Super Cubed Resource Pack

Super Cubed is a simple pack aimed at adding some variety to the generic blocky texture of minecraft by changing block shapes in the blocks.json file. It works by changing some block’s models to the chorus fruit model.

I originally got this idea from RIF130’s 3D Leaves Model while trying to find a way to change block models in Bedrock edition. Huge thanks to them for enlightening me (even if not intentionally) as to how to do this.

*note the grass in the second pic is not part of the pack

Affected blocks:



Crafting Stations and Furnaces

Noteblock and Jukebox


All “Metal” Blocks (Iron Block, Emerald Block, etc


Mob Spawner

Dried Kelp Block

All Pumpkin types and Melons

Glowstone, Sea Lantern, and Redstone Lamp

Dropper, Dispenser, and Observer, 





When making this I originally changed every block model in the game to this model and thought it was pretty interesting. I’ll include that pack here as Super Cubed Ultra if you want to check it out, but it’s not meant to actually be played with as it makes you lag like crazy.

Here are some pics from Super Cubed Ultra:

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The download links have been changed to go through


Supported Minecraft versions




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21 Responses

4.33 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. HazmiRasid says:

    can you make like a 3d leaves resource pack? cuz you can make the blocks 3d, most of content creator on bedrock cant make 3d blocks

  2. YouTuber says:

    Oh you replied I was meaning making the leaves the same blockshape.

    • Ohrumon says:

      I made the leaves have the chorus flower blockshape, so it has been changed already.

      • Oscar says:

        Hola me gustaría pedir un paquete de textura igual a este que sea más lijero que solo tengas los hornos, la mesa de crafteo, el liblero y algunos bloques de Minecraft pero que los los comunes como la tierra no sean 3D por favor es que este no me entra bien se larga mucho

  3. PikachuOfPower says:

    Sorry I didn’t understand that that’s already done…

  4. PikachuOfPower says:

    Add leaves to the normal pack! Or if not I’ll just do the blockshape thing. It would look like real leaves tho (kinda)

  5. G0ldenD3mon says:

    Are we finally able to make blocks 3D in the bedrock edition? 🤔😮

    • Ohrumon says:

      Unfortunately, no… This is simply changing the blockshapes value in the blocks.json file. The choices of blockshapes are limited as well.


      As far as I know, these are all of them though I could be very wrong because there’s not a whole lot of information out there about this.

  6. Person says:

    Does this affect the textures or just the shape?

  7. Me says:

    Good but to many cubed items

  8. YouTuber says:

    Change the leaves to a special type please.(p.s this is a really texture)

  9. Avi says:

    Great pack,one question,will pistons be changed to be that cube version too?

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