Published on February 18, 2024 (Updated on March 21, 2024)

Super Lucky Block

Welcome to the ultimate Minecraft adventure - the Lucky Block SUPER map! Immerse yourself in a thrilling competition on the luckiest islands ever created. This Lucky Island map is designed for up to 8 players, each vying for the title of the luckiest Minecraft champion.    

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We're back with another update to spice up your Super Lucky Block experience! Get ready for some bug fixes, balance tweaks, and a brand new feature to keep you on your toes. Let's dive in!

New Features

  • Lucky Block Mischief: Uh oh! Some Lucky Blocks have gotten a little more mischievous! You might encounter some that teleport you to strange places, swap your inventory with a friend, or give you a surprise effect. Be prepared for anything!

Bug Fixes & Tweaks

  • Fixed a critical issue where some Lucky Blocks were dropping common items instead of the good stuff. No more dud blocks here!
  • Balanced the loot tables to ensure a more exciting spread of rewards. You won't just be getting buckets of water anymore!
  • Performance improvements to make your lucky block adventures smoother than ever.

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its complete junk it does not even work it does frick all
The link doesn't work! think you can fix it?