Published on July 22, 2021

Subaru Duck Add-on

With this add-on add Shuba Duck of the Subaro Duck Dance meme, so you can find them in your Minecraft worlds randomly and you can tame them to have them as pets, their dance will also be reproduced as in the meme.

Ducks appear randomly in your Minecraft worlds and to domesticate you must use seeds, having a domesticated duck will be able to defend you from monsters and ask that it not follow you. When a duck is in poor health, it can be cured with seeds.

The ducks will play an animation when eliminating a horde of enemies, it works to be tamed or wild.



  • Health: 12
  • Attack: 9


  • Health: 40
  • Attack: 9

Dance Animation:



  • ArathNido - Behavior, Animations and details.
  • Yerko - Model and texture.
  • Original Meme:
  • Character by: Subaru VTuber

It is forbidden to publish it on pages other than or or upload it to apps.


  1. Download Addon .McAddon.
  2. Apply the packs for a world.
  3. Enable "Experimental Gameplay" in the world settings
  4. Create the world.

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I love it, What about a nene seal Addon? :D
Shuba shuba shubaaa
cool this is incredible perdonen no escribo mucho inglish