Summer Dream [16×16]

Summer Dream adds a beautiful new sun and changes the colors of the leaves, grass block and water to give them a more fresh and summery look. Even though only a handful of textures have been edited it changes a great deal how the world looks like in Minecraft. If you are looking for a texture pack which is designed in accordance with the bright colors of the summer then Summer Dream is a great option.

Creator: GentaMCPE

summer-dream-1 summer-dream-2 summer-dream-3


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42 Responses

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  1. Xynnful says:

    Anyone who wants an updated version w/ or w/o tweaks, here:

  2. Kaden says:

    When I click the download button it says open in files or more, so when I click on more all it has is notes, mail, messages etc but Minecraft isn’t there. When I clicked on open in files all I could open it in was a a differerent app, which was Procreate. Please help, so far this texture looks really nice and makes everything pop but so far I’m not sure how to get it…

  3. MattR43 says:

    Yeah, this was released on my birthday! Yay! I’m gonna try this pack out

  4. YY Minecon says:

    Bruh I need a .mcpack for this one gotta say it’s awesome but the guides do not work for me, I think .Mcpack is the easiest to download since it always worked for me. Would appreciate one tho, ty! 😉

  5. xSuperMinex says:

    Uhhh editor can you get a .mcpack for this? I’m on a Xiaomi tablet and the installation guides don’t work (Android etc). I really love the pack but can’t get it so yeah

  6. Dillbird says:

    S4/\/\ i do is it for 1.0.3 if it is please like link it or something i’ve been trying forever to get it to work.

  7. anonymous says:

    Does anyone have an .mcpack version?

  8. S4/\/\ says:

    So I have ported this Texture Pack to 1.0.3. Does anyone want it?

  9. Aung Myo says:

    Is this texture pack would be avalible for 1.0 soon?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Is it an McPack link? Because it’s does not download or copy onto Mc

  11. Ella says:

    This was uploaded on my birthday!

  12. kevinwoen says:

    Can this Texture Pack works on mcpe

  13. Anonymous says:

    Why does it have to be a zip file at least also make it for iOS

  14. Emu says:

    I wish I could do it though

  15. Emu says:

    Oh well never mind

  16. Emu says:

    But I really like this site

  17. Emu says:

    Mine craft things never download for me it says that safari can’t download the file how do I download things without it stopping me!

    • Editor says:

      You can only download .mcworld and .mcpack files on your iOS device. You need to use a computer to download zip files and similar.

  18. Gabriel says:

    this updated for 0.16 ??

  19. Lash44 says:

    Does this texture pack is compatible with version 0.15.3 ?

  20. ShadowStrikas says:

    Do You Have A Version Of This Texture That’s Never Ever When Extracted Says Exception Found (bad zip. File) please answer quickly I Even Tried The Faithful PE And Doesn’t Work

  21. Davo says:

    Love it and gotta ask – how did you change the leaf color for the birch. I have tried to get a similar effect, but no luck with changing the pngs or trying to access the biome palette. Thanks!

  22. Flames 101 says:

    I have heard jackfrostminer said he really likes this (:

  23. MinervaHirasawa says:

    Wow, I really wanted this texture pack, but I’m useless in doing these kind of things. I tried, but it didnt show any picture, only blackness. And when I tried to go to a world there is no changes.

  24. PatrickTDW says:

    Can i use this without blocklauncher? .-.

  25. Nathan says:

    Are Podzol and Mycelium blocks supposed to not be textured just like grass?

  26. 1213HZC says:

    Can I forward?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Cool, its very good

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