Welcome to SubnautiCraft! This add-on will transform your Minecraft world into the beautiful world of Subnautica! Minecraft’s bland, shallow oceans will be much more beautiful and terrifying. Please note that this add-on is nowhere near finished. It is more of an early access like how Subnautica itself was for quite a while.











Currently SubnautiCraft only adds a few creatures from Subnautica and two vehicles. This add-on is currently realm friendly and will be updated further with more optimization, changes, and more.



Hp: 1

Damage: 0

Drops: water_bottle

Spawns: warm and cold oceans

Note: Has transparency in game


Hp: 1

Damage: none

Drops: raw_cod

Spawns: warm oceans


Hp: 1

Damage: none

Drops: raw_cod

Spawns: warm oceans


Hp: 1

Damage: none

Drops: raw_cod

Spawns: warm oceans


Hp: 1

Damage: none

Drops: raw_cod

Spawns: Warm Oceans





Spawns: beaches and warm oceans

Rabbit Ray:

Hp: 20

Damage: none

Drops: nothing

Spawns: Warm and Cold oceans


Hp: 60

Damage: creates poison gas as a defense when player is near

Drops: nothing

Spawns: Warm oceans


Hp: 60

Damage: 6

Drops: bones

Spawns: deep lukewarm and deep cold oceans

Reaper Leviathan

Hp: 1000

Damage: 16

Drops: bones

Spawns: Deep Lukewarm oceans

Note: we are aware that this model isn’t the most accurate and have a remodeled version ready for future updates


Both vehicles will be crafted by getting fragments of them. You will need to find these in the ocean and bring them to each other. When you have all 3 of one vehicle’s fragments next to each other, they will form into the respective vehicle.

Prawn Suit:

Hp: 120

Abilities: Can Jump


Hp: 60

Abilities: can move swiftly in the water

Note: the seamoth requires a command block to work correctly. Place a command block and type /function swim_system then set it to repeat and always active

Here’s the official discord server for SubnautiCraft and a place where I can see your suggestions much more easily:

Changelog View more

(Hopefully) fixed the file download

Much larger update coming soon.


Supported Minecraft versions


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191 Responses

4.56 / 5 (99 votes)
  1. won’t import on windows 10, please fix

  2. love it, but when are you gonna update? you said that a big update will come soon, but when?

  3. Guest-3812106733 says:

    pls add weapons like the tranquilizer rifle and the knives as well as the missiles that the prawn suit can launch

  4. Guest-2963551254 says:

    Add more leviathans please

    • Guest-1106934770 says:


  5. Guest-2963551254 says:

    Can you add more animals and leviathans to the addon please

  6. Guest-1383526674 says:

    do you think about adding minerals for the manufacture of equipment like subnautica?

  7. Guest-1661691882 says:

    wait i think mcaddon is corrupted

  8. Guest-9433716853 says:

    Wait. Hol up. Did juliusscizzor also make this?

    finally, he took a break from scp

  9. Guest-1578070080 says:

    The new update gonna have ghost leviathans?

  10. SMUDGE says:

    can you add the cuddle fish

  11. Guest-8919612247 says:

    It works just gotta turn ut to a zip filewhich the downloaders can do easily

  12. Ihhman says:

    I can’t import the mcpack
    Is the file still corrupted?? i’ll wait for an update before rating

  13. Update is being worked on, I tried fixing the file already (that’s what the last “update” was) but i don’t believe it worked, however when the actual update is released, it will be at least 10 times as good as the initial release, I guarantee it.

    • Guest-9934015047 says:

      Ok keep it up bro

    • Guest-9817552991 says:

      Hope is a big update

    • Guest-7988488396 says:

      Your mod is crazy with the ships and all that I loved, we use it as a rescue seafloor mission is good but I would recommend that you put abandoned base structures deep into the ocean, that you put a type door hatch like the ones in the submarines, give a better design to the leviathan that is larger and its respawn cup is really low and that has the way to break blocks so it gives the sensation that I catch a hull of a base that is being built, You put really strange fish like a skeleton piranha, some human type that are in the bases that I tell you that they eat everything they find but that they cannot get out of the water, so you give it more effects as if someone had already visited them but for some reason. Reason those creatures came out of the depths and attacked the scientists and now they are like abandoned bases in the background and there are find as targets to open doors etc and the doors you can take and use

    • WDCannabalia says:

      How will you add The Cyclops I am quite curios also can you like add upgrades for the vehicles like in game and also the crops in subnautica. I would be reay cool if you can add things into the cyclops like a bed, storage and also crop beds. And I think I know how you can make the player able too stand in the cyclop which is by using the boat hitbox because if you stand on boats you don’t sink.
      And I have a way to able the player to make building structures. You just take the mechanism from one of the More Stuff addon’s chest placement of holding the specific item and shifting to show the placement then unshift to place it.

    • Guest-4624325505 says:

      Are you even working in the update anymore

    • Guest-1139486674 says:

      Amazzing! Any timeframe of realese

  14. Guest-4794175683 says:

    I mean I am not trying to make finish sorry

  15. Guest-5357741815 says:

    When is the update coming is taking way too long also I am trying to make finish the update I am just asking

  16. Guest-9665999640 says:

    Pls add more mobs pls bc i love this

  17. Guest-3920967342 says:

    WOW THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Guest-2214050495 says:

    Guys do the zip download then it works

  19. Guest-3065559917 says:

    Its Looking Good, But Its Always Says Not A Valid Zip Archive.

  20. Guest-7568543715 says:

    Hi I downloaded the addon but cannot input it into Minecraft for no reason. Can u fix it? I am playing in 1.16 beta

  21. Guest-3345981311 says:

    Please make it so you can heal the
    Seamoth and the prawn with iron

  22. Guest-5067760240 says:

    I cannot get the Subnauticraft map, is it available?
    Great add-on, although.

  23. Guest-2349341168 says:

    Other Subnautica plant life would be nice, but I was and am blown away by this add-on.
    It is great! Thrusters for the P.RA.W.N.-Suit (Pressure Re-Active Waterproof Nano-Suit)
    that act like they do in Subnautica would be great but not necessary. This comment will probably be burried but, I would like you to know that this add-on is great.

  24. Guest-8948846876 says:

    No matter what fails do inport saying no files could be detected

  25. Guest-3229984819 says:

    hey y’all, if your having trouble downloading this file, then just follow theses steps. Note: I am on windows 10, Idk if it works on of computers, and you will need 7-zip. First, install this addon, and find it in your downloads folder. Then you need to right click it, hover over 7-zip and click extract here. Then find the folder labeled subnaticraft (it is NOT the original file, it is a FOLDER NOT A MCADDON!) then take both of the resource and behavior packs within the folder, and move them to the minecraft folder. And finally, move the resource into the resource folder, and the behavior into the behavior folder. It may say the files could be harmful to your computer but ignore that. and then log into minecraft and it be there.

  26. Guest-7264863721 says:

    i was hoping for more Leviathan and cyclops
    and add another one like subnaticraft ground zero that would be epic

  27. Guest-4084229918 says:

    Can you make the t so that the reaper ca grab the seamoth

  28. 鸥吃鱼 says:

    I am so surprise!
    You are a addon creator and your addon is so great!
    I can’t wait for the next update.
    Keep on good work bro!:D

  29. Guest-3873428234 says:

    Rip download link :/

  30. Guest-2405953448 says:

    Can we have a update this moth

  31. Guest-2817884388 says:

    you can make hippocampi

  32. Guest-9404248076 says:

    For the guy who asked my device below, I’m using IPhone XR(can’t reply for some reason)

  33. Guest-8054901320 says:

    Add pranw arms,cyclops,sea dragon, we emperor, ghost leviatan,biomes,cutefish, Neptune,and custom items and blocks

  34. Guest-2159180835 says:


  35. Guest-8525168769 says:

    This is so amizing mod it adds a cool mods wow I’m really excited to test it out😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  36. Guest-5078264487 says:

    please add the reefback next update, or at least when you can

  37. Guest-8859296554 says:

    On next update can the prawn suit punch stuff?

  38. Guest-5420438836 says:

    Gj man ,looks awesome

  39. Guest-1663773942 says:

    Please fix it says “download failed” unknown pack name and ID

  40. Guest-8561181520 says:

    Can you please mak it mcpack???

  41. Guest-3329997705 says:

    Add the Sea Emperor

  42. Guest-6807328870 says:

    Add reefbacks

  43. Guest-8450000821 says:

    Hey it’s Thespiderscientist I thought this was the big update lol

  44. Guest-5952787027 says:

    you could add new Leviathans
    and that Giant submarine that people can get in the game and could put on the armor and the mini submarine

  45. Guest-3043529635 says:

    Add sea dragon

  46. Guest-4287627439 says:

    I cant download it can you help me or you just trying to scam us it wont download it says download failed!.

  47. Guest-7822235752 says:

    Can you make it support 1.16 so i can play with it?.ill wait

  48. Guest-8392071762 says:

    Hi I have come to say stop just stop lucious has enough to work on as it is he is working on several Addons he plans on adding every Subnautica mob and he is helping multiple people with there Addons and he is even helping me on my server this is thespiderscientist from discord hi everyone:D

  49. Guest-8392071762 says:

    Hi I have come to say stop just stop lucious has enough to work on as it is he is working on several Addons he plans on adding every Subnautica mob and he is helping multiple people with there Addons and he is even helping me on my server this is thespiderscientist btw

  50. Guest-8436753198 says:

    i like the addon its so amazin pls update it with sea emperor and ghost leviathan

  51. Guest-6910357451 says:

    Download is currently not working properly 🙁
    Looks great tho!
    Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

  52. Guest-1577187328 says:

    Subnautica addon+oceanic mod addon is very beautiful

  53. Guest-9207263411 says:

    Download won’t work and I don’t know why.

  54. Guest-3815560379 says:

    Can this addon support minecraft version 1.16 (Beta) version?
    And has a On Error It “Says Not Installed Due To Error” sorry for bad english

  55. Guest-4403444705 says:

    Can you add items like the ones in Subnautica?

  56. Guest-2658319770 says:

    Can you add more underwater plants to this mod? It will make good decoration for my aquarium.

  57. Guest-1470027696 says:

    List of hostile mobs you can add: Crabsnake, Sea Dragon Leviathan, Crabsquid, Warper, Sea Treader, Ampeel

  58. Guest-3587756302 says:

    Please add more! My suggestions are new biomes, new blocks, and new items.

  59. Guest-8558395773 says:

    Love this! When are you planning to update next?

  60. Guest-4923933323 says:

    Do you need to dowload all links

  61. Guest-4347180014 says:

    seamoth cant swim up

  62. Guest-2612027646 says:

    You right…add cyclops and your addon will be a BEST ADDON ALL TIME

  63. Guest-5412935319 says:

    In the next update can you make the cyclope, a cyclope simple to carft by motors pieces and a cyclop where you can walk in it, romm by room, and not too much big or small? I know my request is a lot but if you do that this Addon will be a GOD. Bye

  64. Guest-9824545803 says:

    How do I craft the vehicles?

    • Guest-2237860582 says:

      Go to a body of river and make a 3×3 area over the water, then place all the parts of the particular vehicle together then destroy the blocks,when u use the seamoth use a command block and type in it /function swim and put it to always active and no redstone.

  65. Guest-8193165025 says:

    Hey um I have some problems with the sea moth for some reason everytime I get in it sinks to the bottom and when I get out it stays where it is even if I figured out the command block thing is there something I’m doing wrong?

  66. Guest-1739404215 says:

    amazing work dude when you posted the pictures of it in share you creations i knew it would be somethin big!

  67. Guest-8116440646 says:

    Hey do they spawn natrualy
    Sry for my bad english

  68. Buze says:

    Good addon, but can you add sea biomes like in the original of the Subnautica?

  69. Nizar says:

    On the next update pls make cyclops more block aurora the leviathan se dragon warper more door more tools like laser cuttle knife repair tool and make life pod too radio crafting place rocket the big laser beam and vehicle tools

  70. CyberZerø says:

    How i can follow tour mod? (Sorry for my bad english lol)

  71. MissionApollo7 says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the Cyclops in this

  72. Ninetailedfox20 says:

    This add-on is the closest I’ll ever get to playing the real game and I hope it really grows. Best add-on ever in my opinion 😄

  73. Sean says:

    This addon is amazing! When will it be updated more?

  74. X says:

    Please add a cuddlefish

  75. Lol Guy says:

    everyone is saying on land but what exactly do I do to spawn vehicles? Do I just drop them are they supposed to be a certain number of blocks away?

    • M1STERY says:

      Number of blocks away don’t matter, but tou can makes 3×3 blocks to make It easier, then you get First, Second and third fragments of Prawn Suit/Seamoth, then put them in 3×3 area blocks

      -Use command /function swim_system in a repeating command blocks and set It to always active, that way Seamoth can wotk correctly, look up to go up and look down to go down

  76. Outlaw says:

    Do you guys plan on adding sea emperor,sea dragon,ghost leviathan and crabsnakes?

  77. Halflife24 says:

    Good addon

  78. x says:

    How does the robot generate

  79. Anonymous says:

    Bao giờ có bản cập nhật mới vậy ?

  80. CrayX says:

    Hey can you also make walk/jump animations for Prawn suit?

  81. Mission says:

    I love Subnautica, and this pack looks amazing! But please: make the peepers look more like the ones from the game. This one looks like it’s got an advanced stage of the Kharaa virus. Also, the square eye kind of threw me off.

  82. Jely says:

    This is the addon I’ve been waiting for!

  83. night says:

    can you make seamoth have sound and make all entity at subnautica ok that cool 🙂

  84. Dedicated Wam says:

    Very well put together add on, I’m really looking forward to where this goes and what you will do with this.

    If someone can create a custome terraine for this then its even better

  85. Gian says:


  86. Anonymous says:

    Ya’ll better download this thing and share it worldwide, cause next update is going to be a bomb!!!!!

  87. DTech says:

    This what I’ve been waiting for!

  88. Cin says:

    So uhh how do I craft the sea moth exactly? It’s not working and I have experimental gameplay on, otherwise great work!

  89. O0O says:

    Make a Subnautica below zero mod after your finished this. I’m only telling you this so you can know in the future

  90. CuppaTeaExe says:

    NO WAY! Someone finally did it! I will definitely be checking this one out and uploading a video of it onto my YouTube channel in the next week to boost this! This looks insane, and I cant wait to check it out!

  91. Maverick says:

    Although it lacks a bunch of features, its still a highly recommend addon 10/10

  92. Also btw the vehicle crafting has to be done on land, I should’ve put it in the description

  93. Colossus says:

    Will there be Subnautica: Below Zero features?

  94. CrayX says:

    It’s OK, you have JuliusScizzor, he’s a good addon make tho.

    I’m pretty sure your addon will be The best without Bendy!

  95. The Orca that may be a Baryonyx says:

    The ocean just got a bit more dangerous…

  96. CrayX says:

    BENDYTHEDEMON18 is a cool addon maker (The best I could say) he May can help this addon improve a lot!

    Also does The Animals have animation?

    -The Actual addon is pretty cool

  97. Ben says:

    I might have found a bug… The prawn suit moves on it’s own when I exit it, but otherwise this addon is AWESOME!

  98. Good job my friend it was really awesome seeing this project come together

  99. M1STERY says:

    This is gonna be epic!

  100. Me too! I also want to see what i can do for Tinkers legacy.

  101. This has honestly been my favorite project I have ever worked on.
    I had a ton of fun working on all the different parts and details, and I got to meet a ton of amazing people!

    I can’t wait to work on more projects with them in the future, as well as seeing where this mod goes!

  102. Wolfgaming142 says:

    We need to do the Trailer o-o

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