on the mission to protect my work and protect you guys from malicious threats and bot behavior. So when Downloading, you must hit the request for access button and I’ll approve your request to see my work. I’ve tested this with my Patriotville Bedrock Edition map and you guys love the convenient security. I ONLY use GOOGLE DRIVE and always will 🙂. Please, Enjoy once Approved.

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