StrillFord City [Creation]

StrillFord City is a modern city in the early stages of development. So far two parts of the city have been created where one is housing area and the other which later probably going to be the commercial part of the city. As mentioned, it’s a very early version of the city but it definitely looks very promising.

The main things in the city which attracted us to it was the high attention to detail. Take as an example the gas station. It looks so real with its pumps and automobile repair shop.

Creator: shadowalker

screenshot-2015-04-19-11-41 screenshot-2015-04-19-11-45 screenshot-2015-04-19-11-47 screenshot-2015-04-19-11-47_2 screenshot-2015-04-19-11-47_3 screenshot-2015-04-19-11-49_2

Download (Dropbox)

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14 Responses

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  1. eric says:

    You all are awesome and I wish I could talk to some one so we can be 👬#friends.

  2. softandneat says:

    I have two requests☺️
    1) Can you please create a, or a media fire download so everyone can enjoy this lovely map? It would make all of us iPhone/iPad users sooo happy! Plus, I really want to play this map, but unfortunately without a or media fire download, it’s almost impossible😞
    2) Will you build a school in the world? A high school, and an elementary school? (Maybe even a daycare?) I understand if you cannot, because building is extremely hard, but if you can that would be great! I have yet to see a city map with a good school or anything that could really be used for role plays!😡
    That’s all, thank you!

  3. Bob says:

    He created him

  4. Rachel says:

    Seems pretty cool but block launcher pro is broken….can u download the texture pack in description instead?

  5. HypedHuzky says:

    Can you pls add .mcworld link pls? Thanks Editor! 😄 (pls Means pls if you didn’t know!) (PLS DONT BAN ME)

  6. Leokalan8 says:

    How do you get the world for ipad? Cause IT IS SOOO ANNOYING

  7. NEIGH says:

    This is a pretty awsome city map

  8. ShadoWalker says:

    In the zip file I attached two other files which is the texture pack called Flow’s hd and the other one is an app called block launcher you will need to install the blocklauncher in your device because you will need it to launch Minecraft with texture packs, you should launch the blocklauncher and on the upper side of the screen you will see a wrench icon and you should click it then find the button texture packs and click “on” and next is click the texture packs and press the “import from storage” and after that go to the folder where you extract the Flow’s HD, that’s it hope you like my city

  9. Neo says:

    looks cool but the link is broken

  10. Rudy says:

    Notch is because notch created heronrine

    • Editor says:

      The zip include a folder with the map and a texture pack. So you need to grab the folder in that folder and place it in minecraftWorlds. Get it? 😛

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