Super Mario World Edition Texture Pack

This is a Bedrock Edition port of the Minecraft Super Mario World Edition texture pack which was originally created for Minecraft: Java Edition. This texture pack will make your world look like Super Mario World from the SNES! You’ll now be able to build things with Mario blocks, fight new vicious monsters like the Wither Bones Boss, make Mario styled maps and more!

Creator: 7GreenLightning, Twitter Account (Original Java Pack)
Ported by: Fawfuls TNT, Twitter Account


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19 Responses

4.4 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-9230820590 says:

    Can you port the Green Hill Pack to Minecraft PE?

  2. Guest-5433987780 says:

    Can you port over the green hill pack for pe? I really want a good Sonic texture pack on Android

  3. Nona says:

    Omg so cool

  4. JT2003Gamer says:

    It’s a cool texture pack,Can ya do the SMB1 and SMB3 texture packs too please? That would be amazing

  5. Brogyn Smith says:

    It’s A McWorld File? for It To Work It Needs To Be An McPack File

  6. Sg4 says:

    Can you make a sonic 1pack plz

  7. Sg4 says:

    Can you make a sonic 1 pack plz

  8. Zenjo.oh_Sama says:

    Can you port Super Mario Bros Texture Pack, it’s from the same creator, Green Lightning.

  9. Sp0nge80b says:

    I can’t even download

  10. Anonymous says:

    The texture back lookes amazing but the mc.pack says its a map and wont download it.

  11. I’m de best says:

    Doesn’t work I’ve tried twice and it says it downloaded but it didn’t

  12. Anonymous says:

    Good, but it crashes alot

  13. BICONICAL_BLADE1 says:

    It does not look good from the pics it but almost everyone else says it is

  14. Azzura says:

    It is not showing up

  15. Alecreator says:


  16. Migz says:

    MCPEDL is like notch

  17. summer says:

    so cool

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