Stronghold Generated Above Surface

This strange seed had a part of a stronghold that generated above the surface with a village on it. It is one of the strangest structures generation we can ever seen. 

When you first spawned in world, you’ll see a plains, birch forest and a mesa biome.

Near spawn, you’ll see a zombie village with a weird stone brick appeared, which is a stronghold.

After you break the stone bricks, it have a library with good enchanted books and more, have fun with the seed!

Seed ID


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  1. Toasty_2020 says:

    He is allowed to use this seed

  2. Pokest45 says:

    Umm…. ibxtoycat did a video on this seed.

  3. glizzy gobbler says:

    THIS is so strange but i love it best speedrun world

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