Super Loot Addon

This addon changes most of the aspects related to loot in Minecraft and mostly for the better. However, to make things balanced there have also been changes made to the actual mob behaviors. For the most part this means that the hostile mobs have had the health and/or attack damage increased. But you can find a more detailed list for that further down on this page.

Creator: Hatchet_master
Updated: 25 August, 2018 (read changelog)

New Loots / Behaviors

Loot, meaning items dropped by mobs when killed, have been improved for most of the in-game hostile mobs. But this also comes with changes to mob behaviors to make their powers balanced to their new loot. For example, spiders have a chance to drop an enchanted item.

The health for villagers have been boosted and their trades have been upgraded.

Loot / Mob Behaviors

  • Skeletons work similar to lucky blocks. They are still able to attack and they have more health.
  • Zombies are faster, stronger and cause more damage but they drop very valuable items.
  • Spiders are extremely strong and can one-shot players. But they have have the chance to drop an enchanted item if killed.
  • Endermen have a 5% chance to drop an enchanted book.
  • The ender dragon has also had a massive health boost but that also comes with the ender dragons fireball is changed to a regular fireball.
  • Most naturally generated chest have had a loot buff
  • Villagers have a health boost and they also got much better trades
  • Cows, horses, pigs, rabbits and polar bears drop items similar to that of chickens
  • Wolves have godly powers. 15 times more health, 10 times more damage and they can attack from 6 blocks away. They are also faster. However, you can’t tame them with bones – now you will need rotten flesh which is a rare drop from zombies from here on. They can be healed with Enchanted Goldens apples and can only be bred with diamond blocks and rotten flesh.
  • Player has double health and can breathe longer underwater
  • The snow golem and iron golem have had a massive health boost.
  • The shulker is now stronger aswell as having a damage boost, defending the player, and affecting slowness as apossed to levitation
  • The ender pearl, snowball, egg, arrow, and xp bottle no longer have gravity, eggs spawn lightning on hit, and xp bottles have been massivly buffed
  • Horses are faster, have more health have the ability to jump higher
  • Blazes are a lot stronger and have a 1 in 3 chance to drop an enchanted book
  • Endermites are significantly stronger and can drop a diamond, emerald, iron ingot, or gold ingot
  • Ghast are stronger and can drop emeralds
  • The wither has had a massive buff to its drops and health
  • Wither skeletons can one shot the player but can be one shot back as well as having drop changes and a big speed boost
  • Pigmen have more health and always one shot anything that hurts them but move slower
  • Nether fortress chests have been buffed
  • Bat has more health. Drops leather and sticks
  • Creeper runs faster, has a bigger blast range and can drop rare or unobtainable item
  • Donkeys and mules are faster
  • Guardians have more health and drops more items
  • Llama spit cause 1000 attack damage
  • The ocelot has 1000 hearts and 500 hearts if tamed. It can only be tamed with nether stars and it drops totem of undying and diamonds
  • Silverfish has 10 hearts and they drop stone and cobblestone
  • Slime and strays have more health and drop more items
  • TNT, TNT minecarts and ender crystals have a bigger blast range and the ender crystal has 10 hearts
  • Cows, horses, sheep, pigs, mooshrooms, rabbits, polar bears, chickens and llamas drop 3 times the amount than what they used to
  • Armor items are likely to drop more often
  • Chests have boosted loot


  • New loot and behaviors in 3.0, for example: zombies now only drop 1 type of item with 70% less of that item.


  1. Download 2.0 (Recommended)
  2. Download 3.0 .McPack (same as 2.0 but with less overpowered drops)
  3. Activate one of the packs for a world in-game

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83 Responses

4.81 / 5 (40 votes)
  1. RoShits says:

    Its ok but i want the mobs to be back to normal its way to hard in survival

  2. Realcancov says:

    I love this addon it makes me have fun playing regular survival with a greater challenge but there are a few things I think that either should be slightly nerfed this is including the spiders being a mob that basically 1 shot but I like that! I think for the rate of its great drops its hp should go down by 50 or so. (I actually tweak my versions because of this reason)

  3. Johncov1 says:

    Does this still work 1.8 ?

  4. Teshuvah says:

    Can we get an update without the one shot spider

  5. Eurbos says:

    This is similar to the Astronomic expansion pack it uses unused flower codes 🙂

  6. thecreepermanv says:

    This Add on is to much OP

  7. Darkckaw says:

    This might be just me but all the mobs except for creeper are neutral is the a bug ? But other than that like it

  8. Anonymous says:

    Super Loot Addon ? More like Too many tracks addon

  9. Dynamic says:

    I Very Like This Addon :3 Make sure you upgrade extremely or in the next version :33
    Thank you so much :3

  10. Bob says:

    Made my world more interesting, and made worshiping the mushroom gods much harder.

  11. KingClasher66 says:

    Creepers dropping six sided wood blocks would make for interesting builds in pocket edition.

  12. KingClasher66 says:

    I’m not sure if you can fix this but the health is very conflictable, and is often reduced due to other add-ons or even texture packs. I’m not sure if it’s intentions working in an unintentional way of just a plain fixable bug. I really hope this gets fixed because everything else works miraculously.

  13. Temperedwolf says:

    Omg so good I was one of the first pepole to download great job btw how long did it take

  14. Hatchet_master says:

    Sorry for not updating it for almost a year, but once i noticed that there were so many updates to the game that a new weapon was released, i decided i couldn’t go any longer without updating it.

    • Markus Persson says:

      Talking about the Trident In Update Aquatic and Update Aquatic Version 2.0? The Tridents my 2nd fave weapon

    • Beast cameron 123 YT says:

      Dude i added it but how do you activate it? Do you have to use a command block ingame ater you apply the behavior pack?

  15. Endergamez says:

    Great addon!also can you change phantoms loot,it would be great

  16. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    Basically OP villagers and loot

  17. MYBUTT says:

    Can u make creepers drop fire

  18. Mads says:

    How do u get it


  19. Mustafa Elmi says:


  20. Lumine says:

    One of the best addons i’ve ever seen. It makes Minecraft so much more exciting and adds this feeling of “what happens if i fight this guy” and it’s like playing a whole new version of the game. Plus the added blocks like glowing obsidian and nether reactor cores are awesome, though some of them are buggy but that’s probably because they weren’t meant to be accessed. Overall, my second favorite add on.

  21. Firewarrior4278 says:

    Hey I killed a creeper and I got a nether reactor I don’t know what it is?

    • Reed says:

      It used to be in place of the nether and would summon a lot of loot back in the early days of minecraft but now it does nothing but serve as a decoration and it is unobtainable

      • Sterling Ordes (KingThorax) says:

        Actually, it was used as a Nether Portal in the early days of Minecraft PE. Now, it is an unused block, completely useless, and is unobtainable except through cheats and addons.

  22. Jeremy Winstead says:

    Hello! I edit the files of every addon that I can get my hands on in order to create new ones. What’s funny is the fact that everyone I play with is completely oblivious. They don’t know that addons exist. They also don’t know that this website exists. It is fun to toy with them, and subject them to my “experiments.” I have pushed the boundaries of addon making to where I have god-like abilities. They believe that I created these abilities(technically, I used other addons to figure out how to create addons all on my own, and how to make certain things possible), and I absolutely love having their praise. But the thing is that I don’t take credit for these things, I simply say that ‘Only those who are worthy can know my secret.’ It is so fun! I mean, if YOU could have people believe that you were absolutely amazing, would you do it? I have only shown one person ‘my secret’ and that is simply because they are good at acting. Thank you for this new data, and I must say that it is exquisite! But, in the end, they will all eventually find out about ‘my secret.’ So I relish my praise while I still can. The thing is that my cousin, eagerly battles me, even though he knows about my powers. I always make sure to make it fair, and I must say that he lasts a long time without eventually dying. One time he almost defeated me, but then he found out that I wasn’t taking the battle seriously, and he found it out the hard way. I basically changed my skin to the one that I call ‘my ultimate form,’ said “Now the REAL fight begins,” and he lasted about two more seconds after that. And the thing is that I had no armor on, so that gives you a little bit of a ‘closer look’ into how powerful I am(I had a weapon that does 500,000,000,000,000,000,000 damage, and I didn’t even get to use it). I love this website, and I thank every addon maker(including you, of course) for making such wonderful addons like this one, so we can all give our friends a bad time.

  23. Popstermaster says:

    i have a question why would this be usefull i mean i know it gives good loot but could it be like ore spawn (forgot the name) to make them stronger but you get a better rewards but in the mean time while i wait for a reply maybe i’ll try it out

    • Hatchet_master says:

      It is supposed to make almost everything stronger and give them better loot (Unless the addon is broken, which i have had to fix and deal with), so i can’t say i understand your question. So if you dont mind me asking, and if you’re still around, what do you mean?
      (P.S. sorry for the very late response)

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hey I was just wondering what the monster spawn egg is ? I believe I got it after killing a couple of Skeletons

  25. Branden Chaneco says:

    For some reason my storage in MCPE says it’s there but I can’t activate it.

  26. VirtualGaming says:

    Really Hard Every Mob Kills Me In One Hit
    Try To Make It Easier A Bit…

  27. Ethan says:

    It crashes my ipad all the time within two seconds of playing

  28. BerthaSulavan says:

    LOL I love this addon!

  29. Hatchet_master says:

    Im sorry to say that it may not get updated for a while, but it will most likely work in later versions of minecraft.

  30. ElitePlasmaBot says:

    Some mobs don’t take knockback.

  31. LoyalHalo says:

    This add-on is AMAZING!! Highly recommend it to anyone who wants a fresh experience in survival cuz it rly makes you think about how to attack the mobs

  32. Hatchet_master says:

    hey john the editor, you never fixed the enderdragon text typo

  33. ElitePlasmaBot says:

    The zombie are not attacking the villagers 🙁

  34. Panda says:

    Awesome mod man! But how do you get the double health in single player? I played with my friend and he had double health but I didn’t do how do I get it?

    • Hatchet_master says:

      you have to make sure that the world you made was new and that the behaviour pack is in the highest priority for it to work.

  35. Worldbuilder says:

    It makes my game crash instantly with this addon.

  36. Xunes says:

    Can you add a mediafire or any other link other than bit.ly because I downloaded the basic and defense ones and the first thing I thought was OMG BEST ADD-ON EVER MUST DOWNLOAD FULL VERSION but it didn’t work because of bit.ly. T-T

  37. Hatchet_master says:

    also feel free to use any resource pack you want as this addon has none 🙂

  38. Hatchet_master says:

    I am looking for a video to use for my addon if anyone is up to the task. Hint hint

    • Hatchet_master says:

      Also be on the look out on youtube for a profile named “Hatchet Master” and has a blue Hatchet as a profile picture 🙂

  39. ElitePlasmaBot says:

    My friend has a channel named S1rachacha19.

  40. WELPIDK says:

    “he ender dragon has also had a massive health”, it means: Very good addon :).

  41. Hatchet_master says:

    Hey John, the editor, why can’t i update my addon? i’ve sumbited an update twice and neither of them uploaded.

  42. Hatchet_master says:

    For windows 10 users (or if you know how to manually import an addon on PE edition), i would advise downloading the ZIP file, it gets updated a lot more frequently and has more features.

  43. Hatchet_master says:

    For everyone wondering the special edition modifies the chicken, although i wouldn’t go near one if i were you! >:)

  44. Xunes says:

    Cool, awesome add-on but I can’t seem to open the nether and special loot pack. I think because its bit.ly. Maybe u can use something like adf.ly or a direct link to media fire

  45. Honey says:

    This is so cool

  46. Jph says:

    The special edition makes a mob fly.Don’t know Wichita one though.but great addon

  47. Jake Beast says:

    What is special edition?

  48. Kurai says:

    What did you use to make this addon? I’ve been looking for an addon creator on iOS that lets me change the mob Drops.

    • Hatchet_master says:

      I actually created everything through notepad on pc, i dont know if you can make one on IOS like that but you could try possibly.

    • Realcancov says:

      You can try a pool table website for mobs (for mob drops) and use some kind of notepad on IOS

  49. Zev20x says:

    Love the add on but what’s the special edition?

  50. Deathvortex1500 says:

    This is awesome

  51. FuzionBoy says:

    In basic edition, 5th points beginning “he enderdragon”, you made a mistake

  52. Lucas Woods says:

    What is special pack?

  53. NeverShowingMyName says:

    Editor there the typo, you said ‘he Ender dragon’s shouldn’t that be the?

  54. Darryle says:

    It’s So amazing. Maybe to make it harder. Maybe change that you need emerald blocks instead of diamonds to bred wolves. Is it to much???

  55. Dev ackerman says:

    Hey editor why mine cant download in mediafire this is 4 redmi note 2 cant downloaf???????

  56. Sjsjs says:

    You spelled “high” wrong

  57. StarburstQueens says:

    This addon is amazing. Made everything alot easier.

  58. Asiadogeater says:

    Really hard to start off, but i cant tame the wolf please fix

  59. Minecart Master says:

    In e horse but, you spelled higher wrong. This is amazing though!

  60. Snake101 YT says:

    I love this addon!

  61. Unicorn poop says:

    Its really cool, made survival a lot easier XD

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