Super Duped Clouds Shader (Win10 Only)

With the geometry shader files originally used for rendering in VR, this shader duplicates the cloud layer to give more depth to the sky. The sharp blocky shading on the clouds is also softened, and made slightly more transparent. Because this shader only modifies the clouds, it can be used on top of other shaders.


  • Multiple cloud layers
  • Softer shading
  • Clouds darken when raining
  • Clouds become more transparent during the night
  • Compatibility when used on top of other shaders

Why can’t this work on Android/IOS?

The geometry shader files that are needed are only present for the win10 edition of bedrock, since the android/ios versions of the game do not have VR support. There is a chance that the files needed are in the GearVR version of bedrock, but I do not currently have access to that version.

If you have access to the GearVR version of bedrock and would like to assist in making this pack compatible with mobile devices, feel free to contact me!


  • Please don’t repost this resource pack behind ad links
  • You can distribute this shader as part of your own pack only if:
    • Your new pack contains more than just cloud shaders
    • You include a link to this page in your post’s description


Thanks to PHO for sharing some of the techniques used for weather and time detection, and Matt for sharing the possibilities with the geometry shader:

Thanks to gengHAr15 and Mcbe_Eringi for letting me use their shaders to showcase compatibility:

Changelog View more
  • Added credits and usage details
  • Other changes to the post description



Though apparently it also works on windows phones. It is not compatible with the RTX beta, since it uses the new render engine.

Make sure that clouds are enabled in the video settings, and that there are no other shaders/texture packs that disable the vanilla clouds on top of this pack.


Supported Minecraft versions




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39 Responses

4.88 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Sh4downuub says:

    Hi… Liked you shader but im on android so I cannot play with it but idk if It’s okay to you because I’m gonna comment to hyrazero’s vid if he can recreate it for mobile but after I do that is there like a document file and I’m gonna check it. Thanks!

  2. Can I use this as part of my shader’s big update?

  3. Alesscreeper says:

    It is perfect

  4. Guest-5422122342 says:


  5. 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕄ℂℂ𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕠𝕣 says:

    Will you ever be able o make this shader like the super duper graphics pack Because some people dont have a RTX card If you can i think you should wait until the renderdragon

  6. Animartin says:

    looks great, it would be epic for the community to come together to make the super duper graphics pack

  7. 7.8/10 too much water in the clouds, needs more RAID: Shadow Legends.

  8. Guest-1805766940 says:

    Rip mobile users like me. Cool shaders tho

  9. Dragekk says:

    make minecraft story mode clouds

  10. Guest-4193365537 says:

    I love this! Thank you!
    Also, there is some kind of bug when you travel to the nether with the pack active. It’s like the nether portal “flickers” and the game get super laggy for some reason. hope it get fixed soon 🙂

  11. Guest-7174575725 says:

    LoL, I remembered a “Super Duper Graphic Pack”

  12. I literally had a dream about this last night

  13. CubeMaster says:

    Now this is worth downloading 5/5

  14. Guest-9222153199 says:

    Not sure how you did it. But this is the best and most realistic shader ive seen on mobile.
    There is actual warmth look from the sun. It looks good and doesnt have a huge fps drop on my tablet.
    Good job.
    Though no clouds, but I dont care

    • xanion says:

      …You sure its this shader thats changing the look of the game? I swear I didn’t have any files in here that affected anything except the clouds, let alone anything to work on mobile…

  15. Guest-2441977007 says:

    This is absolutely amazing on Windows 10.

    It’s not possible somehow to extract the GearVR files and include them in the resource pack so that they also become available for mobile?

    • xanion says:

      It is possible to extract files from the GearVR version (assuming that they are there) to get this working on mobile. I just don’t have access to it, so I can’t check…

  16. Guest-9178384665 says:

    Works Also On My Phone Too 😁
    (Nokia Lumia 1020)

  17. Guest-2615054464 says:

    Works on my phone perfectly fine 👍

  18. Octur1s says:

    Looks amazing!
    Much better than using cubemaps to try to get this ingame

  19. Swagboi7 says:

    Is it possible to make it for mobile at all?

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