Unobtainable Items World

There are a lot of strange blocks hidden away inside of Minecraft. Some of them used to be obtainable but were locked away, while others were never meant to be obtained! Well this simple world contains many of them!

This world, as mentioned above, contains many cursed/unobtainable blocks and items, most of which aren’t obtainable through any normal needs, without hacking the game at least. You’ll find all of them in a chest, from placeable fire to glowing obsidian and more, there’s some fairly strange things! It’s a very simple world, not containing anything else, just a few weird blocks that you can mess around with!

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*Added new items: Soul Fire block, Camera, Wither Spawn Egg, Snow Golem Spawn Egg, Iron Golem Spawn Egg

*Added a commands section, which contains items that are only available with commands. Command Blocks, Jigsaw Blocks and Structure Blocks are found in this section among other things

*Renamed world and reworded the post a bit to better describe it

*Added new items: Lit Blast Furnace, Sweet Berry Bush item, Cocoa item, Redstone Dust item, Strange Cauldron

*Added spawn eggs for lighting bolts, exp orbs and exp bottles

*Replaced the birch wall sign with an oak one

*Fixed a few issues with the map

*Changed feature image to better show off the world

*Added a few new blocks and items


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  1. Me, using Toolbox: Hmm I’ve seen these before

  2. Awesome1sam says:

    i did this people would see that this exist

  3. Awesome1sam says:

    i can get these with my horion hacks

  4. Zucth says:

    This look pretty interesting for a adventure map or CTM. but without knowing how to obtain it. I think this will be work out only for the showcase though.

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