New Submission System – Announcement

Hello! It’s been several months since we first announced that we were working on a new submission system for the website, and we are now happy to let you know that it is running live on the website.

Giving content creators the great flexibility to be in total control of their own content has been an idea for a long time, so it’s nice to finally be able to launch it.

The New Features

New user control panel: All user information is managed in a new user interface: Here you can edit your profile details and manage your submissions.

Update: We’ll make it so that you can login with both the username or the email. Please allow some time for us to make this update. – Fixed!

New submission system: Accessible via It was created to give users an easy way to manage the content they have submitted for posting on the website.

Here are some of the key features:

  • Total control of all your content in a simple to use control panel (
  • Post types: Add-on, World, Texture Pack, Seed, Skin, Skin Pack, Server, ModPE, Script
  • Each new post type has different post formats and requirements.
  • Post versioning (with beautiful changelogs on post page)
  • Select supported versions (now also possible for visitors to sort content by support Minecraft versions)
  • Option to upload files (max file size: 10 MB) (you can of course continue using the option to use external links such as MediaFire and link shorteners!)
  • Schedule posts to be published on a specific time and date.
  • And much more!

Claim Feature: Old posts were never assigned to a specific users. This means that you need to find your old posts on the website and press the green “Claim” button near the title. (Make sure you’re logged in as a user or else you won’t be able to see this feature).

It will then take up to 24 hours for the Claim to be reviewed. If all is OK, then it will be visible in your user control panel (


New User URLs: Users with at least one accepted submission have their own customizable profile page (example: Here you can find information such as social links and all their accepted submissions.

Currently we use a very simple layout for this. It will be something more fancy in the future.

New Features for Comments: Creator tag when replying to comments on your own posts. Comments are sorted by latest first (will be fixed tomorrow). You can’t rate your own content with star ratings.

There might be some additional features/changes that we have forgot to mention here.

Known Issues

This list only includes the most important issues for users. There is a longer list, but that one is private. 🙂

Fixes are being worked on!

    • Comments aren’t transferred from old posts to new claimed ones. This needs to be fixed or else people users all their ratings/comments. This should also be fixed on posts which have already been claimed and accepted.
    • Forgot password is bugged, user doesn’t receive reset email.
    • Profile picture not always visible, one reported incident. Appears to be related to Gravatar.
    • Registration captcha bugged (doesn’t let user login even though they complete the captcha). – Fixed
    • Comments not sorted by latest. – Fixed


There are still some small issues here and there which need to be worked out, but as a whole we are satisfied with the implementation and we hope that you are as well. If you come across any bugs, issues or have other feedback to share please send us an email to [email protected]

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77 Responses

2.91 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. “Please create a more detailed submission.” BRUH ARE YOU A HUMAN??

  2. EatNYeet says:

    Bumping up my rating. If your submission isn’t detailed enough, you likely need more text or photos. Please though, if a submission isn’t detailed enough, don’t be a hypocrite. Please create more detailed feedback than “Please create a more detailed submission.” Tell the creator what needs to be fixed. I finally got half detailed info on my map after adding screenshots to my description. So overall, this system is pretty decent. I’ll go up to 5 star if you make your admin give more detailed feedback. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

  3. EatNYeet says:

    This new submission system makes it impossible to submit maps. I have over 20 lines of a description, keep adding more to everything, and your admin KEEPS TELLING ME to create a more detailed submission. LIKE WHAT THE HECK!? I’VE SEEN WORSE SUBMISSIONS AND YOU ACCEPT THOSE?!?

  4. Guest-7047660191 says:

    I should be logged in right now but It says that I am not

  5. Guest-4910831822 says:

    I’m logged in Why l’m guest T_T

  6. Guest-2727786033 says:

    How to claim

  7. Guest-3839152205 says:

    i cant register it says cant register now or go to 🙁

  8. Atten007 says:

    Can I delete once submitted submissions?

  9. Calaphrom says:

    For some reason my maps get denied. But another bad thing is that why do you have to make a summarization and a description? There is no point in doing them but you have to anyways. Other than that it is easy to submit things.

  10. Guest-8994719829 says:

    Make something to edit maps before submission (pending)

  11. Aaron P says:

    Please make the admin feedback more detailed, it keeps saying to make a more detailed post, WHAT NEEDS TO BE MORE DETAILED, IF I HAVE TO MAKE A DETAILED POST, MAKE A DETAILED FEEDBACK, it is very frustrating, If you’re a human, its easy to do

  12. Guest-3394242310 says:

    How long does it take for a new submission to be reviewed and accepted?

  13. Griefer Cube says:

    Can’t login

  14. ☢RAVAGER_FACE☢ says:

    I cant register, i want to create an account but i cant

  15. YouTuber says:

    Hey remember your old mech-mod do you mind fixing it please

  16. Здесь ничего 🤔 says:

    Can’t seem to login to my account :/ It takes me to the My Profile page at but after going to i get logged out.

  17. scam says:

    editor come back

  18. Chelz4L says:

    Something happen in submission page. Please fix it.

  19. Question: whenever i post a comment with swearing it gets deleted? where does it say that swearing is not allowed?

  20. When I submitted a skin pack, it was denied and I got a reason that just told me to upload it to Cubified instead. Why is that?

  21. Yeuaamahfurenudo says:

    Editor, I- no, we, have missed you… come back…

  22. Mustache116 says:

    Can someone please fix this problem?

    • Mustache_116 says:

      I eventually just recreated my account. Only difference is an underscore in my username and new email address. If I try to claim an old post by Mustache116(no underscore), then please don’t ban me or anything. All I want to do is submit my updated WWI map.

  23. Mustache116 says:

    Have I not been added to new submission system? I am currently trying to add my older map that I have updated since, and the system won’t let me login.

  24. Mustache116 says:

    It won’t let me login in with my username or email. To see if I can recreate my account, I registered a new account with same username and email but naturally it said that those have already been used. When I try to login with username or email it says: “Credentials don’t match our records.” It is contradicting itself. What is going on?

  25. Sunset Shimmer says:

    Pls fix it
    .i can’t submit my map bacause my browser said ‘Whoops, Looks Like Something Went Wrong’ I’ve been try every browsers on this planet and none of them are works. Geez…

  26. When one’s submission is denied, there should be a short description of what is wrong so the creator can fix their mistake, and hopefully see their hard work on the site.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I really like this new process. But I am having trouble uploading pictures to my submissions. As soon as I open a selected image, then it doesn’t appear and says No Files Chosen.

  28. Definitely a step in the right direction. Content creators need more control over their own content. Here is a list of features I’d like to see in the future.

    1: A “notification” system to inform a user if he has any replies, or comments on his post
    2: Full control (with some moderation of course) over what goes into the description of a submission and the pictures that show the content on the page.

    3: Full control over the links that lead out of the post as well.

    Obviously, these things should be moderated to some extent to avoid any spammy or below-par content. But, I really would like more control over what goes into my own content.

  29. I am really grateful for this update, as I do not have access to link shorteners. Thank you @mcpedl staff:)

  30. PHO says:

    Great work. I like the new system so much.

  31. JamesTheTrainMCPEDL says:

    i submitted something, how long does it take to get submitted?

  32. Sxemarc says:

    I’m trying to upload my creation but every time I click ok it says something has gone wrong. please fix or help.

  33. Kaeden Murphy says:

    Hey, I am having troubles creating an account. When I go to, I fill in all the entries, check off the captcha, and then click create, but it tells me I need to enter the captcha. I know I am doing it correctly, could it possibly be a bug?

  34. JohnyCash1981 says:

    I couldn’t sign up for mcpedl to crate an ac

  35. JohnyCash1981 says:

    Very good mcpedl team

  36. angry man says:

    i register on my phone and its not working and i register on my computer its not working , i just write anything and captcha but it didnt work its say captcha field is required but i has do the captcha but it says is not fielded , help me please fix this im just done making maps and i cant upload it

  37. ERXD15 says:

    Please help I can’t reset my password and I’m not getting an email

  38. Danik77782 says:

    I can’t check in because of the captcha. I confirm that I am not a robot and press the register writes necessary to confirm.

  39. Eva says:

    I’m so happy we have the new submission system I WANT IT SO SO SO BAAAAAAAAAADDDD ERRRRR

  40. AngelPandaEarth says:

    Can you also make so we can sign in using our usernames as well? I can’t access my account using email as the “forgot password” page states that my email doesn’t exist. (like “Username or email”)

  41. AngelPandaEarth says:

    This submission update is probably nice but I can’t tell since I can’t access my account anymore. When I entered my email into the “Forgot Password?” page, it claims that my email doesn’t exist. When I tried to register into MCPEDL again, it said my username was already taken. My account is out there and I can’t access it. Please help!!!

  42. Ethan says:

    It wont let me get my account

  43. James says:

    I think 🤔 .mcworlds And Addons should come out everyday

  44. bonin888 says:

    Amazing! 😄

  45. Fail600time says:

    The captcha is error please fix it

  46. XammaxTheXammax says:

    I registered for an account, and did the capth, but it said captcha field is required…..

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