Super Mario Galaxy [Adventure]

Super Mario Galaxy was the third game in the Super Mario series and as its predecessors caught immediate popularity. Here we have that game implemented in Minecraft PE. Similar to the original console version we’ve got small planets with different objectives on each.

Currently there is a total of 7 planets and on each a different mission you have to accomplish to get a star (or as in Minecraft PE a gold block). Once you’ve got them all the main objective is to repower the grand star.

The map has been worked on for months and it is finally here and just as awesome as we hoped for. Try it out now!

Creator: GOnZO

sup2 sup3 sup4 sup5 sup6 sup7 download

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34 Responses

3.83 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. tsunBun518 says:

    might be a stretch since this map is REALLY old but would anybody happen to somehow have a download to this? ive been in a nostalgic mood lately and i wanted to download this but the dropbox link is dead

  2. froidling says:

    the download is giving a 404 – file not found error

  3. ashden124 says:

    it just goes to this are you over 18 site

  4. MarioStar68 says:

    None of these links are working. send help PLZ

  5. zippee100 says:

    why is it disabled?

  6. Jeff says:

    Make an Mcworld pleas

  7. Lol says:

    Dropbox never works for me so yea

  8. volker1 says:

    looks awesome. Like a Fractal world for Minetest (Linux)

  9. Super gamer says:

    What is the danm seed on xbox 360 okay meesage back

  10. Fluff says:

    Whish I could get!!! Hey editor if ur reading you rule are you the only editor if so wowowowow your amazing! 😜😜😜😜(please reply)

  11. Ali Bahei-Eldin says:

    I can’t download this on my ipad because it’s a .zip file, so can you please make a file please? Btw the map looks really cool.

  12. Andrei says:

    Whenever i try to download it it takes me to drop box then i click the download button but It says open in.. not open in mcpe.

  13. Robocop5034341 says:

    Sorry, wasn’t done writing…

    Anyway, don’t try to download the map. It will try to put a virus on your computer and will have a fake message saying that your hard-drive will be deleted if you close the tab. DO NOT CLICK ON THE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE LINK THAT COMES UP IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR SCREEN. Manually close out the entire browser by either pressing the X button in the corner or pressing Alt-F4 on your keyboard. This looks like a cool map, but don’t try downloading it. To the editor, can you make this an Mc.World file instead? I hope this helps out anybody!

  14. BILLYtheKiD says:

    Can you make a

  15. DEADLOCK3333 says:

    This Brings Back So Much Memories Best Map Ever 😁. Next Time U Should Make Galaxy 2

  16. Skyla says:

    Every time respawn, the ground disappears and I die, no matter how many things I try to press.

  17. Antonio says:

    The link is not redirecting to and I can’t exit a pop-up saying that my Tab 3 is outdated. I needed to restart the tablet to post this comment. Remove and the download link and put a new one(only

  18. Sebastian says:

    I like the look of your world

  19. Cool says:

    How do u download on iPad

  20. Rhuaridh says:

    When I went to download this map it came up with a lot of bad looking WEBSITES, I wouldn’t trust this map.

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