Subject 248: The Beginning [Adventure]

In this map you will be the captive of an artificial intelligence which looks to be running experiments on humans. Complete a series of levels to perhaps ultimately be released from this lab of madness. This map is fairly easy to complete as it includes just a few different levels and they are all quite easy.

Creator: DJDiamondPlayzM, Twitter Account


Suddenly you wake up with a slightly aching head. Your memory is blank and you have no idea where you are. After a short moment a robotic voice start speaking to you. You are given a new name: Subject 248 and a set of tasks are presented to you.

subject-248-2 subject-248-1


  • Don’t break / place blocks
  • Set difficulty to -|—- (easy)


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35 Responses

5 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Jacobgamer 96 says:

    Can you make a mcWorld download

  2. LforLee2006 says:

    Hi creator my gametag is LforLee2006

  3. XenonGhoul_04 says:

    This map is amazing can I please build with you you’re really amazing!!! My Gamertag is XenonGhoul_04

  4. Turtlegamer563 says:

    Hi I loved this map and I would love to help build with you I loved part 1 & 2 can’t wait till part 3 these where my favorite maps I’ve played yet gamer tag Turtlegamer563

  5. Anonymous says:

    My gamer tag is Superrrrflashhh

  6. Anonymous says:

    This map was the best that I EVER played! Please make a sequel if u didn’t already- this was posted 8/7/17 MCPE Username: Toxic_123

  7. YSGam3z says:

    HI my name is YSGam3z a.k.a YellowStreakGam3z I loved your map can not wait for more and it would be really cool if I could build with you

  8. ragiltoast says:

    Awesome map! I made a YouTube video about it because it looked so awesome. And so is the actual adventure >U< https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4fMFQyjTDQ

  9. Haseeb says:

    Nice map , i wan to help you build your next map…. My gamertag is Flyhercules3939

  10. DJDiamondPlaysM says:

    man was it fun making this, i have had enough time to think of what im doing with this series, the next map will be out soon 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hi um how can I get this without Dropbox?

  12. TNTcrafter says:

    This map was amazing I would really like to help you build future maps. P.S. my username is TNTcrafter

  13. Y M C A says:

    Dose it work on iOS?????????

  14. WatchLevi9 says:

    Really great map! When I first played this I felt like I was playing Portal. The story is in good position, the puzzles are surprising and fun, and overall this has a great feel of gameplay with the map.
    I recommend this for anyone who loves Portal, lab adventure games even with mini puzzles to solve!

    Btw my gamertag is Watchlevi9

    Can’t wait to play the next one :3

  15. DJDiamondPlaysM says:

    Hey everyone!Part 2 will be released between today and tommorow,Hope you will all enjoy!Maybe the next map I’ll hire some of you guys??

  16. 1anakin20 says:

    where is part 2? and make part 2 longer pls. i really like the map.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hello I would like to build with you my gamer tag is RedstoneEngineer! I can help you with redstone in your next part of the map!

  18. Animdude says:

    Plz we will build a better map im good at red stone contraptions my gamertag is SHABAHAT123 PLZ INVITE me plz you can give me your skype id plz I am begging you pls pls ???

  19. TheElementalBlaze says:

    Hello! I changed my gamertag, now it is iElementalBlaze.

  20. Waffle_Man says:

    This map is awesome id like to help build my gamer tag is Waffle_Man and i really like it so plz more

  21. RyanCoreGaming says:

    Here my gamertag RyanCoreGaming, i want help you to build a part 2 of this map

  22. RyanCoreGaming says:

    Here my gamertag RyanCoreGaming, i want help you to build a part 2

  23. ElectroGamingHQ says:

    I would be happy to build with you my gamertag is ElectroGamingHQ

  24. TheElementalBlaze says:

    Hello there! I would like to build with you 😀 My gamertag is ElementalBlazer

  25. Rhino4ever says:

    This is my gamertag for to help you build DairyGlitter423

  26. DrNinjaNerd says:

    Hello! Just checking in to post a comment! Hope you don’t mind! Thx 🙂

  27. Striker says:

    Very nice map I really loved it plz keep making amazing maps

  28. Anonymous says:

    Best map ever

  29. Skyy says:

    Hi creator my gamertag is sky_warrior9999
    Ur map is awesome and im excited to see the next part

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