Stick Bug Mob (Addon)

This addon is made entirely for fun and is inspired by the “Get stick bugged lol” meme. You can use this to troll your friends and trick them. Have fun and enjoy using this addon.

Here is a very quick showcase of what it looks like:

I am maybe late to this meme (and it’s already probably dead) but I still made this addon. It’s not the most perfect model in the world but it’s there. You could always suggest what I should change down in the comments below

Here are some of the screenshots of the mob:

Here is a shot from the front:

Here’s what it looks like from the back:

And here is a few of them in one pic (Warning: It was a loud one to take a picture of):

If you have any suggestions, questions, asking for a permission, or bug reports, comment it down below or you could DM me at my discord withnout#8935 or at my twitter @withnout


Supported Minecraft versions


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8 Responses

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  1. PrinceMJ says:

    Really Fun And Awesome Add-on To Just Mess Around With Friends Lol. it’s really awesome good job on the animation and the model i really had fun reviewing this on my channel 😀

  2. Kahliaelijah2 says:

    Get stickbugged lol

  3. somerandomdude says:

    make a room and tell your friends there’s diamonds inside. when they enter they will get stickbugged lol

    sorry for bad english

  4. 100bytes says:

    Thanks, now i can troll with this

  5. Touristdaffy says:

    Please make Henry stickmin distraction dance

  6. Mr.ziggy says:

    Get stick bugged lol

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