Summer Dream 2019

In 2016 was the Summer Dream texture pack released. I found this texture pack amazing, So big shout out to the creator of the Summer Dream texture pack. but it was not updated anymore. So I’ve been updating it for myself over the years, but other people might also like to have an updated version of Summer Dream. I have 2 versions. The first version is The Summer Dream Classic, this is the original version of Summer Dream. The second version is the Summer Dream 2019, in this version I have edited some things.

Summer Dream in general.

in Summer Dream the water is more transparent and light blue. the grass is more green, birch leaves are red, spruce leaves have a blue tint and the melons look very fresh. Here are some pictures of what Summer Dream looks like in general.

Summer Dream versions.

I have 2 versions of Summer Dream. I will show what the differences are.

Summer Dream Classic version

In the Summer Dream Classic version is almost everything the same as before. Apart from the water, the water texture was broken so I changed the water texture so that it almost seems the same as before.

Here are some pictures

Summer Dream 2019 version

There are not many differences between Summer Dream Classic and Summer Dream 2019, there are only some small tweaks.

I have removed the dark dirt block, so the dirt block is now vanilla, it also contains full podzol and mycelium blocks, and I have added a matching melon item. Ow and of course also a full snow and grass path block.

Here are some pictures

I hope you like it!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.9



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15 Responses

4.92 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Guest-3175976269 says:

    I love this pack!!! it was recommended to me by my friend, who also loves Minecraft. And this is absolutely gorgeous! It was very easy to download and everything looks more lively! Great job, and please don’t delete it ever!

  2. Guest-2945586962 says:

    Hey, I just downloaded this and it’s awesome. But one suggestion is that you make minor adjustments to the red birch leaves to a more mellow shade. I love it and all, but in my Minecraft world, it is a little bit of an eye sore because I live in a birch and oak forest. But other than that, I absolutely love it!

  3. Guest-8928965408 says:

    This is by FAR the best Minecraft texture pack I’ve ever seen! Everything is so much colorful, vibrant, and gorgeous! And I’m a huge fan of the clear water and the melons! Love It!!!

  4. CherokeeNative says:


  5. Herobrineisjustendermens says:

    Yo I’ve been looking for a texture pack like this and honestly this is one of the best texture packs I’ve ever seen. I seriously love how vibrant the grass is, love how the spruce and over sapling leaves look, just gives my minecraft world more colours. pls dont ever delete this

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yo I’ve been looking for a texture pack like this and honestly its one of the best ones i’ve ever used. I just really love how vanilla minecraft still looks along with the vibrant grass and the bushes colours man please dont ever get rid of this or else I’ll hate you

  7. ZedVN says:

    Hi im the creator of summer dream 2016,thanks for the update but im already updated the pack about a month ago,please use my link: ( https://youtu. be/KgzKcWX-enw )

  8. ZedVN says:

    hi im the creator of the 2016 summer dream,thanks for upadte my texturepack but im already update the texture so here is the link of 2019 version:
    please use mine texturepack

    • Luuk67 says:

      No you’re not. GentaMCPE is the creator of Summer Dream.

    • Guest-2959871037 says:

      I love this pack! Awesome colors and the melons! WOW! Is this pack also usable for 1.15? I’m using 1.14 and it looks fabulous! And to be honest with you, I wouldn’t update to 1.15 if it meant losing this pack! And P.S., ZedVN, you are not the original owner of this pack, I checked, and your link is fake. why would you download something from YouTube?!? And no offense, but your grammar could really use some work…

  9. Reece says:

    The only things I’d really want added is more pinkish leaves instead of red (like blossom tree’s) more light blue water (crystal clear light blue with a tint of green) but all around it’s gorgeous

  10. Xynnful says:

    Great texture pack! Just wanna ask how the water was made more transparent.

  11. SammyDoesNotExist says:

    I like this but I would prefer the leaves to be of the new default texture. I’d love it if you change it but it’s whatever. I’m still downloading this.

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