Stronghold, Villages, Outposts, Bamboo Jungle, and much more!

This seed has loads of structures and many biomes within a thousand blocks of spawn! There is so much to explore and see in this world!

When you spawn in this sweet seed, you will see a Giant Tree Taiga to your left, a Jungle to your right, and a Shattered Savanna forward of you! If you go straight forward from spawn, you can find a Ravine with an exposed Fossil in it and a Desert Village and Pillager Outpost nearby. Keep going straight and you’ll come across a Plain Village with a Stronghold under its well. Past this village is a Mushroom biome as well! 

If you go left from spawn into the Jungle, you should come across a very pretty Bamboo Jungle. And if you go behind spawn instead, you can find a Taiga Village squeezed between a Jungle, Flower Forest, and Giant Tree Taiga biomes!

Lastly, if you’re feeling adventurous and willing to walk a bit, travel forward and to the left from spawn in that diagonal direction. You will find a very interesting spot where there is a Jungle Temple, Village, and Pillager Outpost around a Swamp/Jungle Edge biome!  

Enjoy this seed and if you get lost, check out the overview map of the world at bottom of this post!

★Seed ID: -852206589★

★Coordinates for v.1.11.x★

Giant Tree Taiga/Jungle Spawn: 508, 71, 12

Jungle/Shattered Savanna: 600, 80, 200 

Pillager Outpost near Ravine with Fossil: 500, 69, 400 

Desert Village: 550, 63, 550

Shipwreck in Coral Reef: 217, 60, 983 

Plains Village with Stronghold under well: 580, 65, 930

Bamboo Jungle Biome: 900, 70, 0

Taiga Village near Flower Forest: 730, 75, -340

★Extra Coordinates★

(+1000 blocks from spawn)

Mushroom Biome: 500, 64, 1190

Jungle Temple next to large Jungle Edge biome: 1200, 71, 650

Plains Village/Swamp next to Pillager Outpost: 1430, 65, 500

Overview of world★

Seed ID


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69 Responses

4.84 / 5 (45 votes)
  1. Peter says:

    This seed is the best seed ever. But if only there was a mesa biome in it

  2. Pokemando says:

    Is there any slimes in the map?

  3. Jhojander says:

    Alguien ha encontrado un bioma de mesa picos de hielo o una casa de brujas

  4. Bla Bloo says:

    does anyone know where exactly the fossil is? If so plz give me the coords!

  5. Manuel says:


  6. someone says:

    is there a mesa?

  7. Poisoncacti says:

    I found another skeleton spawner with an enchanted golden apple at 840 29 791

  8. AlexAcE024 says:

    Has anyone found a mountain biome on the water yet if sk what are the coords?

  9. Tbabstar23_yt says:

    Does anyone know if there’s a mineshaft

  10. AyyLmao says:

    Anyone found enchanted apple?

  11. Lovely Punkie says:

    There’s Pyramids near the desert village at 843, 74, 745 (:

  12. Alaskaby says:

    Mansion at 5336 -2280

  13. Le Nguyen says:

    Anyone found ice spike biome yet?

  14. BishopuR says:

    I am having the hardest time finding the Nether Fortress. Has anyone found it? If so, can you give me some coordinates?

  15. Superninja19 says:

    There are 6 diamonds in the ravine between the shipwreck and stronghold village but watch out for the lava

  16. MyselfFan says:

    Are there any libraries in the stronghold? If yes then please give me the coordinates

  17. BishopuR says:

    This is the best seed. Has anyone found a good place to portal to the nether fortress?

  18. GonaWorshipper says:

    Gona, with your chocobo addon, please make an Aether Moa addon. Moa are creatures from the aether mod and I would like to see them as an addon, and I am surprised they aren’t an addon yet. Make it so there are 4 types of entities: Black moa, spawned with a black moa egg, Blue moa, spawned with a blue moa egg, and white moa, spawned with a white moa egg. Make the fourth entity a moa nest with an egg in it. You need to kill the nest, and then it would drop one of the eggs at random, blue is the most common and black is the rarest. When you attack the nest, close by moa will attack you. They are a neutral mob.

  19. blodli says:

    Did anyone found ocean monument? Pweaseeee

  20. OMG Rcky says:

    Best seed ever, ty so much!

  21. Anonymous says:

    This seed is awesome! It’s perfect for my survival world.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Village at 1842 83 92

  23. Zeldarenderman42 says:

    At 1189, 79, 135 I found another jungle Temple and I didn’t see it on the overview or in any comments so great seed thanks

  24. billy says:

    Anyone find a skeleton spawned yet?

  25. Jaime Silva says:

    This Is epic. Thanks!

    • billy says:

      This seed is pretty perfect. Gonna start a new world with it. Looking for a skeleton spawner and a nether fortress

      The stronghold does in fact have an end portal, it’s behind the wall directly to your right when you enter the stronghold

      There are two massive abandoned mine shafts near the plains village with the stronghold.

      594 34 979
      635 27 918

  26. iMnceraft says:

    This seed would have been perfect if the stronghold had a endportal.

    • billy says:

      There is an end portal. The path is hidden behind the wall directly to your right once you come down the spiral stairs from the well

    • Ooof says:

      They do you have to mine over to it tho

      • Obi-wan says:

        Why is there a stone wall block the way to the end portal? I havent met one before,though there is a underground ravine which might disconnect a stronghold,but how can it create a wall

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah, I visited the portal in my survival world. BTW I found a HUGE mineshaft going to an cave connected to the fossil ravine that is at ground level. There are like 10 diamonds in total between the mineshaft/cave mostly cave though.

    • iMnceraft says:

      Edit: This seed does have an endportal. Once you enter the stronghold, recommended by going through the well, turn to the right. Its a wall which you have to dig thru to enter the secret stair way which lead to the endportal.

    • The Stronghold does have a Portal Room. The room is at 612 36 923. I should’ve added the coordinates into the main post. Sorry about that.

  27. DitIsHaider says:

    how did you make the overview?

  28. HyprixHD says:

    The woodland Mansion is too far.
    When I use /locate in creative mode.

  29. Fortnitemustdie says:

    Wow, Impressive seed! Im gonna start a survival world on the crazy seed.

  30. Ray says:

    I loved the shipwreak

  31. Oh yeah, one other thing, the Ravine with the Fossil also has an exposed Mineshaft in it! Special thanks to rockettime03 on Reddit for finding this!

    Coordinates for the Mineshaft in the Ravine are 519, 33, 398

    • Ray says:

      Are there any Dimond ores you know about?

    • Clearing up some confusion that has occurred, I have found this seed myself when I ran my seed finder program for a while. After posting this seed, Rockettime03 found the exposed Mineshaft that I missed so I am crediting him for finding that one structure in this seed after I shared it online. Hope this helps clarify things.

    • Owl_Fam says:

      Wow, amazing. The overview looks like custom terrain! Also what isn’t a seed finder program? Never heard of one…

      • It is a program I made for myself on my free time. What it does is it will pick a random number to use as a seed, check the world around spawn for biomes I want, and save the seed into a text file if the seed has the biomes I’m looking for. The program can go through millions of seeds but it takes some time to do so.

  32. Minecraft Dude says:

    Hello! I’m just wondering how you can get an overview/map of the entire world! Can you please tell me how?

    • I play Bedrock Edition on my laptop which gives me a render distance of 64. Though I edited the options.txt file so I got a render distance of like 90 for the screenshot. With the large render distance, I flew to a height of like 500 blocks and looked down to see a huge amount of the world! Bedrock is really amazing on powerful computers!

      • DitIsHaider says:

        where can i find the options.txt?

        • The options.txt file is at this location for me. C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\minecraftpe

          You could find it faster if you go to C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Packages and then type options.txt into the search bar in your file explorer. It should find the file and when it does, you should make a shortcut to the file and place the shortcut on your desktop. Then inside the options.txt, look for gfx_viewdistance: and change the number to the right of it to a multiple of 16. If I want a rander distance of 80, I would put 1280 into that spot. Save the file and then open Minecraft to see if it works!

  33. lord11sheeps says:


  34. San Playz says:

    Thanks for the seed

  35. ariana says:


  36. HyprixHD says:


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